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December 2020 News Archive

Tesla Launches New Compare EVs Card: Model S/3/X/Y

Chevy Bolt EV Has A Clunking Issue With Its Torsion Beam

CCS1 To Tesla Adapter Finally Available For North American Market

Germany: Volkswagen Expands Charging Infrastructure At Its Sites

Tesla Cars Among Highest-Quality Vehicles Made In China: J.D. Power

Reports Point To Tesla Nearing Its 2020 Delivery Goal With A Day Left

Wall Street Insiders Choose Tesla As Stock Of The Year

Peugeot e-208 DC Charging Test: Peak Rate Is Close To 100 kW

There's A Reason The Mustang Mach-E Handles Like A Car: Ground Clearance

After REDS, Chris Bangle Says EV Form Should Follow Emotion

Tesla Service Centers Are Preventing Delivery Refusals In Weird Ways

Former Ford CEO Offering Advice For Tesla And Elon Musk

Porsche Taycan Meets Its Match Drag Racing Fiat Panda 4x4

All Teslas Delivered In Last 3 Days Of 2020 Get Free Full Self-Driving

Tesla To Open First Showroom In Romania In 2021

UPDATE: 2021 Rivian R1T Closeup Look Via Unofficial Video

Check Out The Surprise Winner Of A Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, Koenigsegg Agera R Drag Race

Europe: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Tripled In November 2020 To New Records

Will Tesla Model 3 & Y Get Bioweapon Defense Mode HEPA Filter?

Volkswagen ID. Space Vizzion Patent At USPTO Took A 1 Year To Complete

Tesla Model Y Spotted Driving With Strange Sensor Rack Up Top

Watch Tesla Model S Full Self-Driving Beta Tackle The Snow

First U.S. Delivery Of Polestar 2 Took Place On December 18

We Tested The Real World Range Of Nine Small EVs In Italy

YouTuber Tests 2021 Tesla Model 3: Disputes That It's More Efficient

GM Will Further Promote Its EV Future At CES: More Potential Reveals?

Tesla’s Success Is The Inspiration For Most, If Not All, EV Startups

Teardown Reveals Brands Must Go 'All In' To Compete With Tesla's Tech

Ford EV Boss Takes Shot At Competition: Mach-E Bumpers Will Not Fall Off

VW ID.3 Pro DC Fast Charging Analysis: Power Vs Range Replenishing

EV Data Guru Launches First Annual Electric Car Awards For 2020

Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Expanding In Various Directions

Electric Car Drivers In UK Pay Around £90 Less For Insurance

Prinoth Introduces Electric And Hydrogen Snow Groomers

Japan: Toyota Launches Tiny C+pod Electric Car

Merry Christmas To The Global Tesla Family

Holidays In New York: Tesla Model 3 Taxi Spotted

Customization Shop Gives Tesla Model X The Luxury Interior It Deserves

Sandy Claus Will Give You A New Tesla Teardown In 2021: Guess Which?

Jeep Announces Pricing For Wrangler 4xe PHEV

Almost 90 Percent Of Future Rivian Owners Will Replace An ICE Vehicle

Nikola And Republic Services End Collaboration On Electric Refuse Truck

Nikola Teases First Tre BEV Alpha In The U.S.

VW’s Big ID. Software Update Fixed Some Issues, But Left Some For Later

Production Of The Volkswagen e-Golf Ends: Time For ID.3

Elon Musk Says Apple’s Tim Cook Wasn’t Interested In Buying Tesla In 2018

Tesla Lemon Cars Are Turning Into Loaners In The U.S. And Norway

Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Full Self-Driving Subscriptions Coming Early 2021

November Breaks Italy’s EV Sales Records As Fiat 500e Enters Market

LG Electronics And Magna Announce e-Powertrain Joint Venture

High-Energy-Dense Na-Ion Cells Gain New Hope With Hard-Carbon Anode

Watch This: New Electric Car Choices Coming In 2021

Pete Buttigieg Signals His Desire To Improve Charging Infrastructure In U.S.

Disabled Drivers Struggle With EV Charging Network, Research Claims

What Does This British YouTuber Think About A Chinese Brand Called MG?

GMC Says Hummer EV Will Have An All-Electric 'Sierra' Stablemate

Sources Now Say Apple Car Is For 2024: Who Should We Believe?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Ask These 4 Simple Questions To Achieve Innovation

EU Approves FCA-PSA Merger: What Might It Mean For Tesla’s CO2 Credits?

