Bringing you a new article is not a fast process. We have to select interesting subjects, go as deep as possible into them, select or fight to find pictures that suit, write, revise and finally get them published. And it was just on the last moments of this process that we found a spoiler on the rat rod conversion to EV from Rich Benoit. In other words, we saw the lemonade practically ready!

If you are not familiar with the subject, we can tell you all about it.

In short, Benoit, from the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel, bought an electric motorcycle, a Zero S. But it was too damaged – with a broken frame – to be put to work again. At least as a motorcycle. He already had bought a rat rod to convert it to an electric car. And he decided to take these two lemons and make lemonade out of them. Blending the two vehicles together.

In this episode, we see Benoit working with a thick steel plate, trying to put the Zero S electric directly connected to the transmission of the Model A rat rod. And he has a lot of trouble getting there. We even see him working with flip flops on some occasions, what is concerning.

The whole video makes us wonder if Benoit could not have avoided a lot of the work if he had just chosen to cut the thick steel plate on the exact format from the very start, but it would probably have made the whole process a lot shorter.

Rich seems happy to see he managed to get everyone mad at doing what he did with the bike and the rat rod, but we have no such intention. That said, just proceed on reading if you want to have the spoiler.

When we were about to add the main picture to this article, the spoiler hit us right on the face. Check the image with attention. The electric rat rod is practically finished.

It has the electric motor already connected to the transmission shaft. The battery pack is installed at the front of the car, close to the headlights, which are not exactly where they are supposed to be, but that is just a detail.

That single image already allows us to know what to expect from the car when it is ready. We just need to know how it rides and how it feels to live with such a wacky machine. And that alone makes us crave the next video.

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