Necessity is the mother of inventions

As it turns out, there is a problem with thieves stealing precious cargo out of the Tesla Model 3 trunk. According to Tesla Raj, there is already a "theft epidemic," so together with Tesla DIY they have created the solution - Drop Lock.

Tesla Raj explains that the typical scenario is that theives (mostly in the San Francisco area) are breaking the rear corner glass, reaching their hand in and folding down the seats to see if you have anything of value in the trunk. Then if you do, they break the bigger rear-door glass, get in there and steal your stuff.

The solution is Drop Lock, a super simple locking device, which prevents the folding down of the seats. Price is only $24.99 and shipping is to start on February 1st. Best of all, it's crazy easy to install.

We are eager to hear what Model 3 owners think of the Drop Lock.

From the product site:

"The only rear seat lock set for the Tesla Model 3.

We have seen tons of break-ins happening to the Tesla Model 3 vehicles.  Thieves are breaking the rear corner windows, folding down the seats and seeing what is in the trunk.  This solution blocks easy access to being able to fold down the seats and creates a more difficult way to get into the precious storage area.

No more folding down your seats every time you park your car.  Park with no worries with Drop Lock in place.  Drop lock is in a bright red color indicating it is in place and comes with two vinyl decals for your corner windows indicating the rear seats are locked.

Set includes right and left lock

2 vinyl window decals included!"

Drop Lock

Source: Drop Lock

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