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January 2019 News Archive

Q4 2018: Tesla Deployed 225 MWh Of Energy Storage, 73 MW Of Solar

Penalized Sims Claims He Didn't Hit Mortara In Formula E Race

Tesla Model 3 Production To Start In China By End Of Year

Millennials May Be Killing Harley To Save Motorcycling

Hyundai Kona Electric Range Test In Winter (-17°C): Video

Black Tesla Model X Looks Menacing On ADV.1 Advanced Wheels

Global Sales December & 2018: 2 Million Plug-In Electric Cars Sold

We Take a Ride In A BYD Electric Bus In Santiago, Chile

Tesla Owns 80 Percent Of U.S. BEV Sales After Another Profitable Quarter

Buemi Blames Software Glitch For Formula E Crash

Shell Acquires Greenlots To Accelerate EV Efforts

Future Electric Pickup Trucks Worth Waiting For

Tesla Releases Q4 Results: Turns A Profit Again

Tesla Q4 Conference Call: Will The Good Times Continue To Roll?

The Chilly Charging Profile Of A Hyundai Kona Electric

Here's What's Hot On The InsideEVs Forum: Rivian, Hyundai Kona Electric & Kia Niro EV

Optimizing Energy Consumption With EVSE Charging Schedule

Di Grassi: Formula E Must Change "Very Stupid" Brake Rule

Tesla's Lathrop Site Appears To Be A Parts Distribution Center: Video

ICCT Visualises EV Charging Infrastructure Gap Across U.S.

Tesla Launches New Model S, X With Software-Locked 100-kWh Battery

Chevron Invests In Natron To Develop ESS For EV Charging Stations

Kia Ceed Sportswagon PHEV Spied

Tesla Sales Expected To Outpace BMW, Lexus

Tesla Model 3 Battery Current Collector: Radically Different Design

Exclusive: Kia Reveals Details On Niro EV Launch & EV Aspirations

Tesla Model 3 Performance: Navigational Road Rally At Night In Snow

Will Electric Scooters Pump Up The Sport of Golf?

Evergrande Health Buys Controlling Interest In CENAT New Energy

Winter Driving In A Nissan LEAF: Video

UPDATE: Swedish Transport Authority Won't Shut Down Tesla Sales

Audi e-tron Storage Almost Matches Tesla Model X: Video

Interview With Exec Shines Light On Rivian Electric Truck And SUV

Audi e-tron Winter Range Test: Video

Public EV Charging Is Often Free: Observations From ChargePoint

BP Invests In PowerShare, China’s EV Charging Platform

Toyota Admits To Losing Previously Loyal Customers To Tesla

Pon Equipment Reveals Electric Caterpillar Excavator

Rivian CEO Has In-Depth R1T & R1S EV Chat In Gondola: Video

Are We Really At The Beginning Of The End For Gas-Powered Cars?

HUBER+SUHNER Confirms Correct Functionality Of Charging Cables/Plugs

Tesla Model 3 Battery Secrets Revealed: Video

Cadillac's First Electric Car (SUV) Is Still 3 Years Away

UPDATE: Electrify America Shuts Down All 150-350 kW Fast Chargers Over Safety Issue

Audi Gains More Knowledge From Formula E Than F1

Base Nissan LEAF e+ To Get More Range Than Uplevel Versions?

Smart And Sustainable Roads: The Future Solution

Jaguar Driverless Electric Pods Broadcast Their Moves

Porsche Taycan Owners Get 3 Years Of Free Electrify America Charging

Europcar Expands Its EV Fleet By Additional 85 Renault ZOE

These Owners Believe Tesla Autopilot 3.0 Is Shipping Early W/Two Radars: Video

Hydro-Québec’s Electric Circuit To Install 1,600 Fast Chargers Within 10 Years

This Tesla Model X 90D Covered 350,000 Miles On Original Battery

Tesla Has Huge Opportunity To Capitalize On China's Booming EV Market

Electric Push Bike Teaches Art Of Balance And Throttle Control

Star Trek Discovery Pays Tribute To Tesla, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Again

