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Gray Tesla Model 3 On Dyno

Watch DragTimes Dyno Tesla Model 3

DragTimes strapped a Tesla Model 3 to the dyno to find out what sort of numbers it puts out. The results? Far more impressive than previously thought. The dyno run showed results of horsepower at 280 or so (peak was closer to 340, but a correction factor must’ve reduced that…

3 hours ago by Eric Loveday 1

Watch Tesla Model 3 First Dyno Test

Someone call for a dyno? The Tesla Model 3 has been in the hands of customers for some months now, yet no one appears to have placed it on a dynometer to measure its power output. Until now, that is. Read Also: BMW i3 On The Dyno – Video A…

19 hours ago by Domenick Yoney 15

Teslonda Is A Super Quick Tesla-Powered Honda – Video

Chevy Volt Battery in the mix too! We’ve seen any number of EV conversions over the years — cars that have had their internal combustion guts ripped out and replaced with quiet, powerful electric drivetrains — and among that number there have been a few, how shall we say, “Frankensteins” among them….

22 hours ago by Domenick Yoney 6

New Peugeot 508 To Spawn As PHEV In 2019

Peugeot is going to the Geneva Motor Show with its all-new 508 large family car. It hasmuch more emotional appeal than its predecessor. Sales will begin this summer, but the most important news for us is that by the end of 2019 a  plug-in hybrid version is expected on the…

23 hours ago by Mark Kane 8