Watch Rivian R1S SUV & R1T Truck Roll Down The Streets Of Aspen


It’s a Rivian overload in Aspen.

And the electric adventures comes to an end today, but not before we caught a rare glimpse of a Rivian R1S electric SUV and R1T electric truck in motion.

Not only is the Rivian R1T electric truck on display at the Winter X Games. But the R1S electric SUV is there too and it’s putting on a show in video form here.

See the tweet below from Rivian CEO R.J Scaringe. It shows the R1S electric SUV motoring on down the street under its own power.

And this one showcases the R1T electric truck:

These additional tweets capture the Rivian R1T electric truck in Aspen, where it was on display for the public for several days at the Winter X Games.

The pair of Rivians depart Aspen today, but we’re certain they’ll show up somewhere else soon as Rivian will no doubt continue to show off its electric adventure duo ahead of launch next year.

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I hope they bring them to Las Vegas so I can see them in person.

Truly affordable in Aspen 🤣

Gorgeous. Lots of changes going on in Colorado, too. Transportation are where the larger emissions are. They get it. Good luck Rivian!

The top 12 container ships pollute more than all cars on earth combined.

They produce more sulfur dioxide, yes, but I suspect we are referring to greenhouse gas emissions here.

Sulfur dioxide has a pretty short half life, so if it is out at sea there isn’t much to breathe it. I haven’t looked at studies of its effects at sea though.

ships used to have sails – bunker oil ships exist as toxic waste disposal units for the planet killing oil, coal and “natural”gas companies (when the polar ice cap is gone, the earth thermostat has nothing left)

You forgot to mention that there are 52,000 freight ships on the world’s oceans.

In US, light duty vehicles generate 60% of GHGs. Medium and heavy duty trucks 23%. Ships and boats account for 2%.

And how about planes?

And what about Cow Farts?

Plug-in cows! Or just go vegetarian, which has a very nice emissions profile, especially if you grow your own veggies.

The more I see that car the more I like it, even with the different front end. I think it is distinctive and good. Hope it doesn’t lose too much in production form. A bit like the Model 3, took a bit to warm to the design, but I think it is a good one.

Headlights looks just as goofy in a beautiful setting as in a trade show booth.

Well, it’s like your nose. You may think it is amazing, others may think it is funny, but in the end, everyone has one and it isn’t as important as how you smell.


I want to be in the room when they made that design decision. There’s no good reason for those lights. And if you are driving this thing on an “adventure”, then mud will easily cover those tiny lights. Of course most adventures in this truck will be to Whole Foods or Yoga, even though it will likely be outfitted with a Tepui tent.

That front end design. Very hard to like.

I wasn’t sure about the Model 3 front end on debut. Now I love it and own one.

Yeah at first I thought the Model 3 front looked weird, but now it looks normal. Looks good actually.

Same think was said with the 1970 AMC Gremlin.

Cars with grills and long front ends will start to look very old fashioned very soon.

R1T was in Aspen did they do any road testing on how well it does in the snow.
Or can you add additional fog lights
I messaged them I wrote to them still no reply
For them pushing a vehicle to come out they can’t answer a few important questions on how well it does during winter time when your video shows just the summer time

Call me when 2020 is here.

Great. This should light a fire under Musk’s butt to accelerate the timetable for the Tesla Model T (pickup truck)…

Model T is traded markt by ford

Free Rivian key chain for signing up at Rivian Automotive Club

Does the styling remind anyone else of a 90’s Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Saw the SUV on display at the Los Angeles Show. It looks like it’s going to be a winner! However, it must have some glamorous color combo choices to enhance sales. If so, I’ll likely get one. Great job!

I can’t quite get over the goofy, goofy headlights. The rest of it looks really nice, but those headlights just look ridiculous. EV’s shouldn’t look goofy. Leave that to the Leaf.