The upcoming Fisker Ocean electric SUV ticks all of the right boxes. It has ample range, a decent price and is large enough to fit the family.

According to Fisker, the Ocean will be offered in a four-wheel-drive configuration on all trims except for the base model (rear-wheel-drive). The standard four-wheel drive configuration will deliver an output of more than 225 kilowatts (more than 300 horsepower). There's an ultra-high-performance version targeting zero-to-60 mph in less than three seconds too. It's power output is not yet known. 

The all-electric luxury SUV offers room for "five adults to sit comfortably – even during the longest of rides," says Fisker.

The Fisker Ocean will come with roof rails and towing hook options. Towing capacity will be released sometime next year. We expect the figure to be 3,500 pounds or higher.

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Fisker recently released a brief Q&A that answers many of the most basic questions about the Ocean. Check that out below:

What is the base price of the Fisker Ocean?

The base price of the Fisker Ocean is $37,499 USD / $29,999 USD with the US Federal Tax Credit (if applicable).

Flexible lease pricing for the Fisker Ocean starts at $379/mo with a one-time $2,999 initiation and activation fee.

Prices for Canada and Europe will be announced closer to 2022 launch as local taxes and incentives might change.


What colors and trim levels will you have available?

Details on colors and trim package specifications will be released in 2021.

When can I specify the color and trim of my reserved Fisker Ocean?

We will open specification windows on the Fisker Flexee App and Fisker’s website in 2021. Priority on specifying a Fisker Ocean for delivery will be given to existing reservation holders, in sequential order of reservation.

You'll find additional info on the Fisker Ocean over at the automaker's website here.

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