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November 2020 News Archive

Polestar 1 Turns In The Swedish One Lap Ever

China: VW MEB Plants In Foshan and Anting Begin Production

After Attacking Nikola, Hindenburg Research Goes After Kandi

MIC Tesla Model Y Prototypes Spotted At Giga Shanghai Again

Tesla's German Battery Plant Will Create An Estimated 10,000 New Jobs

Next Toyota Mirai FCV Detailed Along With Hopes Of Tenfold Global Sales Increase

With ID.4, Volkswagen Shows It Cares About Vertical Integration

This Porsche Taycan 4S Shows Charging Infrastructure Has To Drastically Improve

Tesla Autopilot Fails Driver's Test

Driving A Tesla Model Y 1,200 Miles In Just One Day: Detroit To Tampa

Ford Received Order For 151 Transit Custom PHEVs

LG Chem Narrows Its Pouch Cell Offer To Two Formats

Budget-Friendly Volkswagen ID.1 And ID.2 Will Ride On An MEB Lite Platform

Why Are Tesla Model 3 Headrests Bubbling, & How Can You Prevent It?

Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta Makes Impressive 'Decisions' In Many Cases

Volkswagen Starts Sales Of Arteon Plug-In Hybrids

Will Future Teslas Have Lasers For Wipers, Among Other Patented Innovations?

Tesla's FSD Air Suspension Upgrades May Make Cybertruck Even Better

Carbon Electrode Cell Offers Speedy Charge, Will Soon Power Urban Cars

UPDATE 2: Watch Lamborghini Huracan Performante Race Tesla Model S Cheetah

NHTSA Follows China, Opens Suspension Issues Probe Against Tesla

The Enel-X JuiceBox EV Charger Ultimate Review

Green NCAP Starts To Rank The Cleanest Cars For Sale In Europe

Europe: Volkswagen ID.3 Was Top-Selling EV In October 2020

Nio Tells Us About Battery Pack Standards And Its Swapping Strategy

Renault Turns Its Flins Facility Into "Refactory" To Retrofit ICE Cars

Tesla To Improve Range Of Existing Models: 700 Km (435 Miles)

BEV EPA Efficiency Compared For U.S. – November 24, 2020

Hyzon Motors Unveils Fuel Cell Stack With Highest Power Density: 6 KW/L

Is This The Refreshed 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV?

Lucid Names Its Base Model Lucid Air Pure

Tuned Tesla Model 3 Trumps Track Mode Experience In One Lap

New Electric Pickup Truck From Chevrolet Rendered Into View

Elon Musk: Tesla Semi To Get 1,000 Km (621 Miles) Of Range

On The Heels Of The VW ID.3, Tesla Hints At Compact EV Hatchback Rival

Looks Like Rivian R1T Electric Truck Is Way More Popular Than The R1S SUV

DiDi Introduces BYD D1 Purpose-Built, Ride-Hailing EV

We Need To Remind Ford That Tesla Is An American Automaker, As Is GM

GM Withdraws From Trump's Preemption Lawsuit Against California

Cadillac Will Pay Up To $500,000 To Dealers Who Prefer To Avoid EV Push

Porsche Taycan Sets World EV Drifting Record, Goes Sideways For 41 Km

Harvesters Are Back At The Tesla Giga Berlin For More Clearing

Ford Mustang Mach-E: Range And Price Compared To Other BEVs

Rich Benoit Already Has The Batteries To Power His Mini EV Conversion

Rivian R1T Truck Launch Edition Already Sold Out

EPA Confirms Mustang Mach-E Range: 211 To 300 Miles Depending On Model

Volkswagen ID.3 Acting Up? This Guy Shows Us Some DIY Fixes

On-Street Charging For Electric Cars On The Rise In UK

First Inner-City Drive In Tesla Model S W/ FSD Beta: Is Autonomy Coming?

Renault: Twingo Z.E. To Account For 30% Of Twingo Volume

California: Ford Mustang Mach-E Can Count On $11,000 In Incentives

Xpeng Calls Musk's Tweets 'Bullying' Tactics, Isn't Taking It Anymore

Watch This Model S Lose Its Roof In China: Tesla Explains What Happened

Emissiongate For PHEVs? T&E Claims They Pollute More Than It Seems

New Heating Concept To Save Up To 6% Of EV Range

The Tesla Cybertruck May Make Gas Trucks Obsolete: Here's Why

Tesla Model S Gets More Range: Record 409 Miles, Beats Lucid Air

Scania To Build Battery Assembly Plant and Battery Lab In Sweden

Lotus Introduces Containerized Battery Test Facilities

Tesla Giga Shanghai: New Test Track For Model Y Emerges

First LEVC Electric Van Conversion Announced

Aptera Opens Pre-Orders For Paradigm Series On December 4

Xpeng Introduces Limited Edition P7 Wing At Guangzhou Motor Show

Only One In Twelve Brits Plans To Switch To An Electric Car

Volkswagen Highlights ID.4 Chassis

Consumer Reports Warns Reliability Is A Concern For All Newer EVs

Chevy Boltamino May Not Be This Truck’s Name But It's A Fitting One

GM Presentation Displays Chevrolet's New Electric Pickup Truck

XPeng To Become Worlds First Automaker To Implement Lidar Into Production Electric Vehicles

