More than just converting, Rich had to rescue the rat rod.

At the end of this video, you will see the electric rat rod Rich Benoit is building work for the first time. But there is a lot until the car gets there, including the next video of the series. Now, Benoit just says the car is driving him insane. More than converting it to an electric vehicle, he finds out he has to recover it. Especially the brakes.

When he tried to stop it, Benoit discovered the front brakes were in deplorable shape. The Ford Model A rat rod had more GM parts than previously expected. Besides the Chevy V8 305 engine, it also had a Chevrolet Corvair master cylinder, wheel cylinder, and shoes. Rusty ones. Leaking fluid. Consequently, not doing their work as they should.

After getting the seats cut and covered with red vinyl, Benoit worked in getting the brakes fixed. He had to cut the brake lines and have them redone. After getting new ones, he saw they were way bigger than he needed them to be. 

Most of the video shows the whole process of getting the brakes in shape again. We end up not knowing if they are ok or not since there is no testing. Considering the way the car is being done, we would not be surprised if there were more surprises with the suspension, the body, or even with the brakes.

Got Model A Rat Rod And Broken Zero Motorcycle Lemons? Make lemonade!

Benoit makes entertaining videos, but he has to be careful about the way that he improvises with his cars. Owner of the “Electrified Garage,” he may end up giving the impression that the shop works as he does. If the EV owners that he wants to have as clients ever get that idea, he’ll have a problem.

On one side, people will rush to watch the videos in which he makes so much effort to solve a single problem. Because that’s funny. On the other, they may ask for someone else to fix their EVs. Because car issues are not funny at all. Especially in your car.

We hope he can prevent that people mix up the Rich Rebuilds character with the businessman his YouTube channel helped him to become.

Video Description Via Rich Rebuilds On YouTube:

the trials and tribulations of putting together a rat rod out of an electric motorcycle, you should measure twice and cut once, I tend to cut 3 times without measuring

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