2019 Chevy Bolt Struts Its Stuff, Impresses In Abu Dhabi

Porsche Taycan GT3 Rendered To Life In Super Sporty Form

Half of UK Drivers Hope To Be More Eco-Friendly In 2019

Bosch Takes Over EM-motive: Electric Motor Joint Venture With Daimler

VW Boss: Tesla Controls 50% Of EV Market, We're Aiming For The Rest

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Sales In U.S. Just 2,300 In 2018

Lincoln Aviator Plug-In Hybrid To Cost Nearly $90,000

Fast Charging Comparison: Audi e-tron, Mercedes EQC, Jaguar I-PACE

Nissan LEAF Rapidgate Software Fix For Europe Only

Audi E-Tron Meteorite Showcases Electric SUV In Munich

'Tesla Model 3 In Snow' Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Why Santiago Will Be Toughest Test For Formula E Gen 2 Cars

All-New Vauxhall Vivaro Revealed: EV Due In 2020

Fastned Temporarily Shuts Down 175 kW Chargers With Liquid Cooled Cables

The Technology Gains That Have Transformed Formula E

Watch Boeing's Electric Aircraft Complete First Test Flight

VW Mobile Fast Charging Station Confirmed For Volume Production

Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Shows Up At X Games

Watch What Floats The Fully Charged Boat

Video: Tesla Model 3 AWD Winter Driving Experience

Second Zero SR/F Teaser Speaks Volume

UK Buyers Bought A Plug-In Electric Car Every 9 Minutes In 2018

Porsche Taycan To Get 90-kWh Battery, Optional Heat Pump

2019 Hyundai IONIQ Electric Gets Price Increase

Nissan & Infiniti Concept Cars Hint at Future EVs

Tesla Model 3: 2nd Best Resale Among All Cars, Tops Segment & All Classes

Top 3 Plug-In Hybrid Cars In U.S. In 2018: Prius Prime, Clarity, Volt

Get Your Question Answered By Elon Musk During Tesla's Earnings Call

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric Review From Canada: Video

GMC Considering Electric Sierra Pickup Truck, Plus Plug-In SUVs

US Plug-In Electric Car Sales Charted: December 2018

Russian Promoter Wants Formula E Race In St. Petersburg In 2020

Fremont Police To Deploy Tesla Model S Patrol Car

British Airways Introduces LEVC TX Plug-In Taxis At Heathrow

Tesla Is Cutting Back On Model S, X Production Hours

See Overhead View Of New Electric Polestar 2

Tesla Advanced Summon Gets Regulator Approval

Toyota Takes Steps Toward Its Electric-Car Future

Chevy Bolt Winter Fast Charging: Cold Versus Warm Battery: Video

CharIN: CCS Combo Standard To Offer V2G By 2025

Up-Close Look At Colorado's Largest Tesla Powerpack: Video

In 2018 Nissan Sold In Europe 40,699 LEAFs

Renault ZOE Wins "Best Electric Car For Less Than £30,000" For 6th Time

Myth Busted: Battery Recycling Is Already Feasible

What Car? Names Kia Niro EV 2019 Car of the Year

Ex-Infiniti Boss Pegged For Dyson's Electric Car Program

How Has The Jaguar I-Pace Changed The Mindset Within JLR?

Tesla's Direct Sales Concept Puts It Ahead Of Traditional Dealerships

Argonne’s HyMag Technology Could Boost EV Efficiency

Campagna T-Rex Electric Trike Is No More

Open Card Surgery: How To Hack A Tesla Model 3 Key Card

The Biggest Challenge Facing Electric Cars Is Still Affordability

Audi Providing 50 e-tron Shuttles At World Economic Forum

Deloitte Predicts Strong Growth Of EV Market: Oversupply In 10 Years

Who Killed The Tesla Referral Program? Video

See Which EV Wins An Efficiency Showdown

Tesla Talking Batteries With China's Lishen Battery Supplier

Evergrande Group Acquires 51% Of NEVS

Electric Cars Power On Through Harsh Yukon Winter

Mercedes-Benz Announces New Battery Factory In Poland

Tesla Rolls Back Supercharger Price Increases To Appease Owners

Tesla Model 3 Owner's Opinion Of Model S: Video

New Flyer Launches Charging Infrastructure Division

Tesla's Elon Musk Makes Impact In China, Offered Permanent Residency

Ducati Could Go Electric Much Sooner Than We Expect It

Tesla Model 3 Key Fob Review: Should You Pony Up $150?

