This family adds another Tesla to its collection, and it's a Roadster!

For those who are unaware, YouTubers What's Inside Family own a few Tesla vehicles and more are on the way. In fact, the channel's host Dan drove a brand-new Tesla Roadster at the reveal event and put a $45,000 deposit down. Since then, he bought a heavily discounted Tesla Model X P100D, won a 2020 Tesla Roadster, and took delivery of one of the first Tesla Roadsters ever built.

We were aware that Dan had a Tesla Roadster reservation, which he recently canceled since he won another through Tesla's Referral Program (more on that below). We'll be honest to say that when this video popped up on our feed, we did a double take. For a second, we wondered if Tesla did something crazy and delivered Dan's Roadster ahead of the masses. Of course, that's not the case. Instead, Dan just took delivery of an original Tesla Roadster since he won't get the new one for a few more years.

Interestingly, he shared another video about a week ago. As we mentioned above, Dan had put a $45,000 deposit on a 2020 Tesla Roadster. Then, he racked up enough referrals to get a free Roadster, so he canceled his original reservation. During the cancellation process, he learned that he'd have to wait some time for his refund. In addition, something strange happened to his referral program page. We've included the video with the details below.

Video Description via What's Inside Family on YouTube:


One of the First Roadsters ever made is Finally Delivered! Time to reveal it to the family and get their reactions!

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Not long after the video was released, Dan reported that Tesla sorted everything out.

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