Renault this month announced the launch of a new Mobility Consulting service to support businesses on their path of electrification.

The French manufacturer starts advising from a really strong position, having ten years’ expertise in electric vehicles and huge market share (in Europe):

The plan is to try to accelerate the transition of fleets to electrification. The first step will be analysis of the use of the existing ICE fleet to find the best solution for the customer's profile (BEV, PHEV, HEV, ICE) and use of EVs to optimize their usage/charging schedule.

Then, Renault will deliver the cars and charging infrastructure.

True decision-making tools

"When it comes to renewing a fleet, the first stage in the Mobility Consulting by Renault process is one of analysis. This analysis uses tools to assess a company’s requirements in real-life conditions. For example, the ZE Explore Pro app verifies the suitability of electric propulsion for every vehicle in the fleet in real operating conditions. And ZE Experiment is an optimisation tool for the operation and recharging of existing electric Renault fleets.

On this basis, our experts draw up recommendations for an appropriate level of electrification (100% electric, hybrid, rechargeable hybrid, internal combustion), for recharging solutions and the potential for introducing shared mobility services."

Unique expertise

"Today, fleet electrification projects have become more complex due to the multiplication of engine types and recharging methods and the need to coordinate a range of players (buyers, fleet managers, site services, etc.). The experts at Groupe Renault, the pioneer and leader in electric mobility, already have ten years’ experience in this field. Along with the skills acquired in sales and after-sales, they also have a wide knowledge gleaned from the driving behaviour of our 250,000 private and business customers. Groupe Renault has already gone beyond the mere vehicle and is at the forefront of the introduction of ecosystems, including charging infrastructures. The teams are, in fact, managing more than 1,000 charging points installed on the Group’s own sites and have helped to install rapid charging networks across Europe. The Group’s expertise even extends to new shared mobility solutions specifically designed for businesses, in the form of services such as Renault Mobility and Glide."

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