You probably all know that we have been following Rich Benoit’s newest adventure: the Ford Model A rat rod that will become an EV thanks to an electric motorcycle that decided to die. Or was pushed to death. We’ll never know. The fact is that the rat rod is looking very ready despite all that still needs to be arranged on the new EV on the block.

If you do not remember the story, Benoit bought an electric motorcycle, a Zero S, that he later discovered to be with its frame totally busted. Instead of fixing the bike, which would cost a lot, he decided to turn it into an organ donor to his Ford Model A rat rod.

Benoit bought this car when he made a video on EV conversion. So the Zero S came in handy for this older project. We are just not sure how it will behave. Likely very well, due to the lower weight of the electric motor compared to the Chevy 305 it had when it burned gas. A long time ago already.

Benoit is saving weight in all possible manners. Including eliminating wiring harnesses and components the Zero S needed, but the rat rod simply will not have.

New Electric Rat Rod Lemonade Video Brings A Spoiler

In his entertaining fashion, the man behind the show demonstrates his welding skills – which he compares to that of a 5-year-old kid – and all the trouble he is having to place everything in a neat way on the rad rod.

The battery pack will go over the front axle, as the teaser on a previous video had already revealed, but it is necessary to find a space for the controller. For the remaining wiring harnesses. For new gauges and other improvements Benoit has probably already put to work while we are watching his newest video.

Got Model A Rat Rod And Broken Zero Motorcycle Lemons? Make lemonade!

You may not be very fond of rat rods. We weren’t particularly attracted to them either. But this one looks very nice. If not by its sleek aspect, at least for what it promises to do. When you remember the origin of these cars, perhaps Benoit will set a new trend. Instead of using large and powerful V8s, they’ll probably use electric motors. And large battery packs.

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