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March 2020 News Archive

Karma Automotive's E-Flex Platform Fits Most Every Plug-In Imaginable

GM Delays Bolt EV Refresh, Near-Term EV Projects Not Impacted

Keeping Tesla Fremont Factory Open Was A 'Public Health Risk'

ChargeUp Europe Alliance Emerges: One Voice For EV Charging Sector

Munro To Tear Down A Tesla Model Y On April 1st: It’s No Prank

UPDATE: Was Tesla Phantom Braking The 'Cause' Of This Multi-Car Crash?

Fastned: Coronavirus Lowered Charging Activity In Mid-March By 70%

Is The Tesla Model Y The Most Efficient SUV Ever Produced?

Check Out This Tesla Model Y With Active Air Suspension

BYD To Become An EV Parts Supplier Under FinDreams Brand

Social Distancing? Send Your Driverless Tesla Through Drive-Thrus

PayPal Co-Founder: Musk 'Embarrassed' By His Initial COVID-19 Skepticism

Check Out This Nissan LEAF-Powered Porsche 911 EV Conversion

Ford Continues Development Of Mustang Mach-E Despite Pandemic

Fastned 2019 Results Reveal High Growth Of Charging Business

Start Them Young With The Electric Greenger G12

Tesla Model Y Design Flaw: First Dent Discovered On Undelivered Unit

Volkswagen Gets 20,000 Orders For e-up! Within Three Months

Check Out This Outstanding Ford Mustang Mach-E Walkaround Video

Electric Alfa Romeo GT Junior Restomod Is The Stuff Of EV Dreams

UK Shop Makes World’s First Electric Classic Mercedes-Benz SL

Tesla Model Y Rear Hatch Design Flaw Confirmed By These Cases

BYD Reveals Ultra-Safe Blade Battery: Pierces It With A Nail

Tesla's 'Stopping At Traffic Lights And Stop Signs' Manual Leaked

BMW Will Launch Fuel Cell Electric X5 SUV In 2022

GreenPower Motor To Offer Wirelessly-Charged Electric Buses

Ground Leveling For Giga Berlin To Be Completed Soon

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress March 26, 2020: Video

Europe: Sales Stats Reveal BEV/PHEV Distribution Between Segments

Polestar 2 Wagon Render Reimagines Tesla Model 3, Y Competitor

Solaris Delivered First Articulated EV Buses To Warsaw

Check Out This Extreme Version Of The Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Model 3 Owner Alleges OTA Update Negatively Affected Performance

Tuk Tuk EV RV Might Be The Perfect Vehicle For A Pandemic

New Highway Charging Park In Germany: 20 Tesla & IONITY Chargers

Watch Cellphone-Using ForkLift Driver Smash A Tesla Model S And Flee

Tesla Model Y Rendered As High Rider With Cybertruck Light Bar

Watch Tesla Model S Versus A Horse In World's Most Unusual Race

MG ZS EV DC Charging Test: Peak Is 76 kW, But Not For Long

Watch Tesla Model 3 Get Run Off The Road By BMW X5 Driver

Tesla Model X Accident: How Good Is Tesla Collision Service?

Toilet Paper Hoarding Challenge: Tesla Model Y Vs Model 3

Is An Electric Dirt Bike Better Than A Gas-Powered Dirt Bike?

Volkswagen ID.3 Cost Compared With Combustion Engine Car

Battery Electric Vs Hydrogen Fuel Cell: Efficiency Comparison

VW I.D. 4 Spied In Sweden With Opel Grille Isn’t Fooling Anyone

Watch Parked Tesla With Kid Inside Slide Backward, Crash On Its Own

See How Tesla Autopilot HW3 Vastly Improves TeslaCam Video Quality

Tips On Using Public EV Charging During Coronavirus Outbreak

Tesla Cybertruck: Top 10 Countries Ranked By Percent Of Reservations

All-Electric NASA X-57 Maxwell Shown In New Concept Images

New Ford Mustang Mach-E Video Reveals Redesigned Door Handles

Production Shutdown Costs Automakers More Than Building New Factories

Western Europe: 7% Of New Car Registrations Were Plug-Ins YTD

Hyundai Kona Electric Updates Could Boost Range

Renault ZOE DC Charging Test Reveals Peak Power Of 46 kW

Tesla And SpaceX Have First COVID-19 Cases Confirmed

5 Untapped Markets For Formula E Sponsorship

Watch This Video On Doing Your Own EV Conversion Or Build

Fully Charged Checks Out The Renault ZOE GT Line R135

Fuso To Roll Out Electric Models In All Truck And Bus Segments

TeslaCam Captures Unexpected Toilet Paper Hoarder

Which Version Of Autopilot Hardware (2.5 Or 3.0) Is In Your Tesla?

