October 2016 News Archive

Amber Mobility To Introduce Purpose Built Electric Car Sharing For €33/Week - Video

BMW Teams With Andretti Racing For Formula E Entry

Bucharest Auto Show Launches 45 kWh EV For Under $30k USD

Tesla Model X Seating Tested By Large Adults - Video

Peugeot Commits To Five New Plug-In Electric Models By 2021

Faraday Future Has Unpaid Bills, Faces Possible Work Stoppage At Nevada Factory

Plug-In Sales In Europe Increased 10% In Second Quarter, Better Times Ahead

Energy Consumption Of Various Tesla Heating Features

Atieva Becomes Lucid Motors, Releases Images Of Upcoming 300 Mile EV

BMW 530e iPerformance Debuts, Arrives In March - Specs, Video

Formula E Driving On Arctic Ice To Raise Awareness Of Global Warming- Video

Tesla's New Head Of Communications Was Poached From Apple

Tesla Model S Arrives In Malaysia

Tesla Touches 45% EV Market Share In September For US, 31% for 2016 Overall

BMW Sales Chief Discusses Electric Cars At Paris Motor Show - Video Interview

Opel Releases New Ampera-E Video

Tesla's Direct-Sales Approach Expected To Come Under Intense Fire When Model 3 Arrives

Nikola Zero UTV Driving Footage And Launch Videos

Rimac Concept_One Takes On Porsche 918 Spyder - Videos

DragTimes Takes Delivery Of Tesla Model S P100DL - Video

Tesla Model S P100D Spanks P90D On Four 1/8-Mile Passes - Video

Tesla Deliveries Peak In Q3, Led By North America

Next EV CEO Discusses How Start-Up Automakers Expects To Surpass Tesla - Video

Tesla Puts On A Big Show In Paris To Lure New Buyers - Gallery/Videos

Tesla-Powered 818 Subaru Kit Car Does 1/4-Mile In 10.1 Seconds - Video

Plug-In Citroën CXPerience From Paris - Live Photos/Videos

Tesla And Model X Falcon Wing Door Parts Supplier Agree To Settle Lawsuit

2017 BMW i3 REx Range Put To The Test Against 2014 i3 REx

Protonic Blue Vanishes From BMW i8 Color Chart As CrossFade Debuts For i8 & i3

Faraday Future Snags Senior Volkswagen Exec

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