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Self-Driving Model X

GM Autonomous Director Says Tesla Can’t Reach Level 5

This isn’t the first time the Tesla’s Autopilot and/or Full Self-Driving hardware has been questioned, but now that GM is pushing forward with the technology, its director of autonomous vehicle integration doesn’t believe Tesla can pull it off. First of all, GM’s Scott Miller thinks that Level 5 autonomy is…

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Tesla Is So Much More Than An Automotive Disruptor

TESLA IS MORE THAN A CAR COMPANY, IT’S AN AGENT OF CHANGE [VIDEO] Famed Apple analyst turned Venture Capitalist, Gene Munster at Loup Ventures, recently attempted to answer Wall Street’s burning question — isn’t Tesla just another car company? Munster’s answer: “Tesla is not (just) an automaker. Nor is it (just) a battery,…

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Blames Suppliers For Model 3 Production Issues

Tesla is playing the blame game again. Who’s to blame for Tesla Model 3 production issues? Depends on who you ask. Tesla says suppliers are behind the bottleneck, but is that really the case? Several times in the past, Tesla pushed production delays/issues on suppliers. Such is the case again…

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Tesla Semi

Could The Tesla Semi Disrupt The Trucking Industry?

If Tesla can overcome some significant obstacles and successfully pull off the pure-electric Tesla Semi, it could be industry changing. The if is BOLD here for many good reasons. Where will Tesla manufacture these monstrosities, and at what pace? What happens if there are delays to production and companies are counting on them…

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Piquet Had “Too Many Doubts” To Stay With NextEV

Nelson Piquet Jr has revealed “too many doubts” over the NextEV/NIO team were the catalyst for his desire to switch to Jaguar in Formula E. The inaugural FE drivers’ champion has joined Jaguar after three seasons with the thrice-rebranded Team China Racing/NextEV/NIO entry. Piquet had a contract to drive for…

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