Engineering Explained Upgrades To Tesla Model 3 Performance

Eight Hours Overnight In A Tesla Model 3 In Freezing Temps: Video

Check Out This Electric Tesla Model X Ambulance

Tesla Model 3: Top Time-Saving Tips And Some Tricks: Video

Check Out This Tesla Model 3 Rear Seat Pass-Through For Skis: Video

Tesla Model S Will Officially Participate In FIA-Sanctioned Racing Series

Lightning Teases New Long Range, Low Price Electric Motorcycle

Toyota Will Team Up With Panasonic On High Capacity EV Batteries

Karma Teams With Pininfarina For Product Development

UK Government Slammed For Approach To Electric Cars

Tesla Continues To Take More Risks, As Most OEMs Are Playing It Safe

Check Out This List To See If Your Electric Car Has Been Recalled

First "BYTON Place" Retail Store Opens Today in Shanghai, China

Colombia's Medellín Orders 64 BYD Electric Buses

VW Green Lights I.D. R For Record Attempt At Nürburgring This Year

Top 3 Tips To Fix Tesla Model 3 Winter Flaws: Video

Video: Nissan LEAF e-Plus: Everything We Know

Tesla Increases Supercharging Fees Around the World

In 2018 Denmark Returned To Strong Growth Of Plug-In Car Sales

Allego And GIREVE Charging Networks Sign Interoperability Agreement

Mercedes-AMG One Gets Inspected By Top Gear: Video

Meritor Reports 22 Truck Electrification Programs With Global OEMs

Despite Tesla's Absence At 2019 NAIAS, Its Spirit Is Evident

Evergande Health Invests Big Into NEVs

New BMW 7 Series PHEV Gets More Battery Capacity And Range

Watch Bjorn Try Electrified Fiat 124 Sport Spider

China Is Building Too Many Electric Cars

Swap A Hyundai Kona Electric For Kia Niro EV? Video

UPDATE: GBatteries Claims Amazingly Fast Charging Times For Electric Cars

Which Electric Cars Offer The Best Warranties?

Tesla To Slash Workforce In Effort To Bring Cheapest Model 3 To Market

This Star Wars R2-D2 Inspired Tesla Model 3 Is Epic

VW & Ford Team Up For Possible Future Shared EV Efforts

UPDATE: Mary Barra Says GM Has Never Replaced A Volt Or Bolt Battery

Rivian CEO: R1T & R1S Are Best Driving Truck & SUV In The World

Tesla White Interior Blue Jean Transfer Fix: Video

Cadillac Obsessively Benchmarking Tesla For Upcoming Electric SUV

Three Upcoming Electric Cars That Might Not Be On Your EV Radar

Watch All-New 2020 Kia Soul EV Get Fully Charged

Toyota Chief Again Knocks On Electric Cars

Not Making Last Lap Attack A Regret For Formula E's Frijns

Tesla Referral Program To End As Base Model 3 Comes Online

Battery-Electric Ford F-150 Is Coming, Says CEO

Nissan IMs Electric Sedan At 2019 NAIAS: Photos & Videos

Locals Are Interested In Tesla As GM Plant Closes

EV Purists Take Note: A Ton Of Plug-in Hybrids Are Coming

Volvo Group Invests In Momentum Dynamics For Wireless Charging

GAC Entranze Electric 7-Seater At NAIAS: Photos & Videos

Tesla Model 3 Issues: Frunk Won't Open, Glovebox Won't Close: Video

South Korea's Battery Makers Invest Big Bucks To Stay In The Lead

Volkswagen And Ford Officially Announce Global Alliance

Exclusive Interview: Founder of Atlis Electric Trucks Exudes Confidence

Jaguar Still Committed To Formula E Despite Upcoming Cuts

Cadillac's EV Pivot Might Be Last Ditch Effort To Save The Brand

Infiniti QX Inspiration Electric SUV At NAIAS: Photos & Videos

Bjorn Crowns Tesla Model 3 Efficiency King After High-Speed Test

So… About The Harley-Davidson LiveWire

CNET Says Tesla CEO Elon Musk Was "Disruptor Of The Year"