Hyundai Creates Chinese Electric Sedan With Creta Headlights

GM Unveils EV Offensive Through 2025: Won’t Let VW Lead EV Charge Alone

Rivian CEO Says Automaker Plans Smaller EVs For China And Europe

Japanese Brands Lead Consumer Reports' Survey, Tesla Nearly Last

GM, Lucid Get Big Wins At AutoTech’s Breakthrough Awards, Not Tesla

Nico Rosberg Visits Rimac To Begin Electric Supercar Buying Process

Volkswagen Emphasizes Focus On Software To Compete With Tesla

Report: Ford Preps For Big Depreciation For Mustang Mach-E: 39%

Electrify Canada Expands Into The Province of Alberta

VW's Emden Plant To Produce All-New, All-Electric Volkswagen Aero

Fully-Loaded Rivian R1T Costs $98,000: Includes Kitchen Sink, Literally

Nio's Q3 Report Shows Results Improved 146 Percent Compared To Q3 2019

Hyundai Faces Class-Action Lawsuit In South Korea Due To Kona EV Fires

Germany: Plug-Ins Accounted For 17.5% Of Car Market In October 2020

UK Will Ban All ICE Vehicle Sales In 2030, But There's More

Daimler Is Expected To Shrink As Company Focuses More On Electric Vehicles

Tritium Introduces Modular Scalable Charging Platform

VW Group CEO Herbert Diess Confirms 'Race With Tesla' & VW's Advantages

Zeta Unites Unlikely Partners – Lucid, Rivian, And Tesla – To Promote EVs

Oakley Design Renault Twizy F1 Up For Sale In The UK

Tesla Cybertruck Vs DeLorean Drag Race: Electric Truck Tows, Does Donuts

Jonny Smith Drives The Classic MGB Converted To Run On Electricity

Mercedes-Benz Upgrades EQC On-Board Charger To 11 kW

Rivian Configurator Shows Kitchen Costs $5,000, Top Battery Pack $10,000

Tesla Will Join S&P 500 This December

Toyota Introduces Proace Verso Electric Passenger Van

Li Metal SSB Innovation Promises To Cut Battery Pack Mass In Half

Rivian Delivery Truck For Amazon Is Photographed Driving Without Camo

MINI Vision Urbanaut Tries To Take Minivans Into The Self-Driving Future

Lordstown Motors: Endurance Production To Begin In September 2021

Tesla Model Y's Worst Flaw And How To Fix It

Tesla Model Y DIY 7-Seat Option To Explore The Possibilities

Tesla Faces NHTSA Investigation Into Possible Model S/X Battery Issue

Volkswagen Uses 2,000 Drones To Paint The ID.4 Crozz In Chinese Skies

The ChargePoint Home Flex Ultimate Review

Watch Kandi K27 Take On A Tesla Model 3 In A Drag Race

UK Electric Car Charging Network Grows By A Fifth In 2020

Massive Crash Recorded By TeslaCam Raises Multiple Safety Questions

Ford Is Considering In-House Production Of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Rivian Prices And Specs Make Ben Sullins Say It Is A Game Changer

Euro NCAP: Five Stars For Mazda MX-30

Watch First Electric Skid Steer Loader In Action On Fully Charged

Chevy Bolt EV Being Recalled In Face Of Fires

Tesla Model Y: Towing A Travel Trailer With This Electric Crossover SUV

Did BMW Just Tease The MINI Cooper JCW GP Electric Hot Hatch?

VW Group's New 5-Year Plan Approved: $41 Billion Toward Electric Cars

Tesla Reaching Out To Model Y Owners About Loose Control Arm Fasteners

Texas Instruments Promises Huge EV Advantages With A Simple Transistor

Waymo Says Its Self-Driving Tech Is More Advanced Than Tesla FSD, Others

Renault Announces All-New Kangoo, Including EV Version

Trump Vs Biden: The Politics Of Plug-Ins And What May Change

VW Trademarks The Name ID. Junglezz: Will Tarzan Have An Electric SUV?

Check Out Five New Battery Technologies That May Outshine 4680 Cells

What Will You Do If You Need Your Rivian R1T Electric Truck Repaired?

