One of the most well-known events in the Tesla Cybertruck’s history is the glass-breaking incident at its unveiling back in 2019 when Elon Musk intended to prove how tough the armored side windows were but ended up proving the opposite. Musk said at the time that he blamed it on the order in which the toughness tests were conducted on stage, and suggested that the glass broke because the door had previously been hit with a sledgehammer.

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The Tesla Cybertruck is bullet-resistant and can ward off smash-and-grab attempts.

The glass on the Cybertruck prevented would-be thieves from breaking into the truck to possibly steal something inside.

However, it looks like the production Tesla Cybertruck’s windows are more than capable of withstanding a break-in attempt, as a recent incident from California seems to show. In the footage from the truck’s exterior cameras shared by Arash Malek on X, a would-be burglar can be seen trying to break its side windows and sunroof with what is known as a ninja rock, and ultimately failing.


Ninja rocks are usually improvised tools created by car thieves who use sharp ceramics or pieces of crushed spark plug alumina insulator. These tools usually have no trouble instantly shattering tempered automotive glass, and thieves don’t even need to use too much force to make it happen (you just tap the glass with one of these tools and it instantly shatters), so this is their weapon of choice.


The footage captured by the Tesla's cameras shows that the guy who tried to break in is experienced. He tries to break the side windows and is surprised that nothing happens; he grabs his phone flashlight to take a better look at what happened and seems a bit perplexed. He then avoids the windscreen (which is made of sheets of laminated glass so it’s impervious to ninja rocks) and tries his luck on the glass roof, which, just like the side windows, only cracks but doesn’t break.

So between its very tough stainless steel body panels and tough glazing, it seems there is some truth to Elon Musk’s claims that the Cybertruck is the best vehicle you could be in when the Apocalypse comes, at least if the zombies aren’t carrying anything with more penetrating power than a ninja rock.

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