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BMW Says iNext Will Go 435 Miles Per Charge

According to the latest reports, BMW’s iNext all-electric model, scheduled for 2021, will have range of up to 435 miles (700 km). iNext is BMW’s top iteration of its next-generation powertrain currently under development. Whether the 435 miles is achievable (some battery manufacturers encourage they have the right cells today),…

10 hours ago by Mark Kane 33

Bollinger Moving To Motor City

How you going to keep ’em down on the farm? After a taste of city life, it can be difficult for the young to readjust to the slower rural pace. It’s a phenomena we’ve seen over many generations, and now it appears the (Motor) city life is a siren song…

12 hours ago by Domenick Yoney 10

Tesla Model 3

It Seems The Automotive Press Is Enamored With The Tesla Model 3

PRESS ROUNDUP: AUTOMOTIVE MEDIA OUTLETS ARE DIGGING THE TESLA MODEL 3 With Model 3 deliveries becoming a bit more common, media outlets are finally getting their hands on Tesla’s most-anticipated car. Back in July, Motor Trend called it “the most important car of the century” in Model 3’s one-and-only published review. Since then, Tesla…

13 hours ago by EVANNEX 77

Tesla Semi Drives Down Public Street – Video

Here we present new video of the Tesla Semi that going down a street somewhere in California – a rare sight. It’s stealthy in its matte black finish. And that somewhat quiet electric powertrain adds to stealthy character. Even in the short video we can get a sense for the…

16 hours ago by Mark Kane 31

Airbus Teams With Rolls-Royce For Electric Airplane

Airbus, Rolls-Royce, and Siemens team up to develop E-Fan X hybrid-electric flight demonstrator in 2020 using BAe 146 as a flying testbed. In the first step, the aircraft will be equipped with one electric motor (2 MW) that will replace one of the four gas turbine engines. It will be…

1 day ago by Mark Kane 25