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GM Autonomous Director Says Tesla Can’t Reach Level 5

This isn’t the first time the Tesla’s Autopilot and/or Full Self-Driving hardware has been questioned, but now that GM is pushing forward with the technology, its director of autonomous vehicle integration doesn’t believe Tesla can pull it off. First of all, GM’s Scott Miller thinks that Level 5 autonomy is…

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EVTV: Jack Rickard Says Tesla Stock Will Hit $950

EVTV: HERE’S WHY TESLA’S STOCK IS GOING TO $950 [VIDEO] Do the analysts on Wall Street really know how to properly evaluate Tesla? Sure, we’ve received some helpful guidance from Gene Munster, Ben Kallo, and the ever-mercurial Adam Jonas. But most analysts have completely missed the boat. What if someone who custom-builds electric vehicles, takes apart battery…

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Tesla Leads EV Market, With The Model 3 Yet To Be Counted

Wall Street research firms have uncovered more proof of the continuing dominance of Tesla in the fast-growing electric vehicle sector. Statista reports, “Even though Tesla has a policy of not breaking its sales down by market, Moody’s data published by CNBC shows that there is strong demand for its cars in the United…

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Denver PD Put Tesla Model S Into Service

The Tesla Model S seems like a great choice for a police vehicle due to acceleration, state-of-the-art technology, and passenger and cargo space. However, it’s a bit pricey. We previously reported about the Los Angeles Police Department testing the Tesla Model S as a high-speed pursuit car and Scotland yard considering…

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