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February 2024 News Archive

Fisker Warns It May Run Out Of Money In The Next 12 Months

Rivians Will Get Tesla Supercharger Access In March

2024 U.S. Electric Pickup Trucks Compared: Prices, EPA Range, Specs

Ford Patent Shows Plan For 800-Volt EV Architecture And Split Battery Pack

A Reminder That China's Electric Car Companies Are Not Invincible

See Which Tesla Superchargers Are Open To Other EV Owners Now

Your Volvo Will Now Alert You To Car Crashes Up Ahead

Tesla Cybertruck Goes The Distance In Range Test. Beats Tesla's Estimated Range

White House To Probe 'Risks' Of Chinese Cars With Connected Tech

Ford's NACS Fast Charging Adapter Now Available As Tesla Charging Network Opens

Chinese EV Minivan Adds 310 Miles Of Range In 10 Minutes Of Charging

Red Bull's Insane Electric FPV Drone Is So Much Faster Than A Model S Plaid

The 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger May Be The Best Electric Truck For Towing, Hauling

Consumer Reports Says That Plug-In Hybrids Might Be Good, Actually

2024 Kia EV9 Ownership Review: Deep Dive Into The Base And Top Variants

Why Is Motorcycle Racing Afraid Of This Electric Bike?

Chinese Cars Would Get 125% Price Increase Under New Senate Bill

Watch Tesla Cybertruck Owner Shoot Bullets At His Truck With Submachine Gun, Shotgun

'Mind-Blowing' Tesla Roadster Final Form To Debut This Year, Musk Says

Live Wire: What Should EV Noobs Know About Charging Station Etiquette?

Buick Wildcat Concept Could Inspire 'Exceptional By Design' EVs

American Test Of $11,500 BYD Seagull: 'This Doesn't Come Across Cheap'

China Plug-In Car Sales Almost Doubled In January 2024

2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Starts At $39,735, Pro Models Get More Powerful

Armored Glass Repels Tesla Cybertruck Smash-And-Grab Attempt

The Apple Car Is Finally Dead, Shrouded In Mystery Until The End: Report

Toyota’s New Engine Can Suck Carbon Out Of The Air

Hyundai Confirms Its Georgia 'Metaplant' EV Factory Is Opening Early

2024 U.S. Electric Cars Compared By Price Per Mile Of EPA Range

One-Year-Old Kia Niro EVs Are Depreciating Fast And Hard

What Trump Got Wrong About EVs During His Michigan Speech

The Polestar 3 Can't Come Soon Enough

Tesla Arson Suspect Caught On Camera: Two Model Ys Burnt

The 2025 Honda CR-V e:FCEV Is A Hydrogen Plug-In Hybrid, For Real

FreeWire’s New Pro Series DC Fast Chargers Can Also Power Your Business

Will Americans Buy This Tiny, Cute Electric Car?

Automakers Are Lobbying To Roll Back EV Adoption. It May Work

Electrification Leads To All-Wheel-Drive Dominance

2024 U.S. Electric Cars Listed From Lowest To Highest Energy Consumption

This Dodge Ram Pickup Was Destroyed After Rear-Ending A Tesla Cybertruck

Electric Ford Maverick And Bronco EV Postponed Until Next Decade: Report

Fiat's Retro EV Future Includes Panda City Car, Truck, SUV, Camper

Auto Industry Begs U.S. To Block 'Cheap' Chinese EV Imports From Mexico

Tesla Spotted Filming At Superchargers With Non-Tesla EVs

Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance Spotted Without Camouflage

Renault 5 Returns As Retrolicious EV With Up To 248 Miles Of WLTP Range

Ford Halts Shipments Of 2024 F-150 Lightning Due To Undisclosed Quality Issue

Faking It: 2025 Dodge Charger EV To Simulate Vibrating 'Engine'

Expert To Dealers: Embrace EVs Or Lose Your Jobs

Here’s Lucid’s Plan To Survive 2024 And Beyond

Should You Buy A Tesla Model Y? Owners Offer Advice After Driving One For 60,000 Miles

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Gets Third Price Increase In February

