Yet another Tesla Model 3 owner that's beyond enamored with his purchase.

Yes, there are a grand slew of Tesla haters and short sellers that will continue to push their narrative and try to convince us and others that the Model 3 is a bad car. Sure, it's wrought with a plethora of early issues and it just plain sucks for sure. C'mon, Tesla builds this junk in a tent, so it must be a lemon, right? Um ... no, not at all. Yes, some early copies may have been a wee bit sketchy (as is true of nearly every first-year model), but now, everything points to this being a first-rate automobile in every sense of the definition.

As the truth continues to come out, we're of the opinion that you should really buy a Model 3 if you can find a way to afford it. And, we're far from alone on that opinion. Yes, Tesla vehicles are not cheap. Most people couldn't afford one if they tried (myself included). But, if there's any way you can make it work, push forth. As far as we're concerned, you won't be disappointed, and this recent review supports that opinion.

Check out the video above and then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via model3man on YouTube:

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Tesla Model 3

This video has been a long time in the making! The more I use my Model 3, the clearer my understanding has become of what makes Tesla cars so great! Unfortunately, aside from my top 10, there were two additional reasons I just could NOT leave out. So, actually, it's my top ten - PLUS 2 bonus reasons :)

Folks, this list IS of course subjective. It's MY take on why buying a Model 3 is almost a no-brainer. If you have additional reasons for loving your Model 3, please throw them into the comments section below. I did kind of wonder what @elonmusk would choose as HIS 10 top reasons - and perhaps we'll never know that - but each person will have their own special likes and dislikes. This video is all about MY LIKES.

Yes - it is 30 minutes in length - but it could have been an hour. Or two! I cut it down as much as I could, but it is REALLY easy viewing, so stay with it and you'll consider it time well spent!

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