It appears blue jeans are the answer if you want a Tesla Model 3 with light blue upholstery.

All jokes aside, there are probably very few people that want a blue-tinted interior in their Tesla Model 3 (or Model S or Model X), especially considering they spent the extra money to get the white vegan "pleather." YouTube channel Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley found that blue jeans tend to transfer color onto the seat material. This is not the first time we've heard of this, but it may be the first time we've heard that the color will not come out.

We'd like to see the jeans in question and know the depth of color, as well as the brand name. Is it the color of the jeans, the newness, or the brand? Or will any jeans stain your Tesla seats blue? Even worse, what if they were black, red, or pink jeans! Perhaps it's just the brand of cleaning cloths that don't work well?

While we've learned that color transfers to Tesla's vegan white upholstery fairly readily, we've also been told that simple baby wipes should take the color out. Apparently, someone told this Tesla owner from Silicon Valley the secret trick: Costco baby wipes. Sadly, the magic trick didn't work this time around. He tried and couldn't get the tint to disappear. Hopefully, he'll find some other way to remove the "blueness." Until then, he has a unique Model 3 with baby blue vegan white interior.

We can only hope that Elon Musk or someone else from Tesla reads this article and has a viable solution. We believe Tesla could offer a cleaning agent or cleaning cloths that are sure to correct this issue. Furthermore, as particular as people are about washing their Teslas, as well as what products they use inside and out, we could see Tesla benefiting from suggesting or selling some products for "Tesla cleaning."

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Video Description via Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley on YouTube:

Blue Jeans and White seats in Tesla model 3

Blue coloring doesn't come out ???

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