Elon Musk Says Rivian Execs 'Need To Live In The Factory Or They Will Die'

Here’s Your First Look At The NACS Adapter Ford EV Owners Will Get For Free

Mercedes-Benz Delays Its EV Plans, Will Keep Making Combustion Engines

GM Is Scrambling To Make PHEV Full-Size Pickup, Killed Compact EV Truck: Report

We Did The First Independent Honda Prologue DC Fast Charge Test

Plummeting Battery Prices Will Make EV Costs Equal ICE Cars By 2029: Study

Why Honda Hopes The Prologue Can Avoid The Chevy Blazer EV's Problems

2024 Fiat 500e For U.S. Now In Production

Rivian, Like Tesla, Is Opening Its Charging Network To Other EVs

Electrify America's New Indoor Charging Hub Is So Good, It Deserves To Be The Future

UAW Pledges $40 Million To Organize EV Battery Workers

YouTuber Puts Tesla Cybertruck’s Wade Mode To The Test, Damage Ensues

Volvo EX30 Winter Energy Consumption Test Leaves Much To Be Desired

What Are The Cheapest Electric Cars In 2024? (Updated)

Rivian Lays Off Another 10% Of Salaried Staff

Rivian R1T And R1S Owners Figured Out How To Play Videos On The Central Display

The Rivian R2 Will Be Eligible For The $7,500 Tax Credit: CEO

2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger With 'Unlimited' Battery Range: Watch First-Ever Walkaround Video

2024 Cadillac Lyriq Regains $7,500 Federal Tax Credit

Latest Research Shows Lithium Metal Batteries Can Be 'Revived'

Stellantis, Volkswagen And Renault Consider Cheap EV Team-Up To Fight BYD

Kia EV9 Owner After 1,000 Miles: It’s Rock Solid

The Super-Cheap Dacia Spring EV Can Now Power Your Appliances Too

You Need Way Less EV Range Than You Think: Study

You Can Now Find Used Tesla Model S Plaids For Around $60,000

Scout Motors Aims To Help Volkswagen Do What It's Never Done: Conquer America

Ford Mustang Mach-E Now Starts At Under $40,000, F-150 Lightning Gets Huge Discounts [Update]

The Arc Sport Is A $258,000 Electric Wake Boat With 570 HP

Dealers Are Having a Bad Time With the EV Tax Credit

The Rivian R2 SUV Is Going To Europe

Volvo Renames The XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge To EX40 And EC40

2024 U.S. Electric Cars Listed By 0-60 MPH Acceleration: Quickest To Slowest

The Fisker Ocean Is The Worst Car MKBHD Has Ever Reviewed

The Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer Is An Electric Passat Wagon With Up To 425 Miles Of Range

Tesla Crashes Into Tesla, Then Crashes Into Another Tesla

Japan's Automakers Shift Into Crisis Mode Over The EV Race

Forget Scheduled Heating, The NIO ET9 Can Shake The Snow Off Its Body

Hyundai Global EV Wholesale Sales Decreased In January 2024

Kia EV9 Already Getting $7,000 Markups From Some Dealers

Biden Administration May Relax EPA Rules Driving Electric Vehicles: Report

New York Is The First U.S. City With 10,000 Electric Uber, Lyft And Rideshare Cars

The Cadillac Lyriq Gets Some Nice Upgrades In March

U.S. EV Registrations Accounted For 7.7% Of The Car Market In 2023

The Fiat 500e Feels Way More Comfy This Time

Fiat’s $49-A-Month 500e Lease Deals Are Never Coming Back

Tesla Sparked A Car Software War. It’s Not Going So Hot

Scout Motors EV Could Be More Expensive Than We Thought, No Hybrid: CEO

GM Wants To Go EV-Only By 2035. Its CEO Says The Push Will ‘Be Guided By The Consumer’

LG Energy Solution's 4680-Type Batteries Are Coming 'Soon'

Rivian R2: Is This It?

Plug-In Car Sales In Germany Rebound In January 2024

Scout Motors' Electric Trucks Will Have Real Buttons

The Toyota bZ4X Is Depreciating Massively. But Why?