Video Analyzes Whether Tesla Model Y Is Worth $60,000

Tesla Model 3 Performance Extensive Track Mode V2 Test & Review

Watch Tesla Model S P100D Race Mercedes-AMG GT S

SEAT Presents Electric Bloodstream Of Mii Electric

Tesla Slashing 75% Of Workforce At U.S. Gigafactory Due To Pandemic

Breaking: First-Ever Tesla Model 3 Responding To Traffic Lights

Volvo Notes Positive Signs In China: Continues New Tech Investments

BMW 330e PHEV Returns To U.S. With Bigger Battery, More Range

This Tesla Model 3 Towing Video Might Make You Cringe

Volkswagen ID.3 Software Problem: 'It’s No Longer A Laughing Matter'

The Formula 1 Versus Formula E Debate

Tesla-Swapped VW Crew Cab Is A Retro Cybertruck Tire-Shredder

COVID-19 Is Working To Kill Global Pollution Caused By Gas Cars

More Canadian Tesla Buyers Report Receiving HW 2.5 Instead Of HW 3.0

This Mini EV Is So Cute You Want To Pinch Its Square Little Cheeks

LG Chem Gets €480 Million Loan From EIB For Battery Plant In Poland

Does The Tesla Model Y Already Have Paint Issues?

Sandy Munro Talks Industry Outlook Resulting From Coronavirus Crisis

Will Detroit Automakers' EV Push Amount To Anything Soon?

Road Trip Fail: Tesla Model S Gets Stuck In Snow, Battery Drops To Zero

LG Chem Battery Plant In Poland Stays Online: Increases Productivity

Discovered: Tesla Model Y Comes With Heated Radar To Melt Snow, Ice

Tesla Tuner Suggests Possible Model Y Visual Modifications

TeslaCam Provides Crash Course On How Not To Pass To Exit Highway

BYD K11M Electric Bus: Details From The Full Altoona Test

Watch Tesla Model S Avoid Crash: Driver Credits Incredible Engineering

The Last Positive EV Sales Numbers In Europe? February 2020

Watch Tesla Model Y Performance Race Model 3, Model X: 1/4-Mile Drag

MG Supports National Health Service In UK With 100 ZS EVs

Lilium Raises Over $240 Million To Develop Its Electric Aircraft

Aptera's New 'Oil' Video Blames Fossil Fuels For Global Problems

UPDATE: Washington State Adopts California's Zero-Emission Vehicle Mandate

Rumor Mill: Audi To Build Battery Assembly Plant In Ingolstadt

MINI Cooper SE Deliveries Exceed 500 In Europe

Towing A Race Car With A Kia Niro EV: Here's How To Make This Possible

Electrify America Waives Monthly Membership Fees During COVID-19 Crisis

Engineering Explained Calculates How Efficient A Tesla Really Is

Reviewed: Blink IQ 200 High-Powered EV Charger

BMW Accused Of Editing Website To Hide False Advertising On i3 Range

No Tesla Charger While Traveling? Here Are Some Solutions

Mercedes-Benz EQV Undergoing Winter Testing Ahead Of Launch

Tesla, GM, Ford, FCA, Others Respond To Global Pandemic

Austria's EV Sales Reach Record Level: 6.7% Of Total Automotive Sales

Domino’s Pizza DXP, Chevrolet Spark EV Powertrain Swap Begins

Tesla Reportedly Closing Superchargers In Spain Due To COVID-19

Aside From Touchless, Tesla Offers Other Convenient Delivery Options

Watch Tesla Model S P100D Blow Away Audi R8: Drag Race Video

Tesla Model Y: Why You Should Consider Paint Protection Film

Roadshow: Tesla, Hummer, Rivian Electric Trucks Worth Your Attention

Jaguar Land Rover's Castle Bromwich Plant To Produce Several EVs

Spontaneous Tesla Model 3 Glass Shattering Captured By Sentry Mode

Rider Traveled 1,070 Miles In 24 Hours On A Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Aston Martin Announces V6 Hybrid/Plug-In Hybrid Plans

