Perhaps one of the most welcome recent features Tesla offers is the Sentry Mode. Bob Scirpo is in a good – or bad, depending on the perspective – position to attest that. He has just found his Tesla Model 3 with a rear glass shattered to pieces. Sentry Mode managed to see who did that, but it filmed more details of the perpetrator that Scirpo would probably like. Mostly the guy’s butt.

Scirpo told the whole story on Twitter. Starting from here.


We'll let him enlighten you with what happened in his own words:


He seems to be complaining of lack of action. But then he gets some:


In a good-spirited way, Scirpo describes what happened:


Well, we did, as the video Scirpo shows. But you have to pay close attention to perceive the act itself. Check the guy's right hand. Did you see how it is closed? It hides a little punch. At around 15 seconds of footage, you can see pieces of glass flying around.

After that, the perpetrator pretends to be cleaning the floor mat. And gets back to the car, folding the rear seat to see if there is anything on the trunk that is worth picking up.

Although he will have to replace the rear window, Scirpo has lots of fun with the situation.


Indeed. If you are going to get busted by Sentry Mode, at least try to dress appropriately! We have children reading our articles, for God's sake! Cover your butts, bad guys!

After making lemonade with these lemons, Scirpo sends a final appeal. Also in the light way a "wildly optimistic" person is expected to present.


"I just left the Palo Alto police station about an hour ago. I filled out a report, gave them all the videos and pictures. They said there is a crime ring going up and down the Peninsula. They steal items from cars, sell then to a 'fence' and then ship the goods overseas," Scirpo told InsideEVs.

In case you stumble upon a black Mazda with the 5NPV092 license plate around Palo Alto, remember to call the cops. We just hope you don't have to face that indecent butt hanging around. In case you do, call the cops as well.

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