Ford Killed Its Small Cars. Now It Says Small, Profitable EVs Are A Must

This Is Volvo Trucks’ First Electric-Only Model: FM Low Entry

Ex-GM Truck Exec On The Tesla Cybertruck: Make It Cheaper And More People Will Want It

Rivian R2: Here's A Shadowy First Look

Sacramento Looks to Ban New Gas Stations

GM’s Super Cruise Now Works On 750,000 Miles Of Roads

Kia EV9 Has Ample Room Inside And Decent Handling, Says Consumer Reports

Tesla Cybertruck Owners Report 'Rust Spots.' Here's How To Remove Them

The Lucid Air Pure Just Got A $7,500 Price Cut

The 2024 Ypsilon Is Lancia's First New Car In 13 Years

French Government's €100-A-Month EV Leasing Plan Falls Victim To Its Own Success

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Gets Second Price Hike This Month

Lack Of Exposure, Experience Is Also Hurting EV Sales: Consumer Reports

There's A CHAdeMO To CCS Adapter, But I'm Not Sure I'd Use It

A Porsche Luxury Electric Minivan Would Be 'Very Interesting,' Says Design Boss

Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6 Already Selling Well Below MSRP: Study

After Passing Tesla, China's BYD Eyes Mexico Plant For U.S. Sales

Watch The Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast Rip From 0 To 60 MPH In 2.68 Seconds

California Has Enough Lithium Reserves To Power Over 300 Million EV Batteries

Public EV Chargers In U.S. Are Getting More Reliable But There Aren’t Enough Of Them

Japanese Automakers Are Using Profits From Hybrids To Fund EVs

The World’s Biggest Tesla Supercharger Will Have Over 160 Stalls

Kia EV8 Coming In 2026 As Electric Stinger Replacement: Leaked Docs

The Chrysler Halcyon Concept Is A Sleek Cruiser With Wireless Charging

2024 U.S. Electric Car EPA Range, Ranked Lowest To Highest

Stellantis To Finally Adopt Tesla's NACS Plug Starting In 2025

Toyota Is Reportedly Testing The Tesla Cybertruck and GMC Hummer EV. Is A Tundra EV Coming?

Toyota bZ4X Forgets It’s A Car And Goes Swimming In The Ocean

Tesla Made $1.79 Billion In 2023 Just From Selling EV Credits To Other Carmakers

Tesla Faces A 'What Now?' Moment As Distractions Add Up

GM Confirms 2024 Chevy Equinox EV To Start At $34,995

The Refreshed Tesla Model Y Isn’t Coming To America This Year

Tire Wear Is Especially Bad For Electric Vehicles, J.D. Power Says

Tesla Cut Model Y Prices By $1,000, But This Is Not A Typical Tesla Adjustment

Walmart Remodels Stores To Add 'Coast-To-Coast' EV Fast Charging

Tesla And BYD Had 35% Of The Global EV Market In 2023

Can The Tesla Cybertruck Power A Travel Trailer For Off-Grid Camping?

Shell Is Immediately Closing All Of Its California Hydrogen Stations

Tesla-Rivaling 'Ionna' Charging Network From Seven Automakers Starts Taking Shape

Rivian R1S, R1T Range And Pricing Overview With New Standard And Standard+ Pack

Tesla Cybertruck OTA Update Adds A Charging Reminder, But Autopilot Is Still Missing

Global EV Sales Hit Record 1.5+ Million In December 2023

Rivian R1T And R1S Get New Standard, Standard+ Battery Options

Tesla Cybertruck Owners Are Flipping Them For $200,000 Or More

Is The Tesla Cybertruck Better Than A Home-Made Humvee EV?

Can The Tesla Cybertruck Handle A 2,500-Pound Load In Its Truck Bed?

Geely Plans To Introduce Zeekr to Mexico. Is The U.S. Next?