VW’s New GTX Electric Performance Badge Requires All-Wheel Drive

Adelaide Airport Will Switch Entirely To Electric Buses Next Year

TeslaCam Video Shows Limitations Of Humanpilot: SUV Drives Into Ditch

Designer Conjures Up Slick Porsche Electric Pickup Truck

Watch Tesla Model 3 Driver Try To Bait Model Y Performance Into A Race

Revealed: Tesla Model S Battery Health At 146,000 Miles

It Seems The Tesla Model 3 Alarm Is Nearly Impossible To Set Off

China: Plug-In EV Car Sales In February 2020 Down By 65%

Leak: Ford Mustang Mach-E Order Bank & Reservation Conversion Details

Here Is How Tesla Touchless Delivery Works: Video

Tesla Model Y Performance Tested: 0 To 60 MPH With Different Wheels

Tesla Sentry Mode Catches Tire-Slashing Duo On Video

More Details Emerge On Tesla Model Y's Biggest Advantage Over S, 3, X

Watch Cybertruck Parade Down Street In Ukraine With Other Teslas

Cleveland CycleWerks Uncages Electric Falcon For The First Time

Tesla Cybertruck Cyber Hitch Development Underway: See It Here

Fiat 500e Hatchback Breaks Cover Under Camo

African Startup Makes Electric Motorcycles For The Masses

Elon Musk Provides Over 1,200 Free Ventilators To Hospitals In Need

Watch Tesla Model Y Police Cruiser Get Rendered To Life

Toyota And Hino To Jointly Develop Hydrogen Heavy-Duty Truck

How To Prepare Your Tesla For The Coronavirus Shelter In Place Order

Polestar 2 Production Officially Begins: Deliveries Start This Summer

Tesla Model Y: Let's Find Out How Much Cargo Fits Inside

Komatsu Introduces PC30E-5 Electric Mini Excavator In Japan

Watch VW Golf Glass Withstand Bazooka Blast: Cybertruck Say What?

Find This Vandal Who Keyed A Tesla In Miami, Earn Owner’s Respect

BYD Plug-In EV Car Sales Dropped Down By 80% In February 2020

Decked-Out Tesla Model Y Looks Off-Road Ready

Tesla Model 3 Performance Gets Huge Range Increase With 18-inch Wheels

Tesla Cybertruck Called A Ford Killer: Electric F-150 To The Rescue

Ground Leveling Progresses At Tesla Gigafactory 4: Video

Road Rover Coming By The End Of 2021 With Electric Powertrain?

Tesla Donates N95 Masks & PAPR Helmets, Much More Coming Soon

Watch Tesla Model Y Drift, Rip Like Rally Car, Shred Tires On Track

Spotted: Filthy Tesla Semi Being Towed On Trailer - Is It Damaged?

EVgo Offers Special Charging Discounts Due To COVID19 Outbreak

Tesla Supercharging Restriction Makes Rich Rebuilds Reconsider Tesla

Rumors: Tesla Orders Parts For Model Y Production At Gigafactory 3

Tesla Model 3 Deemed Perfect Car For Social Distancing

Blink Introduces Charging Stations With Load Management Feature

This Tesla Model Y Has Similar Missing Paint Issues, Gaps As Model 3

Tesla Super Battery: Million Miles, Ultra Fast-Charging, Cheap, Light

Watch Lime Scooter Rider Smash Into A Parked Tesla Model X

Video: Tesla Model Y Secrets Exposed

There Are Over 80,000 Public Charging Points In The U.S.

2020 MINI Cooper SE Not Available To Lease In U.S.

Watch Tesla Model S P100D Challenge McLaren 720S In Drag Race

Pod Point To Deploy Tritium DC Chargers Across The UK

Tesla Sentry Mode Captures Street Brawl Outside Bar In San Fran

Dude, Where's My Hitch: Tesla Model Y Teardown Reveals No Tow Hitch

New Chevy Corvette C8 Spy Photos Show Possible PHEV Version

Audi A3 E-Tron Plug-In Hybrid Allegedly Coming To U.S. In Late 2020

UPDATE: Owner Says Model 3 Window Shattered By Itself, Accused Of FUD

Tesla Model Y Performance Testing: DragTimes 0-60, 1/4-mile, 1/2-mile

You Can Now Subscribe To An Electric Motorcycle in Australia

Electric Ford Mustang Shelby Rendering Reveals Radical Racer

Tesla Model Y Performance Tested: Range, Efficiency, Battery Capacity

What Not To Do In A Porsche Taycan

InsideEVs Presents On-The-Scene Tesla Model Y Delivery Video

ACEA: Grave Consequences Threaten Automobile Industry

Northvolt Delivers Largest Battery Order To Date To Epiroc

Panasonic To Suspend Battery Production At Tesla Gigafactory

Chinese Tesla Cybertruck Debuts With Lamborghini Design Cues

Volkswagen ID.1 Rendering Hints At e-up! Successor

UK’s First Residential Avenue Fully Converted To Lamppost Charging

Porsche Taycan Panel Gap Issues Now With Video Evidence

Motorsport Games, Veloce Esports To Deliver Innovative #NotTheGP Broadcasts

Watch Richard Hammond’s Tesla Model X Road Trip Video

Porsche Summarizes 2019 Results, Outlines Future Electric Models

Tesla Is Okay With Money, Right? So Why Is It Trying To Save It?

