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October 2019 News Archive

EV Revolution Part 9: Elon's Bold Promises And Tesla's Future

Watch Tesla Model 3 Brake With Authority To Avoid An Accident

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Has Lower EPA Range And Efficiency Than 2019

Nasser Project: An EV Will Come To Life Because A Car Writer Died

UPDATE: Mars-Inspired Tesla Truck Render Shows Puny Ram Pickup For Scale

Fisker Ocean Will Be An Electric SUV For Enjoying, Not Buying

Tesla Model 3 Performance Takes Down Coal-Rolling Ram Truck

Tesla Semi Turns Into Retro-Futuristic Model A Van For A-Team Reboot

UPDATE: Was Tesla Vs Taycan Race Faked By Top Gear?

Panasonic Increased Automotive Battery Sales In Q3 2019

FCA-PSA: How Might This Merger Impact EVs And PHEVs?

BYD 8TT Electric Semi Hauls Cargo Over The Diablo Mountain Range

Global EV Sales In September 2019 Drop Down 8%: Tesla Leads The Way

Happy Halloween! Leave It To Tesla Owners To Get Creative

Volkswagen ID.3 Production To Start In A Few Days On November 4

Renault ZOE Might Get Sporty RS Version Within Three Years

Tesla's Q3 2019 Surprise Could Lead To Q4 Win

Volkswagen To Unveil All-New ID. Concept On November 19

ACEA Fears CO2 Emission Reduction Targets In Europe Won’t Be Met

Kymco Drops Frustratingly Vague EICMA Electric Teaser

So, What's Up With The New Hand-Made $125K Bollinger Electric Trucks?

Tesla Model S & X Get Slight Range Increase: Why Is It Newsworthy?

Electrify America To Make Plug&Charge Fully Operational In 2020

What's Your 2019 Tesla Model 3 LR Worth? Depends On Who You Ask

VDL Expands Its Charging Test Center For Buses

NIO Shares Plunge: CFO Resigns - Future Looks Bleak

What Is The Lowest Price You Can Get A Used Tesla Model 3 For?

We Estimate Cost Savings for Tesla’s New Battery Line

VDL Introduces Citea SLE-129 Electric At Busworld

MINI Reveals Cheap Price For Electric Cooper SE In The U.S.

Bob Lutz On The Model Y: 'It Is Terminally Ugly, A Humpback Thing'

Latest Tesla Update Adds Power, Scheduled Charging, More

Hyundai Launches BotRide Autonomous On-Demand Ride-Sharing Pilot

Renault Will Sell The K-ZE In Europe, Says Head Of Electric Vehicles

Nissan Takes LEAF Fleet For a Trip To Thailand’s Highest Mountain

BorgWarner EV Tech Shows Up In Ariel Nomad EV Demonstrator Vehicle

BYD Already Sold Over 1,000 Electric Buses In Europe

Electric Pickup Truck News: Tesla Truck On Track, Expensive Bollingers

This Is What The MCU Petition Signers Are Asking Tesla And Elon Musk

BBC Click Explores EVs And Their Future Potential Versus Gas Cars

This Ford F-450 May Be The First Tesla-Powered Pickup Truck Ever

SEAT Opens Orders Book For Mii Electric In UK

Mitsubishi MI-TECH Concept At The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota EVs At The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show: Photos/Videos

EV Revolution Part 8: Is Autopilot Tesla's Big Game-Changing Tech?

Daimler's Mitsubishi FUSO Shows Vision F-Cell In Tokyo

Polestar Launches First European Polestar Space In Oslo

First All-Electric Taxi In London In 120 Years Takes To The Streets

Byton Starts Pre-Production Of M-Byte Electric SUV

Ford Mustang-Inspired Electric SUV CAD Images Leaked? Renders Surface

Audi A8 Lineup Adds Plug-In Hybrid e Quattro

Let's Look At Charging Times For Some Of Today's Popular Electric Cars

The e-Golf Is Dead Soon: Long Live The VW Golf VIII GTE And The PHEV

Honda Partners With Vattenfall On Flexible Energy Contracts For EVs

'Rich Benoit Rebuilds' Tells Tesla To Be Upfront On MCU Issue

UK Government Considers Green Number Plates For EVs

Musk Promises To Increase Tesla Model 3, S And X Range: But Why?