GM Just Poached Tesla's All-Time-Great Battery Chief

Electrify America’s First Flagship Indoor Charging Station Has 20 Hyper-Fast Stalls

BYD Global Plug-In Car Sales Exceeded 200,000 In January 2024

Tesla-Swapped Minivan Vs. Porsche 911 Turbo S Race Is Closer Than You Think

Toyota Says It's Not 'Anti-EV,' It's 'Just Being Real'

Volvo Global All-Electric Car Sales Improved In January Thanks To EX30

Why Ford Needed A Skunkworks Team To Create Its Low-Cost EV Platform

Fisker Ocean OTA Update Brings Brake Disk Wiping But ACC Is Still Missing

Choice Hotels Across The U.S. Will Install Universal Chargers For EV Drivers

Tesla Increased China-Made EV Wholesale Sales In January 2024

Some Kia EV6 And Niro EVs Get Recalled Because One Of The Driveshafts Might Break

Ford Plays The Long Game As EVs May Wait For 'Breakthrough' Moment

Volvo U.S. Plug-In Car Sales Slow Down In January 2024

Ford's Developing A Cheap EV Platform To Fend Off Tesla And Chinese EVs

The 2025 Porsche Taycan Gets Major Upgrades In Range, Performance And Charging

The BMW i5 Touring Is The Electric Wagon You Want But Can't Have

Toyota Steps Up Investment For Three-Row Electric SUV Built In Kentucky

Which Electric Cars Have The Most Driving Range?

Polestar Is Discounting Its Cars By Up To $7,500. Is It Enough?

You Should Recharge Your EV After Every Trip, Even If It’s A Short One. Here’s Why

U.S. Electric Car Prices 2024: Cheapest To Most Expensive

BYD YangWang U7 Is A 1,287 HP Mercedes EQS Rival

Toyota: We Make Hybrids Because Customers Want Them

Sub-$22,000 Hyundai Casper EV Heads To Europe Because Of Course It Does

Hertz Still Hurts From EV Investment, Backtracks On Polestar Buying

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Gets A $1000 Price Increase

Europe: Plug-In Car Sales Exceeded 3 Million In 2023

Polestar Owners Hack Adaptive Headlights Into Cars As NHTSA Drags Feet

Ford Owners Won't Need The Tesla App To Supercharge

Tesla Cybertruck Range-Extending Battery Pack Take Rate Is Nearly 25 Percent

Rivian Will Finally Reveal The R2 Electric SUV On March 7

The Lucid Air EV Gets A Police Cruiser Makeover In Saudi Arabia

Nerds In Teslas Keep Getting Caught Driving With Apple Vision Pro

A Tesla Cybertruck’s Wheel Broke While Doing Donuts. Here’s What Happened

Rivian Is The Most Loved Car Brand In The U.S., According To Consumer Reports

U.S. Car Dealers Vow To 'Take On' EPA Rules Leading To More EVs

China Plug-In Car Sales Hit A New 8 Million Record In 2023

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ Range, Specs And Pricing Overview

Ford U.S. EV Sales Decreased 11% In January 2024

Live Wire: What GM Model Should Be A Plug-In Hybrid?

2024 Porsche Macan Specs And Pricing Overview

Subaru EV Sales Slowed Down In January 2024

Dealers Say 'Slow Down' On EVs. But The Sales Numbers Say Otherwise

Tesla Cybertruck Aero Wheel Covers Are Chewing Into Tire Sidewalls

Kia U.S. All-Electric Car Sales Increased 57% In January 2024

Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Falls Short In Norwegian Winter EV Range Test

Hyundai Starts 2024 With 77% Year-Over-Year BEV, PHEV U.S. Sales Increase

America’s Guardrails Can’t Handle Hefty EV Trucks

Some Automakers Soften On EVs, But Lucid Charges Forward

Volvo Stops Funding Polestar As Geely Prepares Bailout

Hyundai Motor Group Sold More EVs In The U.S. Than GM And Ford In 2023

GM Has 100,000 Reservations For Its EV Pickups

Polestar 4 Goes On Sale In Europe And Australia, U.S. Launch Set For Mid-2024

The Volkswagen ID.4 Is Getting Plug & Charge But Only At Electrify America

U.S. Non-Tesla BEV Sales Surged In 2023

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