U.S. Army Making Plans To Electrify Its Brigades

Statkraft Acquires Vattenfall's EV Charging Network In UK

Ford Executive Speaks Out About The Company's Future EV Strategy

UPS To Test Gaussin All-Electric And Autonomous-Enabled 'Shifter'

Rumor Mill: Tesla Gigafactory 3 Production Hits New High 3,000/Week

This Is How The Koenigsegg Gemera Powertrain Works

See The Work It Takes To Repair Tesla’s Aluminum Body Damage

Iceland: Plug-In Electric Cars Account For Over A Third Of The Market

CA’s COVID-19 ‘Stay At Home Order’ Won’t Force Tesla To Shut Down

Tesla To Temporarily Suspend Production At Fremont On March 23

Hyundai Kona Electric 8% Range Boost Is Not Battery Related

NIO Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2019 Financial Results

VW e-Bulli Electrified Classic Bus Revealed

Rumor Mill: Nissan Shifts Towards Electrified Cars In Japan

Porsche Taycan Turbo Owner Completes Epic 11,000-Mile Road Trip

All-New Kia Sorento Gets Electrified For Very First Time

This BMW iX7 Electric SUV Deserves To Become Reality

See Utah's Recent Earthquake Caught By Tesla Sentry Mode

In February 2020, Renault Sold Almost 7,500 Electric Cars

Audi: 5 EVs And 12 PHEVs To Be Available By End Of 2020

Site Asks Tesla To Choose Its Big F*cking Field For Cybertruck Factory

Siemens Receives First Order For Battery-Powered Trains

Will Tesla Model Y Will Be A Sales Disaster Or Monumental Success?

VW Admits It Had To Develop EVs, But Now It Actually Wants To

Latest Braga-Goodenough Paper Raises Controversy In World Of Science

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Momentum Amazes: Video

Production-Spec RG Nathalie Is A Quick, Self-Charging Supercar

Rumor: LG Chem Was Tesla's Only Battery Supplier In China In February

Tesla Paring Back Fremont Factory Workforce By 75%

Big Three Stop U.S. Production: Tesla Waits Government's 'Final Word'

Rich Rebuild's Cyberquad Starts To Get A Proper Body

Reviewed: Is Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector Tesla's Best Charger?

BMW eDrive Zones Now Available In 745e, X5 xDrive45e And 330e

Missouri Business Leader Asks Musk To Build Cybertruck Factory In State

Tesla Model X Vs BMW X7, Mercedes GLS: 3-Row Luxury SUV Race & Review

While We Try To Beat COVID-19, See If You Are Faster Than Tesla AEB

This Kremer-Style Porsche 935 Is Electric, Has 636 Horsepower

UPDATE: ABB Strengthens Its Position In China By Acquiring Chargedot

Fully Charged Checks Out Gloucestershire Police's EV Fleet

Check Out Rivian R1T Electric Truck & R1S As Police Cruisers

Peugeot Discounts e-208, e-2008 In UK To Make Up For Decreased Subsidy

A Look At Tesla Model 3 Market Penetration In Europe

BMW: Next 7 Series To Include An All-Electric Version

Tesla Cybertruck And Electric Pickup Truck Overload

Tesla Model Y Manual Is A Copy Of Model 3's: See Video Evidence

Alameda County Sheriff Says Tesla Can't Keep Making Cars In Lockdown

BYD Launches World’s Largest Face Mask Manufacturing Plant

Secret Volkswagen ID.3 Stockpile Discovered: Video

This Is What It Feels Like In the Back Of A Porsche Taycan

Biggest Winter Range Test Ever Reveals Best EVs For Cold Weather

Porsche Got Over 15,000 Orders For Taycan: Audi Sold 32,000 e-tron

Why The Crazy Hype About Tesla Cybertruck & Electric Pickup Trucks?

UPDATE: Bollinger E-Chassis Is World's First Class 3 Electric Platform

Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Race Corvette C8

Tesla Makes California The Only Western State To Produce Cars

Op-Ed: Coronavirus Will Accelerate Global Electric Car Production

DAF Delivers First CF Electric Refuse Collection Truck

Xpeng P7 Sports Sedan Receives Approval For U.S. Road Testing

2020 Kia Niro EV Pricing & EPA Range Rating Finally Revealed

Almost A Quarter Of Porsche Sales In Germany Are Plug-Ins

BMW i8 Fights Polestar 1 And Porsche 911 Carrera In Drag Race

Mercedes-AMG GT 73 Spied With Plug-In Hybrid Power

Sion Power's Li-Metal Batteries To Offer 420 Wh/kg Commercially

Exclusive: Electrify America And COO Brendan Jones Part Ways

Go Green In A Tesla Model 3 For St. Patrick's Day

UPDATE: Tesla Fremont Plant Escapes COVID-19 Lockdown: 'Essential'

Hyundai Starts Delivery Of Kona Electric From Czechia Plant

Tesla Releases New Video As Model Y Deliveries Kick Off

Is The Tesla Model Y The Ideal First EV For Most Buyers?