Tesla Production Sites Listed With Model Assignment And Capacity

Scania Unveils Next Generation Citywide Electric At Busworld

Bollinger Reveals Price For B1 And B2 Electric Truck/SUV: $125,000

What Is Regenerative Braking And Why Is It Useful For Electric Cars?

Tesla Will Make Lineup S3XY Ahead Of Schedule: Model Y Coming Soon

Tesla To Go CyberS3XY With Upcoming Electric Pickup Truck

Tesla Stock Flying High: 5 Key Takeaways From Q3 2019 Earnings

REE Partnership With Hino Shows More On In-Wheel Motor Tech

FCA Announces €50 Million Battery Hub At Mirafiori Plant In Italy

BYD e2 Debuts On Chinese Market With Over 2,000 Sales

Honda Launches e:Technology Brand: Announces Accelerated EV Strategy

Top Online Sites To Buy Tesla Aftermarket Parts & Accessories

Green Power To Introduce Wireless Charging In South Korea

Renault Announces Kangoo Z.E./Master Z.E. With Hydrogen REx

Radical Rivian Rally Car Imagined In These Impressive Renderings

Mazda Is Already Taking Orders For Its First EV, The MX-30

Mitsubishi Outlander Reflex PHEV Van Priced At £24,000 In UK

ITT Cannon Presents Liquid-Cooled HPC Plug For 500A At 1,000V

Will Tesla Fail To Show Revenue Growth For the First Time In Years?

Europe: 2,200 EV Buses Deployed - Two-Orders Of Magnitude Behind China

Nissan Reveals Very Little About Its Future Electric SUV, The Ariya

Volvo Says All Models Will Get Plug-In Recharge Versions

Both Tesla And CATL Are Considering 'Cell-To-Pack' Manufacturing

UK Electric Car Owners Want More Powerful Public Chargers

Porsche Panamera 'Lion' Shows Taycan & Tesla Plaid Who's Boss At 'Ring

Volvo's New Polestar-Engineered Plug-In Hybrids On Sale Now In UK

Nova Bus Is Introducing LFSe+ With 594 kWh Battery Pack

Electrified Garage Shows Us Common Issues A Tesla Model X Might Have

Lithium-Ion Battery Pioneers Finally Get Their Noble Prize

CATL To Supply Batteries For Volkswagen e-Delivery In Brazil

Tesla Model 3 Spotted Testing At Gigafactory 3: Video

Ford Pilots Blockchain In PHEVs To Keep Zero-Emission Data Secure

Meet The 300-Mile Electric Nissan Ariya: It's Part LEAF And Part Rogue

Mazda MX-30 Is The Name Of The Japanese Carmaker’s First EV

Volvo Introduces 7900 Electric Articulated With 396 kWh Battery Pack

Here Are Some Specs On The Toyota e-TNGA Platform For BEVs

What Warnings Does The Tesla MCU Provide Before Giving Up?

Tesla Model Y Looks Hot In Red: More Real-World Sightings

Tesla Pickup Truck On Track To Be Unveiled In Just Weeks

Chile Launches Latin America's First 100% Electric Bus Corridor

Confirmed: BMW i3 Will Live On, Get Another Battery Upgrade

Electric Pickup News: Tesla Truck Revealed? Plus New Truck Renders

EV Charging Infrastructure Is About To Become The Next Gold Rush

This TeslaCam Video Shows Exactly What You Should Never Do In Traffic

Watch This Tesla Put Coal-Rolling Ram In Rightful Place: Far Behind

Say Hi, Drunk Driver: You're Caught On TeslaCam

Tesla Model 3 Failed To Save Dummies In AAA Emergency Braking Test

Tesla Model 3 Vs Galaxy S10+: Charging Speed Battle

No, Biker, You Do Not Have The Right To Pass Whenever You Want

Is The Tesla Model Y Coming Sooner Than Expected?

