Do you pick on your friends when you meet? Is it part of the fun and of the laughs you have together? If that happens to you, you’ll surely relate to this video from the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel about the Tesla Model S that Sam — from the Samcrac YouTube channel — bought and restored. Don’t take the title of the video seriously. It's simply the start of the pranks between these two apparently very good friends.

This video is an example of what YouTubers call a collab, a video in which people from different channels collaborate for one of these channels, usually the most popular one. The idea is to help the smaller channel get more subscribers and views. 

The Rich Rebuilds channel published this one. Rich Benoit starts it by telling how he got to meet Sam. That is probably the only moment in which the video does not make fun of anything, but not for long.

Rich Rebuilds Uses Tesla Pars On His Rat Rod

Benoit then brags about being more popular than Sam, and that he does not really work on his cars. Sam says electric vehicles do not need maintenance, so there would be no need for an Electrified Garage, the shop Benoit opened to take care of EVs. They tease each other all the time, apart from doing a lot of merchandising of tools and even apps.

To prove that opening a shop dedicated to EVs makes sense, Benoit talks to people Supercharging their Tesla cars to show some problems these cars often present.

Man travelling in autonomous self-driving autopilot Tesla Model S

The Model S, for example, has a leak on its touchscreen that makes it delaminate. Benoit says the Electrified Garage repairs that very often and for much less than Tesla charges.

That is not the only point in which Benoit, Sam, and Alex Palmeri show things that are not very good on the Model S. Palmeri talks about a velcro cover over the front motor that is put in place with staples. He thinks that is very professional…

Rich Rebuilds Rat Rod Is Almost Ready To Rock

The teasing with the car continues when Benoit asks Palmeri who welds better: Tesla or himself. And he shows a very badly welded front cross member. Benoit would win the contest for sure, but that was mean... Just check his welding skills here to understand why.

That is just an example of what a funny and instructive video this is. We strongly recommend that you save some time to watch it until the end.

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