Looking for an extreme off-road electric vehicle that's built tough enough for military use? No, we're not talking about the Tesla Cybertruck, either. Today, Fisker announced that they will be making a version of their upcoming Ocean SUV that's suited for off-road rescue and military applications. 

Fisker is calling it the Force E (Force Electric) package for the Ocean, and it seems that it will be targeted for rescue vehicles, military personnel movements on military bases, police vehicles, municipalities, and international organizations (think the UN or Red Cross).

The Force E will be offered as an aftermarket package, and Fisker promises that more details will be forthcoming in 2021 when Fisker will introduce a working prototype of the Force E. It will only be available in all-wheel-drive and will have approximately 300 horsepower.  A higher-performance version is also planned.

Here's a list of some of the unique features the Force E will have:

  • An upgraded and lifted suspension
  • Off-road spec wheels and tires
  • Extra front lights in the lower bumper
  • Front light protective bar
  • Extra front tow hooks
  • Lower front protective scuff plate
  • Roof rack with integrated lights
  • Rear hatch tool
  • Power plug box
  • Full spare tire integrated in the hood
  • Large drinking water tank
  • A rugged and durable interior

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Will the Force E ever come to fruition? We can't say for sure. We have heard a lot of talk from the company, including the promise of solid-state batteries, and how the EMotion was going to launch in 2020 with a solid-state pack. However, Fisker is still nearly two years from their target date to begin deliveries of the Ocean electric SUV.

We are, however, cautiously optimistic that the Fisker Ocean will make it to production at the end of 2021 as promised because it really looks like a nice overall package. Fisker states that they have over 22,000 people from 116 countries that have "shown interest" Fisker Ocean, and the majority of their paid reservation holders come from North America.

Fisker Ocean lease
The Fisker Ocean's unique leasing details

Initially, Fisker will offer the Ocean in North America and Europe, and it will have a starting MSRP of $37,499. There will be four different package options, which Fisker promised to detail at some time in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Fisker will offer a leasing option starting at $379 per month with $2,999 down. We're told the lease will have no fixed term, a 30,000-mile per-year limit, and no time limit on warranty during the lease period. We're also told an announcement about its manufacturing strategy will be forthcoming in the third quarter of 2020.

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Fisker Ocean launch on target and additional Off-Road Option package

LOS ANGELES (Monday, April 13, 2020) Fisker Inc. is gearing up for the final phase of development, tooling and commercialization of its first vehicle, the all-electric Fisker Ocean. Over 22,000 people from 116 countries have shown interest in the 2022 Fisker Ocean EV, with majority of paid reservations coming from North America. We continue to receive reservations daily. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 crises, we believe private transportation will gain traction over shared mobility, and people will be looking for vehicles that unite utility, sustainability and affordability. The Fisker Ocean is designed and engineered with all these attributes in mind.

Fisker Ocean Status.

The Fisker Ocean is on target to enter production end of next year (2021), starting high volume ramp up and deliveries in second half of 2022.

The Fisker Ocean base price is confirmed at $37,499 and will be offered with 4 different package options, to be detailed in Q4 of 2020. Fisker Ocean will also be offered via a lease option starting at $379 per month with $2,999 down, no fixed lease term and no time limit on warranty during the lease period.
Fisker Inc. will announce its manufacturing strategy in Q3 2020. Initially, the Fisker Ocean will be launched in USA and Europe.
Purchase or lease is done directly through the Fisker App. Available on iOS and Android platforms or through the Fisker Inc. Website.
Fisker Inc. will sell the vehicle direct to our customers and vehicles will be showcased at experience centers and test drives booked through our app. On-board vehicle diagnostics will signal any vehicle faults and all service scheduling will be enabled through an easy to use customer app, where your vehicle will be picked up and delivered directly from your preferred location.
The Fisker Ocean will have 250-300 mile electric range and an international CCS 2 charging plug.
Force-E: Performance-Built, Rescue Mission Vehicle, All-Terrain Driving & Power.
More fleets and international organizations will be turning towards zero emission vehicles with the use of more sustainable materials as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. More than ever, Fisker’s vision of “A Clean Future For All” is becoming more obvious and critical in our future lifestyle choices. Pollution and low air quality leads to lung disease and weakened immune systems, it has never been more obvious than now, that we need to lower emissions and work together to create a cleaner environment. After receiving an overwhelming number of enquiries by fleet operators, Fisker Inc. has started working on an extreme off-road package for the Fisker Ocean.

Force-E (Force Electric) is an extreme off-road package option based on the Fisker Ocean electric vehicle. The Electric Powertrain of Force-E will have large amounts of torque - ideal for off roading. The Force-E package will be available only in AWD configurations with approximately 300 horsepower and subsequently a high-performance version. An upgraded and lifted suspension, off-road spec wheels and tires, extra front lights in the lower bumper, front light protective bar, extra front tow hooks, lower front protective scuff plate, roof rack with integrated lights, a rear hatch tool and power plug box, that can rescue other out of power EV’s will be part of the package.

The “Force-E fortified” Ocean will carry a full-size spare tire in a deep recess in the unique hood panel. By placing the spare tire in this position, no compromises are made to the tailgate, typical of the solutions offered by competitors. This “deeply recessed” placement is only possible in an electric SUV like the Fisker Ocean, because there is more space beneath the hood surface to accommodate the bulk of the tire assembly, without compromising forward vision, versus under the hood, where a large off-road tire would not fit. The vehicle will come equipped with a large drinking water tank under the hood, with a release tap in the lower front bumper, for easy access to clean drinking water in rescue situations. The interior will have certain upgrades with more rugged and durable materials.

The Force-E package was initiated to cover market segments including rescue vehicles, military personnel movements on military bases, police vehicles, municipalities and international organizations promoting a cleaner planet. The Fisker unique California mode that allows the rear window to automatically roll down together with the small 3 quarter windows, side windows and open roof will come standard in this configuration. Offered as an after-market package for the Ocean, more information will be available in 2021 when Fisker Inc. will show a driving prototype with the Force E package.

Henrik Fisker said “Our vision for a ‘A clean Future for All’ has become even more relevant during these times of crises. As our development stage was highly dependent on finalizing manufacturing agreements and signing off virtual data, we have not seen a significant impact on our timeline for the Fisker Ocean launch at this point in time. We are still planning to have early built vehicles running off the assembly line end of next year. It’s been amazing to see the enthusiasm from our reservation holders, putting down paid reservations this early and following everything we are doing. For competitive and business reasons, we will have to wait a few more month to announce more news about several business aspects and vehicle details, but I’m eager to share more details as soon as we can!”

For more information or for interview inquiries contact info@fiskerinc.com.

* All stated performance numbers and figures are subject to final validation by the appropriate entities. Fisker reserves the right to change any specifications.

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