Burglar Gives Cops Proof To Arrest Him By Breaking Tesla's Window

Solaris Introduces Urbino 18 Electric With 553 kWh Battery

New Tesla Electric Pickup Truck Rendered In Rugged, Cyberpunk Fashion

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress October 18, 2019: Video

Uniti One Is Now Available To Order Online In UK And Sweden

More Rumors About GM's Electric Truck/SUV Include Revival Of Hummer

The Truth About What It's Like To Work For Tesla's Elon Musk

Ford To Partner With Electrify America On Ultra-Fast Charging

EV Revolution Part 7: The Key To Developing & Selling Electric Cars

MINI Highlights Two-Stage Adjustable Recuperation In Cooper SE

Mazda Video Shows EV Will Be A Crossover Coupe: Why, Exactly?

PSA Group Announces BEV Versions Of Compact Vans From 2020

Over Half Of Toyota Sales In Europe Continue To Be Hybrids

UPDATE: Did Musk Already Reveal The Tesla Pickup Truck To the World?

CATL Starts Construction Of Battery Gigafactory In Germany

Motiv Power Systems Secures $60 Million From Series B Round

The EV Revolution Part 6: Survival Of Gas Cars Is Not A Given

All-New 243-Mile Kia Soul EV Delayed In U.S. Until 2021 At Earliest

Video: Have All These Tesla Vandalism Cases Been Solved?

Tesla Gets Manufacturing Approval In China: Model 3 Production Soon

Should Tesla Become Its Own Battery Cell Supplier? Is It Necessary?

Tesla Patent Application: Integrated Approach To Pack & Cell Production

Tesla Is The Global King Of Battery Capacity, By A Huge Margin

Ford Reveals Charging Solutions Ahead Of Next-Gen EV Launches

Tesla Model S P100D+ Plaid Rear Diffuser: Video & New Spy Shots

See A Man Enter A Model 3 To Drive It And Fly Out of The Window

Ram Truck Tries To Coal Roll A Tesla: Watch For Ironic Window Sticker

Polestar 2 Development Is On Its Last Straight

Rich Rebuilds Interacting With Samcrac Makes For Comical Video

How Did Tesla Model 3 Pull Off Its Incredible Safety Ratings?

Tesla Model S 'Plaid' Production Update

All-New Tesla Pickup Truck Cyberpunk Render Is As Real As It Gets

The Reason This Tesla Model X Was Slow Is An Aerodynamic's Class

This Tesla Faced Keying And Break-In Attempt On The Same Day

Tesla Update May Have Lowered The Model 3's Range As Well

Buick Adds Velite 6 Plus Version In China

Tesla Model S P100D+ Plaid Returns To The Ring For Round Two

TeslaCam Registers Truck Near-Miss That Could Have Caused A Pile-Up

EU Investigates Public Support For Samsung SDI Plant In Hungary

Tesla Autopilot Protects Nature: It Saved Momma Bear And Cubs

More On Tesla's Plan To Make Its Own Batteries

Uniti Announces Price And Specs Of Uniti One

A Video Guide To The First Year Of Servicing Your Tesla Model 3

Chronopost Switches To EVs With Hundreds Of Voltia (e-NV200)

Watch Road-Raging Ford Truck Driver Cut Off And Brake Check A Tesla

White Tesla Model 3 Hits Pedestrian In Georgia And Flees

Vitesco To Supply PSA And Hyundai With Integrated Electric Drives

This Hardcore Tesla Fan Returned His Tesla Model 3 SR+ And Here's Why

Oh, The Comments... These Are The Five Worst For An EV YouTube Channel

Remember The Tesla Glass-Breaking Butt? It Now Sits In Jail

What Are The Best Ways To Promote EV Charging Infrastructure Growth?

Porsche Taycan 4S Revealed: Offers Two Battery Sizes

Musk: Tesla Truck Looks Like This Mixed With Armored Future Vehicle

ChargePoint To Install EV Bus Chargers In San Francisco

After Flipping Off A Tesla, This Reckless, High-Speed Driver Crashes

Tesla Model Y: It's Bigger, Which Means Better To Many People

Electric Pickup Truck News: Tesla Truck Reveal, Controversial Render

Discussion: Tesla Pickup Truck Renderings And Reveal Timing Concerns

Jaguar I-Pace Performs Poorly In Moose Test

Jaguar I-Pace SVR Rendering Previews The Performance Electric SUV

Global Electromobility Share Charted – Eight Months Of 2019

Opel Starts Production Of New Corsa, Corsa-e To Follow Soon

UK Firm Launches Classic EV Conversions, But They Are Super Expensive

GM To Build Electric Pickup Truck At Detroit-Hamtramck To Satisfy UAW?

