Are Tesla vehicles already shipping equipped with Autopilot 3.0?

YouTuber Erik Strait (DAErik) is wrapped up in all sorts of Tesla-related business. One of his tasks is tracking Tesla inventory. With the help of his friend David, he discovered the Tesla Autopilot 2.0 update ahead of its official launch. Well, it's about time for the Silicon Valley automaker to announce another major update. According to Erik and David, they claim they have an early indication that Tesla Autopilot 3.0 (or really Autopilot 4.0) is on the way. Erik and David believe the feature may be shipping on some cars already.

The guys point out that when they discovered AP 2.0 a few years back, it was due to a new code (AP2) that appeared associated with inventory on Tesla's site. When Autopilot 2.5 came along, Tesla coded it as AP3. Now, they've stumbled upon an AP4 code, which they believe may apply to the upcoming Autopilot 3.0 technology. The feature, they believe, will use additional hardware that will eventually work to provide Full Self-Driving features.

This timing would make sense since Tesla could assure that the new hardware and update is already present in vehicles shipped to Europe. Additionally, the company's earnings call is this week, so a big announcement would be advantageous for sure.

Erik and David provide some diagrams and further insight in the video above. Check it out and then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

Tesla AP 3.0 Shipping Early? With 2 Radars?

Tesla Autopilot 3.0 might be shipping on cars right now! Why do we think that? Check out the proof.

A recent tweet also seems to point in the same direction, however, we have no way of substantiating the information at this point. We can only hope the good news comes out during the earnings call on January 30th.

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