When we started talking about the MCU issue on Model S and Model X units, some readers reminded us the subject had already been brought to life a while ago. More precisely, last May, when the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel talked to Phil Sadow. At around 8 minutes in the video above, Sadow brings the subject up and says exactly what Robert Cotran and Jason Hughes told us: excessive logging is killing MCUv1 in around four years. So we decided to interview Rich Benoit. 

Besides being the owner of Rich Rebuilds, he also runs The Electrified Garage and has been dealing with the MCU issue for a while. Check below what Benoit had to share with us about this problem:

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InsideEVs - When did you first hear that MCUs were failing?

Rich Benoit - I heard about the MCUs failing about a year ago.

IEV - How many people look for help at The Electrified Garage nowadays with this issue?

Benoit - Several. We have received over 100 emails about the issue thus far.

IEV - Did you already find a partner to get this fixed at The Electrified Garage?

Benoit - This is a service we can offer at The Electrified Garage, but we strongly suggest this service to be done to vehicles that are no longer covered under Tesla's warranty. This is an easy way to get all future warranty claims denied by the manufacturer.

IEV - If you could advise Tesla to deal with this in a better way, what would you tell the company?

Benoit - Ideally, they would be upfront as to if the memory failure was caused due to excessive logging. Then, the part would be replaced free of charge. Tesla can see all of this information remotely and proactively reach out to customers in need.

IEV - Isn't it risking to lose its fans by denying issues such as the restricting battery updates and paint issues with the Model 3?

Benoit - Perhaps, but a very small percentage. They are still a growing company and trying to figure out logistics with their ramp-up. In time, these issues will be a thing of the past. Many thus far want to drive the most technologically advanced car in the world. They are willing to look past issues they attribute to growing pains.

IEV - How do you deal with being called a FUDster for bringing these problems up?

Benoit - Not in the least. I’m just relaying information to the public for people to make informed decisions. Remember, I own several of these vehicles. If it were a big enough issue, I wouldn't.

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