The EV Revolution Part 5: Electric Cars, Environment & Future Of Oil

Dyson Ditches Electric Car Plans

UPDATE: Tesla Cars Have A Memory Problem That May Cost You A Lot To Repair

Tesla Has Succeeded In Creating The Essential Mobile Man Cave

Aerial Mobility Expected To Be The Next Big Wave For Electrification

The Nissan LEAF Has An Issue With Its App: It Does Not Work

Toyota Extends Plug-In Hybrid Battery Warranty: 10 Years, 150,000 Miles

Electrify Canada Coming To Over 20 Stations At Canadian Tire Stores

Gas Stations Of Tomorrow Won't Be Selling Gas

New Tesla Model 4 And Future Tesla SUV Rendered To Life By Jalopnik

TeslaCam Shows Reckless Driver Cutting Off Car, Catching Air, Crashing

Toyota Confirms Powerful RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid Will Launch In 2021

Watch A Tesla Get Violently Rear-Ended: Crash Recorded In Vivid Detail

Consumer Reports Calls Tesla Smart Summon 'Glitchy' & Without Benefits

November To Remember: Tesla Truck Reveal Set For Next Month

Hanergy Seeks Funding And Makes Some Clarifications On Its Solar K-Car

Peugeot Now Taking Orders For Plug-In Hybrid 508 And 3008

Tesla Sentry Mode Solves Hit And Run Case In Massachusetts

Why Is Harry Potter Taking Pictures Of A Man Standing On A Tesla?

This Tesla Owner's Fascination Resulted In An Amazing Newsletter

Quick Look At Cobalt And Nickel Usage In xEVs For H1 2019

The EV Revolution Part 4: Tesla's Risky Battery Gamble Shouldn't Worry You

New Tesla Truck Render Features RamBox, No Frunk, Tons Of Glass

Tesla Model 3 With 50,000 Miles: Battery Degradation?

Why Is This Tesla Model X Is 1 Second Slower Than It Should Be?

Lithium-Ion Inventors Win The Nobel Prize In Chemistry 2019

Tesla Buys Hibar Systems In Another Effort To Make Its Own Batteries

Watch TeslaCam Capture A Porsche Macan Hydroplaning And Hitting Wall

Enel X, Washington State Utilities To Provide JuiceBox Smart Chargers

The Tesla Effect Is Making Luxury Cars Lose Value Faster Than Ever

One Biker Got Busted, But Another Purposely Smacks A Tesla Mirror

With Tesla Smart Summon And Eventual Self-Driving Cars, Who's Liable?

With Help Of TeslaCam, See How Distraction Leads To Crash In Traffic

The EV Revolution: Part 3 - Range Anxiety Leads To Charger Gold Rush

Miami-Dade Purchases 33 Proterra Catalyst E2 Electric Buses

Tesla Model 3 Dashcam Footage Solves Another Hit And Run

In September 2019, NIO EV Sales In China Increased By 14%

2020 BMW 530e Gets A Few More Miles Of EPA Electric Range

See How The Iridium E-Mobil 70EB/Generation 2 Electric RV Drives

What's The Impact Of Tire Size On Tesla Vehicle Range?

Repsol Launches The Most Powerful Charging Station In Europe: 400 kW

Will NHTSA Investigate Battery And Update Issues For Tesla Model S?

