A Tesla Facebook group recently published a picture of a really mad user saying this: "Going to visit family, and this is what I’m greeted by when I needed a charge. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to own Teslas. Sell your car." The grey-wrapped Tesla Model S in the picture was towing another one, a rat rod. That’s when we found out Rich Benoit had finished his rat rod.

We got in touch with him and Steven Salowsky, a member of his team, told us the following: “This was in Seabrook NH, and we were actually taking the rat rod to a private road to test drive it. It’s funny. We were hanging out there and talking to many people, and would have easily moved Delores if it was in the way – alas, this was at 11 AM. Seems this person caught us going for a bathroom break.”

The truth is that it is complicated to charge your Tesla if you are towing anything. We have already seen this with the videos of TFLCar testing the Model X towing capabilities

If Supercharger cables were longer, perhaps it would be easier to charge without blocking other charging points. When EV towing takes off – with electric pickup trucks – this s something Tesla will have to address. “We never are here to hurt our EV community. It was really the only way,” said Salowsky.

With proper clarifications on the table, it is time to know more about the successful rat rod conversion into an EV. Some may have thought the car would be slow, weird or inadequate in any way, but the video shows it smokes most criticisms. Literally.

For the ones that like to see DIY solutions, the ones Benoit found to adapt the motorcycle hardware to the car are very “slick.” as he puts it. We would add that they are instructive and may help other people save two helpless vehicles by turning them into a single one. An EV, in this case. We are sure it will get improvements. And a proper name, like Delores. Would you like to suggest one? The comments are here for this, folks.

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