Tesla Model Y Comes With Trailer Mode: What Could It Tow?

Ford Europe Releases New Mustang Mach-E Ad

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Switzerland Are Growing Quickly

Fiat Centoventi To Spawn Production Electric Vehicle

Tesla: Giga New York Built 4 MW Of Solar Roof Last Week

Watch Nissan Rogue Attempt Risky Pass, Flick Finger, Caught By Police

Electric Vehicle Man Gets New Ride To Replace His Nissan LEAF

UK Lowers Plug-In Car Grant By £500 To £3,000

Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Race Mercedes-AMG GT63S Four-Door

Bentley Centanne Render Is The Electric Shooting Brake Of The Future

Tesla Gigafactory 4: Site Preparation After One Month

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress March 13, 2020: Video

Tesla Model Y Is First Tesla Vehicle To Come With A Heat Pump

This Porsche Taycan Presents Bizarre Panel Gaps, Says Twitter User

APEX Unveils Race-Inspired But Road Legal AP-0

Electric New Flyer Buses Coming To Oregon

Workhorse To Start Deliveries Of C-Series Delivery Vans In April

Germany Sets Another Plug-In EV Car Sales Record In February 2020

Electrify America's 'Hyundai Select Plan' Addresses Pricing Issue

Watch Tesla Model 3 Race Nissan GT-R Nismo, Chevy Camaro ZL1

See The Tesla Model Y Rear Seats, Cargo Space, Frunk And More

Electric Super Soco TSx Is The Future Of Beginner Motorcycles

NEV Sales In China Hit Rock Bottom (Down 75%) In February 2020

VW ID.1 Electric City Car With 185-Mile Range In The Works

New Plug-In Van From LEVC To Be Named 'VN5'

Hyundai Expanded Plug-In Car EV Sales In February 2020 By 22%

The Economist Says Tesla's 'Technology Leaves Rivals In The Dust'

How Does The New KTM Freeride E-XC Bike Stack Up?

Tesla Model Y Owner's Manual: Read All 226 Pages Right Here

Porsche Taycan Gets Three Equally Cool Racing Liveries

Tesla Model Y Specs, Price, Range, Performance: What We Know So Far

Tesla Model Y Not Rated To Tow: Manual Says 'Not Equipped' For Towing

Here's Why The Tesla Model Y May Be The Most Important Car In Years

Tesla Model Y Owner's Manual Reveals Dimensions And Weights

What's Inside: A Look Into Tesla's New Wall Connector

Tesla Model Y Deliveries Officially Underway

Mood Grille Will Make Your Tesla Model 3 Look Like This

Could The GMC Hummer Electric Truck Be An Electric Avalanche?

See The Tesla Anti-Coronavirus Actions At Gigafactory 3: Video

VW E-Mobility Boss: Tesla Has 10-Year Head Start On EVs

New Tesla Model Y Images Surface: Reveal Lots More

MCI Demonstrates First Battery Electric Coach In Canada

Watch This New Tesla Cybertruck Trailer: It's Incredible

Tesla Model 3 Towing: Real-World Range & Efficiency Test

Watch Ford Diesel Pickup Truck Coal Roll A Tesla, Drop F-Bomb

Iberdrola To Install 150,000 Charging Points In Spain

2022 GMC Hummer Electric Pickup Truck Render Shows Possible Styling

LEVC TX Black Cabs Turn Red For Azerbaijan

Volkswagen To Deliver 30,000 ID.3 1ST At 'Almost The Same Time'

Rad Renderings Put Tesla Cybertruck Into Work In New Ways

How Volkswagen Plans To Sell More Electric Cars Than Tesla

Hofele Design Makes Mercedes-Benz EQC Stand Out More

Tesla Is Fast Company's Most Innovative Transportation Company Of 2020

World's First Tesla Cybertruck Shoe Makes Grand Debut

Street-Tuned Tesla Model 3 Performance Outperforms McLaren F1

Will Tesla Model Y Deliveries Start On Friday The 13th?

2020 Mercedes-Benz Vito Gets All-Electric eVito Tourer Model

2021 Ford Bronco SUV Charges To Life In Electric Rivian R1S Form

First MINI Cooper SE Gets Delivered In The U.S.

LFP Chemistry Is In Retreat But Might Find Its Niche

Tesla Cybertruck Reservations: Can One Person Order 50 Or More?