August and September U.S. EV Sales Recap: BEV Sales Dominate

Renault Launches Electric Mobility Consulting For Fleets

Editor's Update: Monthly Plug-In EV Sales Scorecard: September 2019

UK New Car Market Grows In September On Electric Car Surge

Motiv Power Systems Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Is Finally Starting To Add Up

Fully Charged Checks Out The Electrified Icon Derelict 1949 Mercury

Tata Motors Announces Nexon EV

Aptera Likes Solar Generation: Is Now Offering 'Never Charge' Option

Polestar 2 To Be An "Exclusive Alternative" To Tesla Model 3

Proterra Celebrates 100th Electric Bus Customer

Sentry Mode Captures Swerving, Spinning & Out Of Control Mercedes-Benz

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress October 4, 2019: Video

Thanks To Tesla Sentry Mode, Parking Lot Hit-And-Run Crash Resolved

UPDATE: Driverless Tesla Model 3 Pulled Over By Police For Failure To Stop

Confirmed: Police Pulling Over A Tesla On Smart Summon Was Staged

Ultra-Luxury Moroccan Hotel To Ditch Bentleys For Tesla Model X SUVs

Arcimoto Delivers First Fun Utility Vehicles To Customers And Fleets

Audi e-tron Sales In U.S. Continue To Decline In September

Tesla, Musk And The EV Revolution: Part 2 - Why Electric Beats Gas

Polestar 2 Pricing Confirmed For European Launch Markets

Tesla's Top-Notch Efficiency Is A Product Of Its Design Culture

Legion Solar 4 Plans to Turn Solar Generation Into An Appliance

Watch Road-Raging Motorcyclist Bust Tesla Model 3 Mirror And Flee

Volta Charging Introduces Free DC Fast Charging Service

LEVC Sold Record Number Of Plug-In TX Taxis In September 2019

Tesla Model 3 Proves Runaway Sales Success In Some Parts Of Europe

TRATON Group (VW Truck/Bus Arm) Outlines Electrification Plan

Tesla Production And Deliveries Graphed Through Q3 2019

BMW Exec Says Charging Infrastructure Is Holding Back EV Adoption

Are Tesla Features Like Smart Summon Proving To Be Too Over The Top?

Mitsubishi Shows New Teaser Of MI-TECH Concept, Reveals Details

UPDATE: Tesla Model 3, S & X Sales Estimates In U.S. For September 2019

Want A Super Cheap Tesla? These Guys Prove The Impossible Is Possible

Tesla Moves Into Former Porsche Service Center in Switzerland

Rivian R1T: What's The Story With Rivian's New Pricing Plan?

NHTSA Promises To Intervene If Tesla Smart Summon Poses Safety Risks

China Is Beginning To Prove An Insatiable Demand For Tesla

Tesla Model 3 Has Sun Visor Clip Issues: My Clip Broke, Has Yours?

Tesla Delivers 97,000 Model 3, S & X Globally In Q3

Black Tesla Model Y Spotted Driving On Public Road

Tesla, Musk And The EV Revolution: Part 1 - Model 3 Automotive Tsunami

JES Paper Reveals New Details On Tesla's Million-Mile Batteries

Police Use Tesla Cameras To Identify Suspect In Model 3 Keying Case

Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Take On Ferrari F12

Skoda's First Plug-In Hybrid Superb Priced Just Under £32,000 In UK

Tesla Smart Summon Demands You Be Precisely That: Smart

Electrify America Now Offers A Home Charging Station

Webasto Launches EV Battery Pack Production In Germany

Want To Monetize Your Charging Station? Check Out EVmatch

Truck Trailer Carrying Five Tesla Cars Burns In Nevada

Australian TeslaCam Debuts With A Truck Crash On Westgate Bridge

Tesla Includes Rust Prevention In Updated Model 3 Owner's Manual

Li-CO2 Batteries Promise 7 Times The Energy Density Of Lithium-Iion

Editorial: Inside EVs Sales Data And Estimates Update

2020 Hyundai Kona Electric Gets At Least One Hot Upgrade

Tesla Doesn't Have An Ad Budget, But It Can Still Get Free Ads

TeslaCam Captures Accident During Lane Change Between Truck And Sedan

Nissan To Unveil All-Electric IMk Concept In Tokyo

Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) Enters Retail Market

Big Oil Faces A Massive And Powerful Opponent: Electric Utilities

Samsung SDI To Supply Akasol With 13 GWh Of Batteries By 2027

UPDATE: Monthly Plug-In EV Sales Scorecard: August 2019

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