Check this guy's face closely. Not because of any specific physical characteristic or because of his relevance to society. Do this so that you are able to identify him and warn the cops. Or the bobbies, as a video comment states, since this happened in the UK. He is responsible for keying not only a Tesla with Sentry mode activated, but also a VW Jetta parked in front of the Tesla.

Tesla Sentry Mode Reveals Another Sad Keying Episode

We have already shown you a good quantity of sad episodes involving keys, Tesla, and Sentry mode. This is not even the weirdest one. Thanks to Tesla's surveillance system, most of them have an identified author that can be sued. If the legal system is not strong enough to make them pay for the damages or go to jail instead, at least they will have a headache because of what they did.

Hannah Arendt once wrote about the “banality of evil” in one of her most famous books – “Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil” – at a great personal expense. The video above is precisely about evil and its triviality, even if on a much smaller scale.

Tesla Sentry Mode Reveals Another Sad Keying Episode

“Oh, you can't compare killing thousands of people with scratching a car with a key!” That is not really the point, but rather the moral principle involved. Killing is wrong. Vandalism is also wrong. Yet there are people that make it look like a ride in the park. Or like buying bread.

See the banality in getting a key and a can of beer and trying to destroy something just because you have a sick sense of amusement. Or because you are jealous of not being capable of having one of these yourself. Or because you have to follow orders, as Adolf Eichmann used to claim in his defense.

Tesla Sentry Mode Reveals Another Sad Keying Episode

You'd expect that from a kid trying to play the rebel kind just to “look good with the chicks”. But from a grown man? One that truly finds it funny to write “an offensive message on the bonnet, after scratching the side of the vehicle”? Sentry mode is shooting for Danny Boyle's sequence of Trainspotting and Tesla didn´t even let us know about it...

Yet, you can still tell the police who this guy is and where to find him. Let's see how funny he finds it is to sit for hours in a police station or in jail. Hopefully, how hilarious it is to pay a few thousand pounds to get the Tesla and the Jetta fixed. We suspect he has seen this movie before... With your help, it ends with the bad guys getting caught.

Gallery: Tesla Sentry Mode Reveals Another Sad Keying Episode

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