We never thought this day would ever come again, but here is a new Lancia. Stellantis has pledged to keep all 14 (fourteen!) brands in its vast portfolio following the FCA-PSA merger. That means the Italian marque is getting a new chance to repair its severely damaged brand image. The 2024 Ypsilon kicks off a long overdue rebirth.

It is also Lancia's first-ever EV, although mild-hybrid versions with gasoline engines will follow. The subcompact hatchback uses the same CMP / eCMP bones as the Peugeot 208 / e-208 but with entirely different styling inside and out. Some of the design cues were first seen last year on the Pu+Ra HPE Concept that had a bit of Stratos DNA.

Lancia Ypsilon (2024)

Lancia tells us the headlights and taillights take after those of the iconic rally car but that's frankly a bit of a stretch. The circular rear lights do remind us of the Stratos, but so do other cars with round taillights. The Stellantis brand has integrated a "Y" motif into both front and rear lights, while the separate daytime running lights adopt a similar theme. To spruce things up, the wheel arches, side mirrors, and the rear pillar come with a glossy black finish.

It's worth noting the version depicted here is a limited-run special edition co-developed with Cassina, a high-end Italian furniture manufacturer. Consequently, lesser versions of the new Ypsilon won't look as glitzy as this. Compared to the Peugeot 208 and its regular rear door handles, Lancia has opted to "hide" them up in the C-pillar where you'll also notice the company's updated badge.

The interior is also a vast departure from its French cousin. However, since we're in 2024, the "mandatory" dual-screen setup is there. Thankfully, there's still a row of physical buttons to quickly access some of the climate controls. The dual displays measure 10.25 inches and Lancia has added a wireless charging pad, three USB-C ports, and smartphone integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The chic city car also has a bespoke sound system, ambient lighting, and a special filter for the AC to get rid of 99 percent of harmful particles.

At the heart of the 2024 Lancia Ypsilon in electric guise is a front-mounted motor good for 154 horsepower and 260 Newton-meters (191 pound-feet) of torque to match the Peugeot e-208. It uses an identical 51-kWh battery pack that has enough juice for up to 250 miles (403 kilometers) in the WLTP combined cycle. This electric motor and battery combo is also found in another related Stellantis product, the Opel e-Corsa.

2024 Lancia Ypsilon
2024 Lancia Ypsilon

At 4.08 meters (160.6 inches) long and 1.76 meters (69.2 inches) wide, the all-new Lancia Ypsilon is bigger than the outdated model it replaces. At 1.44 meters (56.7 inches) tall, it's slightly lower compared to its predecessor. Predictably, it's a lot heavier. The electric model tips the scales at 1,584 kilograms (3,492 pounds) but subsequent mild-hybrid gas versions will trim off some of the fat. Speaking of the chunky battery, it can be recharged from 20 to 80 percent in 24 minutes via a DC connection.

While the old Ypsilon was only sold in Italy, its replacement is going to be offered at more than 70 dealers across Europe. Belgium and The Netherlands will get the ball rolling in the middle of this year, with France and Spain to follow, and Germany in 2025. Lancia wants to attract a younger clientele (people aged 40-45) with its "premium hatchback," which is the last model to get combustion engines.

After the Ypsilon, Lancia's resurrection will continue in 2026 when the "Gamma" moniker will be dusted off for a flagship model. It's going to be a fastback on the Stellantis STLA Medium platform and will measure nearly 4.7 meters (185 inches) long. In 2028, the "Delta" will return as a compact hatchback.

Both future models are going to be electric-only products since Lancia's goal is to sell only EVs from 2028. It means the yet-to-be-revealed Ypsilon with a mild-hybrid gasoline engine will be offered for only a few years.

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