Tesla Hires Former Mercedes Factory Boss, Causes Rally And Protests

Tesla Readies Refreshed Model 3 For Potential Massive Delivery Surge

Ford E-Transit Revealed, Including Range, Specs, Price And More

Toyota Prius Prime Gets Safety And Tech Upgrades For 2021

Rivian R1S Priced At $70,000: Range, Trims And Options Revealed

California: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Down In Q1-Q3 2020

Totem Automobili Alfa Romeo GT Electric Can Finally Roll

Rivian R1T Pricing And Range Revealed: Launch Edition, Options And More

Elon Musk's Boring Company Hiring Near Giga Texas Cybertruck Factory

Behold The BMW iX M All-Electric Super SUV... Rendering

Record Price To Replace Nissan Leaf Battery Pack Introduced A Possible Fix

Top Five Tesla Model 3 Towing Questions Answered: Range, Tires, More

Porsche Macan EV Will Have A Coupe-SUV Body Style, Look A Lot Like This

Tesla's Elon Musk Hiring '25 Guns' For Giga Berlin

BMW Reveals iX Electric SUV: An X5-Sized EV With A 100-Plus kWh Battery

Restyled Hyundai Kona Electric Delivers Cleaner Look And More Features

BMW i3 (42 kWh) Range Tested By Bjorn Nyland

Could Electric Pickup Trucks Be EV-Derived? Check Out These Renderings

Nikola Regulatory Filing Proves Company Received Multiple Subpoenas

Ford Reveals And Boosts Its North American EV Manufacturing Plans

BMW i8 Sounds Surprisingly Good Without The Enhanced Active Sound

2022 BMW iX1 Will Eventually Replace i3 EV Once It’s Phased Out

Infinitum Electric PCB Motor Will Get Its First Automotive Application

Electrify America Surpasses 500 Charging Stations, Isn't Slowing Down

Workhorse Q3 Results: Significant Losses, Will Miss 2020 Target

High Prices For Leaf Battery Packs Is Attempt To Discourage Off-Gridders

Modified Tesla Model 3 Almost Matches Porsche Taycan Nurburgring Time

Watch This: Just How Fast Are Tesla's V3 Superchargers?

Hyundai Unveils New 2022 Tucson For The U.S. (PHEV Announced)

Tesla Giga Austin To Produce 4680-Type Battery Cells, But When?

UPDATE: Ford Mustang Mach-E EPA Emissions Certifications Don't Look Promising

GMC Hummer EV Team Moves Into Uncharted Off-Road Design Territory

Tesla Giga Shanghai Production Capacity To Hit 550,000 In 2021

President-Elect Joe Biden Will Be An Asset For EVs And Clean Energy

BMW Creates Electrified Wingsuit To Extend Range Of Flight

The VW ID.3 Issues Saga Ends For Some And Starts For Other Owners

BMW Will Produce All-Electric Cars At All Plants In Germany

EV News In Reverse: Tesla, Ford, MINI, Fiat, RAM And More

Tesla Model 3: How Much Energy Will The Heat Pump Save?

'Tesla May Have Future Recipe, But Toyota Has Real Kitchen And Real Chef'

Peterbilt EV And Kenworth Fuel Cell Truck Summit Pikes Peak

Nio Presents New 100 kWh Battery Pack And Battery Upgrade Plans

GMC Hummer EV Won't Limit Performance To Preserve Battery Pack

Herbert Diess Doesn't Want Volkswagen To Be The Next Nokia

Sandy Munro And Malcolm Bricklin Show Why They Bet On EVs With 3 Wheels

While Ferrari Discards EV Lineup, Bentley Will Ditch ICE In 10 Years

Nissan Will Open Pre-Orders For Ariya In The U.S. Later This Year

Lucid Motors Opens Century City And San Jose Studio Locations

Volvo Group And Isuzu Motors Form Strategic Alliance

Hyundai And Kia Join Ionity As Strategic Partners And Shareholders

Mazda MX-30 DC Charging Test: Peak Rate Is Not Even 40 kW

Swindon Powertrain Will Sell You A Mini EV Convertion Kit For $11,500

Tesla Model X 15,000-Mile Ownership Update: Towing With An EV

Kandi K27 Approved For Road-Use In California, Effectively Starting At $7,999

Tesla Model Y Heat Pump Details Infrequently Discussed By The Media

WiTricity Raises $34 Million To Expand Wireless EV Charging

Norway: Plug-In Car Electric Market Share Exceeded 79% In October 2020

Top Exec Says Ford Won't Make Super Duty Electric Pickup Truck – For Now

Is There A Business Case For A Polestar 2 Wagon To Be Created?

World's Most Efficient EV Achieves 40,332.7 MPGe: Meet The Eximus IV

UK: LEVC VN5 Plug-In Van Entered Production

VW Braces For CO2 Fines Despite Releasing ID.3 Before It Was Fully Ready

Ford Delays Escape PHEV Production To Next Year To Resolve Battery Issue

Mini EV Conversion Made By Rich Rebuilds Now Has A $200 Motor

Tesla Cybertruck Redesign Underway, New Unveiling In A Month Or So

Tesla Giga Shanghai: Drone Videos (October 30) And News

You Can Now Buy Fisker (FSR) Stock Thanks To A SPAC

Ford's Electric Focus Will Be On Affordable Car And Commercial Vehicles

Watch Tesla FSD Beta Attempt One Of The Curviest Steets On The Planet

Rivian R1T 8-Day Road-Trip Review: In-Depth Driver Interview

Tesla FSD Beta Updates Frequent, Latest May Cut Interventions By 1/3

Pirelli And Rivian Develop Special RIV Elect Tires For R1T And R1S

Half Of British Kids Want Parent To Buy Electric Or Plug-In Hybrid Cars

Watch Tesla Model S Performance Raven Race Lamborghini Huracan

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