New Fisker Launches, Focuses On Support For Existing Karma Owners

MAY 5 2015 BY JAY COLE 18

Fisker Launches Service For Karma Owners, And $2,000 In Start-Up Credits

Fisker Launches Service For Karma Owners, And $2,000 In Start-Up Credits

While much has been made about the various promises to re-start, improve and rename the Fisker Karma (to the Elux Karma), the new owners of the brand, Wanxiang have relaunched “The New Fisker” website again, this time with a focus solely on supporting existing Karma owners.

So despite the fact that a new Elux Karma was already supposed to be in production today, current owners got a little something extra from the company.  Up to $3,000 worth of parts and labor to restore faith in the company.

Wanxiang/Elux/Fisker details the program as follows:

Introducing The Karma Customer Support Program.

In an effort to support existing Fisker Karma owners, Fisker Automotive has appointed authorized CSP providers that can assist you with your service and parts needs.

As a Fisker Karma Owner your CSP provider will provide parts and labor for covered repairs free of charge up to $2,000*.
original owner
As an original owner of the Fisker Karma you are entitled to additional CSP benefits of $2,000 for parts and $1,000 for labor for covered repairs above the Owners CSP benefits*.

Your CSP provider can provide you with information about remaining CSP benefits. Use the map below to locate your nearest CSP provider.

* The CSP Program is valid until 1-31-2016 or until the reserved CSP funds have been depleted.
Good New For Those Karma Owners In Dubai - They Get A CSP Station Too!

Good New For Those Karma Owners In Dubai – They Get A CSP Station Too!

The company website lists 15 CSP (Customer Support Stations) in the US, and a further 24 in Europe.  Interestingly, there is only two in California, despite the bulk of Karma transactions occurring in the state.  Fisker notes a customer service number to aid owners (844.276.3589), but wasn’t functioning when we attempted to use it.

In addition to the new support program, Fisker tucks a little sign-up sheet/teaser for some future, non-descript new products for current Karma owners way down at the bottom of the new webpage.

"Sign Up" For Future "Stuff"

“Sign Up” For Future “Stuff”

As for anything in the way of “new” products, or re-starting assembly…not so much.

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I saw a Karma in O Town today

Oklahoma City?

Pahrump Nevada?

(sorry, the devil made me do it…)

A lot of those service centers appear on the map to be out in the ocean. Especially the one around North Carolina.

I also doubt there is a Fisker CSP in Cuba, or off the coast of Baja California…

Still, $3000 worth of repairs is nothing to sneeze at. Hopefully, this will help salve Fisker owners’ bad feelings about buying an ‘orphan’.

What would really be great is if they also honored the original waranty. But even if this is in lieu of that, there have to be some very relieved Fisker Owners today. Now can they perform as they say they’re going to?

Not a chance. Fisker sold cars for less than a year, so never had enough time to build mindshare based on product, so the brand isn’t worth anything.

Wanxiang made a big mistake paying anything for them, but it wouldn’t be the first time a Chinese automotive company tried to buy a market position… Same thing happened with MG.

Yea, They Should Re-Cycle Them ALL…& re- Make something Worth while With the Raw Materials ..

I am a Karma owner in California – $3k really is a bonus. My car has been operating without a warranty for two years (and it’s a 2012 model), so this is all just fine. To be honest though, there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to see more Karmas on the road – the attention they get is amazing and this will get diluted when Wianxiang gets the other models into production. Call me a narcissistic soul… ☺

Very smart way to begin. Bodes well for the future.

I saw one today and it gave me goosebumps

so ****ing sick

Yeh ..They R Pretty Gross Looking .,Not mention “LEMONS” All of Them………..

The styling is the only thing that is good about that car. A 5600lbs boondoggle from start to finish. Anybody still in the market for that thing at that price range either buys a BMW i8 or a Tesla Model S

Well maybe the i8 -the Tesla is a commute car like my Chevy Volt. Not quite the same as my Karma.

I think to help current owners is a good move to rebuild confidence. By the way , I saw one in Paderborn! if you know where this is. The design of the outside of the car is absolute hot, if the Tesla Model S had this style the delivery time would be 12 month. Kind of I like in particular the rims.

Both of them?

I think the story is getting this wrong when it says “Up to $3,000 worth of parts and labor to restore faith in the company.”

Original buyers are actually now eligible for up to $5,000 dollars in total worth of parts and labor. That is the $2,000 in parts/labor that everybody gets, PLUS the additional $2,000 in parts and $1,000 in labor that only original buyers get.

And it isn’t really to “restore faith in the company”, it is part of the terms of the bankruptcy. The courts required New Fisker to provide this warranty coverage as a condition of New Fisker buying Old Fisker out of bankruptcy. This warranty coverage is what buyers got in settlement for what Old Fisker owed them in future warranty obligations.

I also found this information that somebody posted on the “Insider Forum” on their new website:

“I spoke with Fisker today and they indeed confirmed the new Karma comes out in 2016. ”

Maybe somebody at insideev’s should give them a call and get an official statement? It will be interesting to see what comes out first, the Tesla Model III, or this……