Mercedes-Benz Delivers eCitaro Electric Bus To Cities In Germany

Want A Baby Blue Tesla Model 3 Interior? Solution - Blue Jeans: Video

Why The McLaren P1 Plug-In Hybrid Is A Living Legend

Tesla Model 3: Hack It To Win It

Video: How Does Tesla Fit & Finish Compare To A German Car?

With New LEAF e-Plus, Nissan Joins Desirable 200-Mile Club

This Retro-Styled Tesla Charger Is Amazing And Unique

Watch Porsche Taycan Get Tested By Rally Legend

Tesla Model 3 Rear Seat Lock Is Pure Genius: Video

Electrify America Will Implement Plug&Charge

Infiniti QX Inspiration Previews Upcoming Electric SUV

Proterra Enters Hawaiian Islands With Electric Buses

VW Turns To Tennessee For U.S. Electric Car Production

Travel Retail Norway Places Order For Tesla Semi

Basic Electric Car Specs & Terms Explained

What Does Daimler Trucks CEO Really Think About Tesla Semi?

Watch Video Demo Of Byton M-Byte Interior & Massive Display

BYD Sold Record 37,000 Electric Cars In December 2018

Norway Is The Place To Be For Tesla Owners and EV Lovers

Cadillac Shows Off First Fully Electric Crossover On New EV Platform

2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Battery Health Still Strong At 125,000 Miles

Electric Car Sales Expected To Increase Substantially In 2019

An Open Letter To Elon Musk About Tesla's Future In India

Red Wine Versus Tesla Model 3 White Seats: Video

2019 Harley-Davidson LiveWire: Everything We Know

Let's Look At CATL's Numerous Battery Deals

Seamless EV Charging Is Catching On In North America

Da Costa Takes Blame For BMW On BMW Crash In Formula E

Nissan e-POWER A Huge Sales Success: Why Not Add a Plug?

Master Puzzle Maker: Tesla Put All The Pieces Together

The Hill Contributor Claims Electric Car Tax Credits Benefit The 'Elite'

Marrakesh Formula E: BMW Implosion Hands Mahindra Victory

Volkswagen Allows e-Golf Buyers To Assemble Their Own Cars

Formula E Drivers Expect Lots Of Attack Mode Overtakings

Carlos Ghosn Indicted Again, Kept In Detention, Has Fever

BMW Sold 142,617 Plug-In Electric Cars In 2018

More Detailed Analysis On Discontinuation Of Tesla's 75-kWh Battery

The Tesla Model 3 Is Truly A Dominant Force, According To J.D. Power

90% Of Electric Car Owners Won't Return To Gas

Does BYTON's Huge 48-Inch Display Screen Obstruct Driver's View?

Ride Inside The Mercedes-Benz EQC: Video

Ford Europe To Electrifying Every Model From All-New Focus On

Let's Analyze Tesla's Recent Model S, X 75D Discontinuation

Ford Says It Might Enter Formula E In The Future

The Throwback Nobody Wanted: Return Of The Harley Scooter

Tesla Model 3 vs Honda Civic - Why 400+ Miles Makes Sense

BMW Exec Suggests Automaker Should Work With Elon Musk

Tesla's Winter Testing Facility In Alaska Is Pretty Incredible

Here Is The Nissan LEAF e+ 62 kWh Battery: Video

Is The Tesla Model S Really A Robot Killer?