Ford Mustang Mach-E Now Over 90 Percent Sold Out

Watch Tesla Model S Race Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Three Times

Tesla Is Officially Selling A Used Model 3 With Serious Paint Issues

Watch Ford Falcon Driver Hit Tesla Model 3 On A Bridge, Steal Bus

Exclusive First Look At Lucid Motors Showroom, Plus CEO Interview

CASE Introduces World's First Fully Electric Backhoe Loader

Rich Rebuilds Installs Motor And Battery In Tesla Cyberquad

Lexus Is Going Out Of Its Way To Try To Compete With Tesla

Tesla Model Y Dimensions Confirmed: How Does It Size Up?

Tesla On The Hunt For Cybertruck Gigafactory In Central U.S.

Tesla Model 3 Track Mode V2 Is A True Game Changer: New Details Here

In 2019, Plug-In Electric Cars Captured Almost 2% Of The U.S. Market

Renault Trucks Starts Series Production Of Electric Trucks

HW 2.5: Chinese Government Doesn't Accept Tesla’s Coronavirus Excuse

Can Legacy Car Companies Compete With Tesla? 

Official: BMW i8 Production To End In April

UK's First Electric Forecourt Is Under Construction

Renault Once Again Hints At Performance EVs

Tesla Prepares To Increase Gigafactory 3 Production Capacity

Catch Up With All The Future Electric Pickup Trucks In This Video

Tesla Expected To Produce Over 100,000 Cars In Q1 2020

Electric Dirt Bike Market Heats Up With Torp Bike Unveiling

Ford Talks Mustang Mach-E Reservations, What Buyers Are Ordering

Remember The Tesla Model 3's Rusty Seats? Apparently, That's Normal

Tesla Vs GM EVs: GM Was First, But Can It Catch Up Now?

What The Heck Is This Thing We Found Under The BMW 330e’s Hood?

In February 2020, Plug-In EV Car Sales In The Netherlands Shot Up 51%

What Do Consumers Think About Tesla Cybertruck And Model Y?

Europe: ICE Cars Find Themselves Between The Hammer And The Anvil

Honda Finally Confirms Discontinuation Of Clarity Electric

In January xEV Battery Deployment In Europe Exceeded China

In February 2020, NIO Sold Just Over 700 EVs

Tesla Model Y Will Secure Profit For Tesla: Here's The Whole Story

Tesla Model 3 Has Fake V10, V12 Engine Sounds Courtesy Of Milltek

Reviewed: Enel X JuiceBox EV Smart Charger

This EV Battery Could Fully Charge In 5 Minutes

Marelli Invests In Transphorm To Develop GaN Power Electronics

Tesla Model Y Becomes 1,000,000th Car Produced By Tesla

BMW Freezes Plans For iX3 Introduction In The U.S.

