It's the real-life red wine test. Oh boy!

Tesla's Elon Musk claims the white seats in the Model 3 can stand up to red wine without staining. Normally, one would just take his word for it, but not this fella.

Instead of just believing the claim, this Model 3 owner went ahead and poured red wine all over his new Model 3 white seats.

Did it stain? Was it difficult to clean up? Were the claims made by Musk true? Let's find out. It's video watching time.

**Note: We still suggest you refrain from trying this on your own white Tesla seats.

Video description:

“Insane testing.”

Spilling RED Wine on my 1-month-old Tesla Model 3 white seat!

Elon Musk mentioned before: “The white seats are actually extremely stain resistant. You can spill red wine on the seats & just wipe it off.”

So I did it!

See the tweet from Vincent, friend of InsideEVs, below:

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