Oh what a week it was.

There's never a dull moment in the world of electric cars and this week was no exception to that rule.

Rivian In Aspen

Looking back, the most notable electric car event of the week was no doubt the appearance of a pair of Rivians in Colorado. Not only was the R1T electric truck on display, but the R1S electric SUV rolled into town too. And Rivian's CEO even had a chat on a gondola.

Hyundai Kona Electric Deliveries begin in Canada

Canadian Hyundai Kona Electric pre-order holders have been congregating in the Forum and helping each other with info and suggestions for some time. Now, happily, their cars are beginning to be delivered and the now-owners are giving their first impressions. Some very happy drivers here.

Kia Niro EV U.S. Deliveries Next Month

We just learned from Kia that we're now less than a month away from the first U.S. deliveries of one of the longest range electric crossovers available. Deliveries commence next month and this eagerly anticipated electric CUV is sure to be hot.

Honda Clarity PHEV

Of course, the InsideEVs Forum is chock full of all sorts of other discussions too. It's a Clarity PHEV hotbed, with winter driving tips, cold temperature experiences and more, too.

InsideEVs Forum Background

Everyday, hundreds (sometimes thousands) of comments are written beneath our stories. Sometimes they offer an extra relevant piece of information, other times they may be a testimonial about a certain feature. Sometimes they just remind us we are not alone in our electric obsession. They all bring value to our site and help it feel like home. We’ve added a large room to this house, one dedicated to conversation.

Introducing (well, it’s been around for a bit now, but it’s grown hugely in size now)  InsideEVs Forum: a place for enthusiasts, experts, novices, and the newly interested to come and discuss electric vehicles and the issues surrounding them, regardless of brand or particular type. Here, you can talk about Tesla or Toyota, sedans or supercars, battery chemistry or battery-powered racing. We have space for it all.

So, come on in and pull up a chair. Let’s watch history happen, and perhaps even nudge it along.

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