Next-Gen Peugeot 108 Expected To Go Electric

MINI Cooper SE Gets 110-Mile EPA Rating: Full European Specs Revealed

Nissan Wants To Reinforce The Idea That EVs Improve Air Quality

UPDATE: Thatcham Research Gives Tesla Model 3 'Basic' Security Rating

Tesla Factory - The World's Largest EV Factory: Video

Classic Ford Bronco Converted To Electric Costs Almost $200,000

Tesla Camp Mode Reveals Cybertruck Easter Egg

Watch Tesla Model 3 On Autopilot Avoid Collision With Wrong-Way Driver

Are EVs Harder To Tow? Lack Of Standards Means It Depends On The OEM

France Tripled Plug-In Electric Car Sales In February 2020

AMCI Calls Out MotorTrend's Real-World Porsche Taycan Range Test

Tesla Captured A Third Of Chinese EV Market In February 2020

Tesla Vehicles Aren't Allowed At The KC Auto Show: Here's Why

MeV BeeAnywhere Is An Affordable Electric Cuty Car Born In The UK

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress March 5, 2020: Video

Tesla Gigafactory 4 Update: Site Rendering And New Videos

This Tesla Model 3 Carjacking Story Is Intense And Educational

CAKE Motorcycles Reveals the Kalk INK

Spain Starts 2020 With Record Plug-In Electric Car Sales

Tesla Roadster Hit Pole At High Speed: Passengers Survived

PSA Group Announces Recommended Charging Partners For Europe

Take A Peek Inside The Mercedes EQS And Its Dual Screens

Fortum, BASF And Nornickel Team Up For Battery Recycling

Tesla Model Y Length, Width, Height, Weight, Off-Road Features Emerge

In February 2020, Plug-In EV Car Sales Doubled In PHEV-Loving Sweden

Xpeng P7 Now Officially The Longest Range EV Made In China

EV Charging For Apartments, Condos & Office Buildings Via SubNet

Porsche Taycan Emerges - From The Body To The Crest: Video

EV Tax Cut Called For In UK After Drop In Overall Automotive Sales

In-Charge Energy Announces Series A Funding

London Is The UK's Most Electric Car Friendly City

California's EV Industry Is Booming: Creating Jobs A Plenty

UPDATE: Vandal Arrested And Charged - Tesla Model S Vandalized By Skateboard

Genesis Expected To Electrify Entire Lineup: Trademarks Filed

Watch GMC Hummer Electric Truck Get Analyzed By E For Electric

Tesla Model 3 Performance Vs Corvette & Camaro: Aftermarket Parts Test

VW To Partner With Centrica To Provide Home Charging In UK

50,000 Mercedes-Benz EQC To Be Produced This Year

Tesla Model S Plaid Expected To Be Hugely Profitable For Automaker

Workhorse C-Series Electric Delivery Trucks Approved For Sale

Trump's Fight To Loosen Auto Emissions Standards Continues To Stall

28% Of MG Sales In UK In February 2020 Were EVs

Mystery Tesla Model 3 Performance Seen Departing Giga Shanghai

Second All-Electric Honda Model Planned For Europe By 2022

BYD To Deliver First 20 Electric Trucks To Ecuador

Tesla Approved To Produce Long Range Model 3 In China

Top 10 States For Tesla Cybertruck Reservations

Removal Of VAT From Plug-In Cars To Turn UK Into New Norway?

Chevy, GMC Electric Pickup Trucks To Take On Cybertruck, Rivian, Ford

What Do The Body Shells Of Ford Mach-E And Tesla Model Y Tell Us?

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Finally Surge To Almost 3,000

BYD Celebrates Production Of 100,000th Yuan BEV

Christian Von Koenigsegg Interviewed About Gemera 1,700 HP PHEV

Plug-In EV Car Sales More Than Doubled In UK In February 2020

How Big Is Roland Gumpert Nathalie's Buffer Battery Pack?

What's The Best Way To Quickly Compare Tesla Model 3 To Model S?

Citroen To Replace C4, C4 Cactus With New EV Hatchback

Everything Elon Musk Has Shared About The Tesla Cybertruck Lately

Volvo Launches EV Battery Pack Assembly Line In Belgium

Electrify America Opens 100th Charging Station Site in California

Porsche Supports Taycan Launch With Destination Charging Rollout

Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Truck Rendered With Help From Inside Sources

Maserati MC20 Prototype Appears On Streets Of Milan

Did Chevy Tease A Future Electric Camaro?

Daimler Expands Electric Freightliner Customer Experience Fleet

Volvo Reportedly Planning C40 All-Electric Coupe Crossover

Tesla Blames Coronavirus For Model 3 Units In China With HW 2.5

Both Buick And Chevy Ready Electric Crossovers For Launch

BMW Debuts New, Flatter Logo On Concept i4

23 Cars Win IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Awards: Tesla Model 3 Is The Only EV

Here Is The First Prototype Of The Jaguar XJ EV

Top 10 Countries In The Global EV Revolution: 2019 Edition

Tesla Model Y Images Show Up On Tesla Mobile App After Update

Lucid Motors Announces Sales And Service Strategy, Retail Locations

Porsche Electric Hypercar Not A Priority At The Moment

Aiways U5: >400 km (250 Mi) Of WLTP Range And Below €40,000

Despite Market Crisis, Italy's EV Sales Skyrocket In February

Tesla Cybertruck (Garage 54) Vs Porsche Cayenne In Snow

More On Tesla's Switch To Prismatic Battery Cells For Chinese Model 3

Carlos Tavares: We Are Selling Our EVs To Green Addicts

Mercedes-Benz Electrifies Its Entire Compact Model Lineup

BMW Releases Concept i4 Commercial

UPDATE: Tesla Model 3 Performance Sets New Track Record At Buttonwillow

Micro-Mobility Microlino 2.0 Presents More Than A Mere Facelift

New Chevy Bolt EV To Launch In Late 2020: Bolt Crossover In 2021

General Motors Reveals Path To Its All-Electric Future

Cadillac Lyriq Electric Crossover Confirmed: Debut Set For April

Cadillac Electric SUV Confirmed: 400-Mile Range, 200-kWh Battery

Hummer Electric SUV To Join Electric Pickup Truck: 400-Mile Range

EVs Dominate 2020 Car Of The Year Awards In Geneva

Aiways U6ion Concept Gets Its Virtual Debut

LG Chem Acquires New Facility For More Battery Production In Poland

Fuso Delivered 150 eCanter Distribution Trucks Globally

Production-Spec BMW iX3 Revealed During i4 Presentation

New Fiat 500e Revealed With 199-Mile WLTP Range Rating

First 500 UK-Bound Mazda MX-30 Electric SUVs Priced At £26,995

Mother Frunker Meets The Popular Half-Scale Cybertruck

Equipmake Teams With HiETA To Create World’s Most Power Dense Motor

Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne Puts 1,100 HP Into A Striking Body

