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August 2018 News Archive

Tesla Adds New "PIN To Drive" Security Feature

Bosch Reveals Electric Semi Trailer: Uses Regen To Recoup Energy

Is Tesla Navigation Really That Terrible? How 'Bout That Horn?

Tesla Model 3 Blows Away Competition In Multiple Drag Races

Tesla Model 3 Battery Can Transfer Twice The Heat Of Model S P100D

New Flyer Joins OppCharge: Overhead Bus Charging

Tesla Model 3 Gets Jacked Up

Electric Camper Pulls Its Own Weight, Acts As Powerwall

Watch Tesla Model S Seats Evolve Over Time

3 Ways To Ruin Your Tesla Battery, Plus What It Costs To Replace It

Russian "How Do You Like This, Elon Musk?" Memes Are Hilarious

Fan-Made Tesla Model 3 Commercial Makes You Feel Its Soul

UPDATE: Musk Responds: California's ZEV Targets Hampered By Rising Truck Sales

Michigan Gets Its First Class 8 Electric Truck

Chevrolet 6000XD Goes Electric Courtesy Of New Lightning Powertrain

Highest Mileage Tesla Now Has Over 420,000 Miles

A Hidden Reason To Buy A Rear-Wheel-Drive Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Beijing Leads China In Promoting Battery Electric Vehicles

This Portable EV Charger Operates On 120 Or 240: Costs Just $299

Here's How To Buy Your Own Formula E Race Car For Under $300,000

Would You Buy A Chinese Car? Most Americans Say No - Take Our Poll

Betting The Bank: Take Out A Loan To Buy TSLA Stock For Future Profit?

Engineering Explained Dives Into EV Torque Versus Gas HP

How To Activate Utility/Camping Mode On Hyundai Kona Electric

Check Out This Auto-Lifting Tesla Model 3 Frunk

Study Says Fast Charging Takes Longer When It's Cold Out

Learn About The Dr. Frankenstein Of Tesla Vehicles

BMW Trademarks i9 For U.S.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Tesla Batteries

Check Out This Tesla Battery Converted To A Trailer

Tesla Model 3 Battery Cooling Much-Improved ... Track Mode?

Nissan To Sell Battery Division To Envision Group

UPS Teams With Thor For Electric Trucks

Nissan LEAF 40-kWh Battery: Deep Dive

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