Driving 700 Miles In The Hyundai Kona Electric

GM Teams With Chargepoint, EVgo & Greenlots

Top 10 Reasons To Do Everything You Can To Buy A Tesla Model 3: Video

Electric Cars Accounted For 1/3 Of Norway's New Car Sales In 2018

Tesla Model 3 Was #1 Selling Luxury Car In U.S. In 2018

Nissan Announces LEAF e+ Prices For Europe And Japan

Rivian R1T Is A Real Electric Pickup Truck, But Atlis XT Is Not

Tesla Releases New Q4 Safety Report

Top 7 Selling Pure Electric Cars In U.S. In 2018

What Does This Oil Analyst Have To Say About Tesla, Elon Musk, & EVs?

General Motors Has Grand Electric Car Plans For China

How Much Energy Does The Hyundai Kona Electric Use To Precondition?

Nissan Reveals LEAF e-Plus: 62 kWh Battery, 226-Mile Range

Top 10 Features Of The Tesla Model 3, Plus 1 Huge Problem: Video

Updated Kia Optima PHEV Sportwagon Priced In UK

Will Nissan Debut Long-Range LEAF e-Plus At CES?

2019 Kia Niro EV Gets Driven: Video

Carlos Ghosn: I Have Been Wrongly Accused And Unfairly Detained

Here's What A Broken Chevy Volt Sounds Like: Video

Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Much Improved On Curve Of Death: Video

How Tesla Reduced Costs & Assembly Time For Model 3 Cooling System

Tesla Model 3 Consumption With Roof Rack Blows Away Subaru Forester

BYTON Founders Exude Confidence At CES

Before Tesla & SpaceX, Elon Musk Was A Serial Entreprenuer

Harley-Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcyle: 110-Mile Range For $29,799

UC Davis Proposes Mileage-Based Road-Funding Fee For EVs

Counterpoint To Munro’s Negative Analysis Of Tesla Model 3 Body Design

December 2018 U.S. EV Sales Recap: Over 360K Secured!

What Is Tesla's Greatest Liability In 2019? (And How To Fix It)

Tesla Stock Price Recovering After Start-Of-Year Drop

Research Study: Where To Install Public EV Charging Stations

Jaguar Adds 2 New Drivers For Formula E Rookie Tests

BYTON Provides Look At M-Byte Electric SUV Production Model At CES

New Study Shows Which Countries Lead & Trail In Electric Car Adoption

Does Endless Big Auto EV Hype Help Or Hinder Tesla?

DS Techeetah Adds 2 More Drivers For Formula E Marrakesh Test

2019 Motorcycles Encyclopedia: The Electric Bikes Coming This Year

Tesla Model 3 Performance To Get Enhanced Track Mode?

Check Out Tesla Model X Widebody With Orange Lamborghini Interior

Former Formula 1 Driver Lands Seat With Formula E Mahindra

December 2018 U.S. Plug-In EV Sales Report Card

Elon Musk Vs. Clayton Christensen: A Look At The Nature Of Disruption

Workhorse Group Secures $35 Million In Financing

Munro Talks Tesla Model 3 Motor Magic And Profit Potential

This Lone Rivian R1T Electric Truck Video Shows All

Increasing Popularity Of Gas Guzzlers Negates Tesla's CO2 Reduction

Electric Pininfarina Battista Shows Its Sleek Nose In New Teaser

Tesla Model 3 Vs. Genesis G70: Video

Kia SEED Electric Car (Cycle?) To Debut At CES

Zero Teases All-New SR/F Electric Motorcycle: Video

Nuvve Announces Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Pilot Programs

Tesla's Secret Weapon: Intense Focus On Batteries

U.S. Tesla Sales In December 2018 Up By 249%

Our Tesla Roadster Was Finally Delivered: Video

See The Differences: BMW i3 Drivetrain Compared To BMW iFE.18

Tesla Production And Deliveries Graphed Through Q4 2018

Check Out All The Mods On This Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla Delivers 63,150 Model 3 In Q4, Almost 150,000 In 2018

New Zealand Is Making Plans For The First EV-Only Island

Nissan's Carlos Ghosn's Detention Extended Through January 11

Watch This Nissan LEAF Winter Range Test: Video

Oracle Founder Larry Ellison May Be Just What Tesla's Board Needs

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