Tesla Sentry Mode may register weird stuff and crimes, but nailing the bad guys is an analogic task. Performed by people denouncing them and the police, as The Mercury News let us know last October 13. The website reported the Palo Alto Police Department managed to arrest Kevon Rabb and Kamron Johnese. If you are not aware of the names, you most certainly are of other details. Johnese is the owner of the glass-breaking butt we have seen in a Sentry Mode video on July 31.

Remember The Glass-Breaking Butt? It Now Sits In Jail

The video came from Bob Scirpo. He had his Tesla Model 3 rear glass shattered to pieces by Johnese. The burglar had a little punch concealed in his right hand, and it broke the glass so fast some people on the video even challenged if he had done anything at all. Well, he did.

Gallery: Glass-Breaking Butt Is Filmed In Action By Sentry Mode

The Palo Alto Police Department arrested them on August 8. They have seen the car in which they were seen and found enough evidence for them to remain in custody. The burglars had two window punches with them. One of these tools probably is the one we see in Johnese’s right hand on Scirpo’s video.

Glass-Breaking Butt Is Filmed In Action By Sentry Mode

Besides the punches, the car also had a stolen item. Johnese did not take anything from Scirpo’s car, but Rabb apparently did so with another vehicle. Why they kept the goods in the vehicle until August 8 is something only the police will be able to tell us. Personal use, perhaps?

Glass-Breaking Butt Is Filmed In Action By Sentry Mode

Johnese and Rabb are currently arrested and booked at the Santa Clara County Main Jail in San Jose. They will face automobile burglary and possession of burglary tool charges. Now, the Palo Alto Police Department asks people that had items stolen at the Stanford Shopping Center or nearby to try to tell them more about their cases.

Glass-Breaking Butt Is Filmed In Action By Sentry Mode

You can do that by contacting the police at 650-329-2413. You can also keep your identity preserved by calling or texting 650-383-8984 or sending an email to paloalto@tipnow.org.


Regarding Johnese, we hope jail suits have belts.

Source: The Mercury News

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