Norway EV Sales Up In February 2020: Audi E-Tron Still On Top

Ford Transit Electric Confirmed For U.S. And Canada

RG Nathalie Adheres To Powering Electric Motors With Renewable Fuel

Electric 40-Ton Truck Gets Dynamically Wirelessly Charged

Nikola To Merge With VectoIQ And Be Listed On NASDAQ

Harley-Davidson Registers New Electrified Trademark In Europe

Brabus Gives Mercedes-Benz EQC Power And Torque Bump

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Nearly Sold Out

Watch Lithium Battery Cell Stop A Bullet: Explode When Pierced

Tesla Sentry Mode Records A Model 3 Egging In Canada

Cleveland CycleWerks Is Amped About Its Electric Falcon

GM Adding 3,500 New Charge Points For Employees In U.S. And Canada

Jaguar Launches Havn Premium EV Chauffeur Service In London

Could Tesla Disrupt Shipping Industry With Battery-Powered Boats?

Honda Announces e:PROGRESS Energy Management Service

Volkswagen ID.3: New Details Revealed

BMW i4 Concept Won’t Change Much For Production

Hyundai Prophecy Concept Looks Like A Pebble, Has No Steering Wheel

Tesla HW3: Everything You Need To Know

BMW Concept i4 Video Preview Goes In-Depth

Volkswagen Reveals ID.4 Electric Crossover

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Gains Revised PHEV Powertrain, Headed For U.S.

National Express To Switch To Electric Bus And Coach In The UK

Are Construction Pros Falling In Love With The Tesla Cybertruck?

Tesla Finally Offers Infotainment Upgrade For MCUv1-Equipped Cars

Los Angeles Orders 155 Electric Buses: Largest In U.S.

2020 BMW Concept i4 Electric GT Previews 2021 Production Model

BYTON Releases Details About M-Byte Launch In Europe

Mercedes-Benz CLA 250e, GLA 250e Arrive With 215 HP Of PHEV Power

World Debut: Pininfarina Battista Anniversario

Free2Move Officially Announces Citroën Ami Car Sharing In Paris

Tesla Cyberquad From Rich Rebuilds Gets Zero Motorcycles Power

Jeep Opens Order Book For First E-Bike And The Price Is Ludicrous

DAF Starts Field Test With CF Hybrid (PHEV) Truck

Electric BMW M Pickup Truck Is Not Out Of The Question

Tesla Model Y: New Interior Images Never Seen To Date

Toyota Gets Called Out On Self-Charging Car Campaign

Nebraska’s StarTran Celebrates Arrival Of Its First EV Bus

Truckloads Of Tesla Model Y Caught Heading Out For Delivery

Number Of Supermarket Charge Points Doubled In UK In 2 Years

Is This The Mercedes EQE?

BMW Concept i4 Final Teaser Hints At Near-Production Design

When Will The Tesla Model Y Standard Range Come To Market?

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales In January 2020: 150,000

Tree Farm For Tesla Gigafactory 4 (First Phase) Cleared

Tesla Starts Next Phase Of Gigafactory 3 Construction

EVgo Announces Opening Of 800th Fast Charging Location

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Quietly Canceled In U.S.

Toyota To Build $1.2 Billion NEV Plant In China With FAW

Here's The All-New Fiat 500 Electric Cabrio

New York City Is Working To Electrify Its Vehicle Fleet

Renault Gets Back With Battery Swapping With The Morphoz Concept

In January 2020, The European Plug-In Car Market Exceeded China

Hyundai Kona Electric Production In Czechia: Quick Look

Aiways Announces Direct-To-Customer Sales Model For U5 In Europe

Europe Electric Car Sales Surge By 121% In January 2020

Watch Tesla Model S Drag Race Model 3 Performance, Model X P100D

Switch eScrambler Wants To Be Your Best Electric Friend

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Denmark Doubled In January 2020

UPDATE: Watch Tesla Model X Get Shot Point Blank In Parking Lot Drive By

CATL To Expand Its Manufacturing Capacity In China

Irizar Breaks Into German EV Bus Market With Articulated ie

FedEx To Electrify 42 Locations In California With DC Chargers

Watch Tesla Model S Raven Drag Race Acura NSX

In 2019 Cobalt Demand For EV Batteries Increased To 14,400 Tonnes

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