Unfortunately, Tesla hatred episodes are getting increasingly common. We see people throwing coins at them, keying them, and now there are bikers getting mad at these cars as well.

That is the only explanation for what happened to the Tesla Model 3 Performance that belongs to Brandon McGowen. On October 3, he had the misfortune of getting his way crossed by this guy in a Suzuki GSX-R 600.

Gallery: Biker Shows His Hate For Teslas By Striking Model 3 And Running Away

“I was at Highway 65 southbound in Lincoln, CA, between Lincoln Boulevard and Twelve Bridges Exit. Literally driving home from work. He merged onto the freeway directly in front of me. I was going at around 70 mph at that point. Then he slowed down to 50 mph very abruptly. So I tapped the horn,” McGowen told InsideEVs. “I just assumed he didn’t see me. You should have heard me. I was like: ‘Dude, what are you doing? Can you see me?’”

McGowen proceeds. “He then moved over. Autopilot resumed my speed, and he came up, busted my mirror off, and was gone.” Just like that.

The video above only shows when McGowen overtakes the biker, who waits for a good opportunity to hunt the Tesla and slap the right-wing mirror. Quite a dangerous thing to do at more than 70 mph in a vehicle with only two wheels. Check what could have happened below:

Did he want a piece of McGowen? Or of the Model 3? Not at all. The biker just decides to accelerate as fast as he can. There are no signs of disposition for a fistfight. Nor to discuss the repair bill or talk to the California Highway Patrol – CHP.

We already know that a lot of readers will claim the Tesla driver must have done something for the biker rage to explode. So does McGowen. To avoid that sort of wondering, he also posted the video of when he first met the biker.

“A number of people thought I did something to provoke him prior. I uploaded the entire front video feed to show how he merged onto the freeway and went directly in front of me,” said McGowen. The biker really seems to look at the car and then abruptly gets into the left lane.

We asked McGowen if he got the motorcycle’s license plate. “I was caught so off guard the only thing I had was TeslaCam. I’m in a Performance model, so I could’ve caught up with him. But I decided it wasn’t worth it and waited for the CHP.” 

Biker Shows His Hate For Teslas By Striking Model 3 And Running Away

McGowen showed the video to the police officers and checked for the damages in his car. “The mirror housing is gone, the glass is scratched, it no longer moves left or right, and the lower arm is separated. I’m heading to the body shop in an hour.”

We know the biker rides a Suzuki GSX-R 600, and that he is many pounds above a healthy weight. We also have some blurred images of his license plate, but they are probably enough to find the biker. 

Biker Shows His Hate For Teslas By Striking Model 3 And Running Away

The plate seems to be from California and not of the vanity kind. That said, a typical California motorcycle license plate has two numbers, a letter, and four more numbers. This one then may be 27L2431. Or 22L2431. Or 77L2431. We cannot say for sure. What do you think it is?

If you can help us find this guy, he has a scheduled meeting with the CHP he should not miss. He is also wanted at the counter of the Tesla shop McGowen will have to visit to get his right mirror in shape again. 

Biker Shows His Hate For Teslas By Striking Model 3 And Running Away

Before we published this article, he told us how much it all will cost: "Quote from Tesla is: $518, skull cap, full mirror assembly, paint, and labor to replace." We hope he also decides to press charges on the biker. 

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