Having a Tesla to call your own must be quite an adventure. Especially if you take into consideration all the weird evidence of bizarre human behavior close to any of these electric machines. We have seen most everything: people keying them, showing their butts, and jumping on their windshields, but we have never seen anyone taking a Tesla for a wishing well. Until now.

Just watch the video above and pay careful attention right at the beginning. The second-generation Ford Escape seems to be going in a relaxed pace on the right lane of a highway when it suddenly accelerates. Then its driver throws a coin towards the Tesla that has the camera and uses his middle finger to salute it.

Our guess is that the Escape guy thought the Tesla – which we could not identify – was a wishing well. So he threw a coin at it and made a wish with his hands. Why the middle finger? Well, we have nothing to do with people’s tastes and options, as long as they are happy and are not bothering anyone. Live and let live.

Joking aside, this video was posted on YouTube by Darcy Kline on August 28. The video description does not bring any info on whether that was a road rage episode. If so, what has caused it? And why didn’t the Escape guy continue to pursue the Tesla?

Random Guy Thinks Tesla Is Wishing Well, Throws Coin, And Makes Wish

For Kline’s video description, it seems the wishing well dude just got mad to see a Tesla on the highway and decided to attack it. Out of jealousy or because he hates EVs. As hard as it is to believe that, we live in crazy times. Haven’t truck drivers decided to park at Supercharger to ICE Tesla cars? Exactly.

What do you think happened? Could the Escape guy be mad because Kline’s Tesla was on the left lane? If so, why hasn’t he followed Kline instead of almost rear-ending the RAM Power Wagon on the right? If you know what were the circumstances, tell us about them with your comments.

Video Description via Darcy Kline on YouTube:

Do you know this guy, if so stay away from him on the highway. 

Obviously jealous of those who own Tesla cars. POS

Actually I would like to think he loves Tesla so much he is throwing money at it....

Gallery: Random Guy Thinks Tesla Is Wishing Well, Throws Coin, And Makes Wish

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