Lucid Motors

Atieva, which was founded in 2007 in California, has changed its name to Lucid Motors in preparation for launching an electric car of its own design.

"We are a luxury mobility company re-imagining what a car can be."

Work on the project started in 2014 and we are now apparently approaching the unveiling of the car soon.

One might be familiar with the name Atieva, as it is the company behind the all-electric Etna van that zips from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.74 seconds (watch here).

The new Lucid vehicle is said to have that same 900 HP+ powertrain, and a 87 kWh on board battery giving the sedan some 300-ish miles of range (with a 400 mile option also being considered).  Production is expected in 2018, at an initial manufacturing level of about 20,000 units.

What spurred the decision to suddenly break cover? Perhaps due to the public perception of a grainy image that leaked of the Atieva Atvus, which reminded us a lot of the Tesla Model S.

Lucid will debut the car next year, and beside having already completed a "body-in-white" vehicle, is said to be 90%+ done with car's end design at this point.

may have prompted the company to put forward some more appealing PR for the upcoming EV

Full press blast and some more teaser photos from Atieva Lucid can be found below:

Introducing Lucid Motors

A new identity for a new era of luxury mobility

Today we are proud to share our new identity: Atieva is now Lucid.

Our name embodies what ambition, drive, and a clean-sheet design can achieve. It is the freedom to draw inspiration from the possibilities of the future, not from what is dictated by a heritage from the past. Freedom from such boundaries has enabled us to focus our attention on what a luxury automotive experience can be. This clarity of purpose is what defines us.

Our company started in 2007 with a battery and an idea. We wanted to contribute to the growth of electrified vehicles and we focused our initial efforts on developing a battery system that could be scaled to work across many vehicle types. The batteries that we built have now logged millions of miles of real-world driving. As we expanded our efforts to developing complete powertrain systems, it became clear that the most direct route to increasing the number of electric vehicles on the road was to develop our own.

In 2014 we began engineering an electric vehicle of our own design. One unbound by the conventions of internal combustion or heritage. One that takes full advantage of the advanced technologies driving dramatic shifts in the mobility experience: electrification, automated driving, connectivity and ridesharing.

Now, as we prepare to launch our first vehicle, we transition.

As a group of passionate engineers, designers and other professionals, we are putting the Lucid philosophy to work. With the guiding principles of user-focused design, advanced technology and premium craftsmanship, we are fully utilizing the unique performance and packaging benefits of an electric vehicle. The result is an experience that is effortless, intelligent, and personalized. An experience unlike any other on the road.

It has been an exciting road for our California-based company and there are many more milestones to come. We invite you to join us on this journey. Spend some time with our new website and subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to learn details of our upcoming activities.

Lucid Motors teaser

Performance and Possibility

Driven by electricity, our cars will be capable of long-range driving and exhilarating acceleration. Electrification offers an unparalleled driving experience that is more responsive to the needs of the driver and the road.

Lucid Motors teaser

Spacious and Sublime

Electrification allows our engineers to unlock new methods for achieving world-class interior space in a midsize footprint. By opening up the cabin, we are creating a new class of vehicle that is redefining what it means to experience comfort within and all around.

Lucid Motors teaser

Maximum Capabilities and Minimal Effort

Our vehicles will feature automated driving systems, natural voice interactions, and intuitive user interfaces. Whether sitting in the front or back, the onboard intelligence will deliver a uniquely personal experience unlike any other currently on the road.

Lucid Motors teaser
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