When GM said it would present 30 new global EVs through 2025, it was not kidding. The company’s presentation at the Barclays Global Automotive Conference revealed more than one of them. Apart from the GMC Hummer EV in SUV guise, many other new vehicles appeared in the background, such as an Equinox-sized SUV and, more importantly, what seems to be Chevrolet’s new electric pickup truck.

Autoweek discovered in July – buried in GM’s sustainability report – that Chevrolet would have a full-size BET (battery-electric truck) with 400 miles produced from Q4 2021 on. Their bet was on an electric Silverado.

Barclays Global Automotive Conference 2020

Something completely different was also on the table, but Autoweek thought it would be more unlikely considering Ford’s approach with the F-150 EV. GM’s participation at the Barclays Global Automotive Conference makes us believe otherwise.

The new electric pickup truck appeared behind Chief EV Officer Travis Hester. The guys at Muscle Cars And Trucks had the great idea to check the GM Design Instagram account to find any vehicle that could resemble this one. This is what they think that matches with it.


Compare the images, and you’ll see this Silverado may resemble the electric pickup truck behind Hester in just a few aspects, such as the flat edge of the fenders. Still, the vehicle teased by GM only has that flattening in the middle of the fenders’ edge and connects with the A and C pillars, which makes the wheel boxes more prominent.

We decided to check the GM Design posts as well and found a rendering that seems more similar to the “BET” Hester had on his back. Although it also lacks many of that vehicle's design cues, it is not as square as the Silverado is.


What we know for sure is that the new electric pickup truck will be built over the BT1 platform that the GMC Hummer EV will also use. As Muscle Cars & Trucks explained, T1 is the name of the Silverado and GMC Sierra platform. B stands for “battery.” GM also updated the pickup trucks' expected range: instead of 400 miles, they could achieve 450 miles.

While Ford adopted a more conservative approach, relying on the strength of the F-150 nameplate, GM seems to prefer to detach the Silverado from this new electric pickup truck, which is a good way to show it is going for something entirely new. Unless we are also looking at the next-generation Silverado behind Hester, which is not something we can rule out at this point.

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