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Tesla Model S P100D

Zero To 60 Designs Shows Off Sleek Tesla Model S P100D – Video

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A Record 123,000 Plug-In EVs Were Sold Worldwide In September

Global plug-in electric vehicle sales increased to record levels in September, tallying some ~122,860 deliveries (up 55%), and obliterating the old high-water mark of about 105,000. The YTD worldwide total (after nine months) now stands at roughly 766,000 after nine months, which is roughly equal to the amount of plug-ins that sold…

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Europe Nears New Plug-In EV Sales Record For September

This September was the second best month for plug-in electric vehicles sales in Europe to date. Roughly 33,700 sales translated into 32% growth year-over-year. The only month to show a superior result in the past, was December of 2015 (with just over 33,800 deliveries) – and was mostly powered at the…

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Interview With Tesla’s European Director

ELECTRIFYING EUROPE: AN INTERVIEW WITH TESLA’S DIRECTOR OF WESTERN EUROPE [VIDEO] With so much recent buzz about electric vehicle developments in China, you might have forgotten about the tremendous potential for EVs in Europe. In August, year-over-year “EV sales grew by roughly 68%… [and] after eight months of the year, sales have now crossed the 180,000…

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Some Say Tesla Is Destined To Follow In Amazon’s Footsteps

TESLA COULD DO FOR CARS WHAT AMAZON DID TO RETAIL Billionaire investor Ron Baron, recently raised some eyebrows when he predicted Tesla stock could hit $1,000 by 2020. Last week, Marketwatch reported that, “Ron Baron and his team of fund managers come off as button-down personalities. Not a bad trait for the…

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Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Is Changing The Way We Think About Energy

TESLA ENERGY: FROM SUN TO HOME TO WHEELS Batteries power cell phones, laptops, and electric cars. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, “Your next home could run on batteries. A combination of solar power and the rise of residential energy storage paves the way for a new kind of cable cutting”…

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