Apple Car May Be For Sale By September 2021, Says Taiwanese Newspaper

Sandy Munro Believes in Verticalization, E-Trikes, And Fuel Cells

Tesla Model 3 Owners Are Enjoying Snow Drifting With Track Mode

Consumer Reports: 71 Percent Of U.S. Drivers Are Considering An EV

Ford Mustang Mach-E Home Charging Tips

FreeWire's Boost Charger To Utilize Envision AESC Batteries

Jay Leno Discusses The Key To Tesla’s Success, Sings Elon Musk’s Praises

Tesla Model 3 OTA Update Increases Range Meter Accuracy, Actually Adds Range

Why Would Rich Rebuilds Put A V8 Into A Tesla Model S?

Lucid Motors' Peter Rawlinson Ranked #5 On Motor Trend's 2021 Power list

Karma GS-6 PHEV Emerges In EPA Database: What's Its EV Range?

Tesla Model Y Range: Battery Preconditioning Makes A Huge Difference

Best UK Cities To Own A Plug-In Electric Car Revealed

As European EV Demand Surges, Public Fast-Charging Needs To Ramp Up

Akio Toyoda Makes It Clear He's Not Happy About The EV Revolution

Nissan Announces 2021 LEAF In U.S. - We Compare 62/40 kWh Versions

Owners Say Hyundai And Kia Isn't Dealing Well With Electric Motor Issue

Germany: Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Interrupted Again

BP Pulse To Use FreeWire's Battery-Powered Ultra-Fast Chargers

The OpenEVSE 48-amp EV Charger Ultimate Review

Fisker And Magna Sign Final Production And Platform Deal For The Ocean

Canada: Tesla Model 3 Fails To Supercharge In -30°C Weather

City Council Overrides City Government, Orders Tesla Model Y Police Cars

Almost One In Ten Cars Sold In Europe In November Was A Pure EV

Tesla: Only U.S. Automaker To Equip Every Car With Automatic Braking

Are Tesla Model 3 And Model Y EVs With Recycled Battery Packs Coming?

Lucid Motors To Open First East Coast Studio In Miami, Florida

Check Out The VW ID’s Augmented Reality Heads-Up Display In Action

VW Wants To Make Electric Cars In 10 Hours – The Same Goal Tesla Has

Germany: Plug-Ins Captured 20% Of The Car Market In November 2020

Tesla's New Laminated Glass: What Happens When You Put It To The Test?

Go For A Ride In NY’s First Tesla Model 3 Yellow Taxi Cab

Tesla Model 3 Is Edmunds Top-Rated EV For 2021

Tesla CCS1 Adapter For Proprietary Charging Inlet Is Coming

The Chinese Equivalent Of Google Is Looking To Build Its Own EVs

Was 2020 So Bad? Some Li-Ion Battery Packs Finally Dropped To $100/kWh

How Does Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta Fare In Construction Zones?

Check Out This DIY Tesla-Powered Volkswagen Classic Bus

VW CEO Wins And Loses In His Pursuit To Turn The Company Electric

Another Tesla Model S Self-Ignites, Now In Texas: Owners Want Answers

Ford Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 Gets 305 Mile EPA Range Rating

Apparently Up To 15 Percent Of All Used Cars For Sale In UK Are EVs

2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Max: Highway Consumption In Winter Weather

UPDATE: Let's Look Inside A Tesla Model 3 Battery With Gruber Motors

Is Lucid Air The Stepping Stone For The Next $600 Billion Car Company?

Watch Ford Mustang Mach-E Demonstrate Its Plug&Charge Technology

Electric SUV Comparison: Ford Mustang Mach-E Vs Tesla Model Y & VW ID.4

Which Ford Mustang Mach-E Should You Buy?

Ford Mustang Mach-E: Official EPA Numbers For Four Versions Revealed

Rivian Van For Amazon Caught Testing In White With Camouflage

Nissan LEAF SL Plus Does One Lap OG-Style

Toyota’s 2021 Solid State Battery: What You Need To Know

Tesla Cybertruck Steel Supplier Set To Begin Operations Next Fall

Tesla Offers One Year Of Free Model 3 & Y Supercharging To End 2020

Mercedes-Benz: Six New EQ BEV Launches By 2022

Tesla & Elon Musk Are Building A Global Footprint For Success

Nextmove Discovers Heat Pump On VW ID.3 Makes It Less Efficient

Tesla's Mind-Blowing Rise From 2006 To 2020 Visualized

Meet Kama-1, An Electric Car From Russia

Remember The $5,000 Rich Rebuilds Mini EV? It Was Cheaper Than That

Volkswagen Launches DC Wallbox Pilot Project In Germany

Tesla To Shut Down Model S/X Production For 18 Days

EV Charging Isn't Getting Easier At Many Multi-Family Properties

Volvo Electrifies Entire XC60 Lineup With Mild And Plug-In Hybrids

Geely Has Big Plans For Its New SEA EV Platform

Transport Evolved Is Among 3,000 Aptera Pre-Order Holders: Here's Why

Chinese Court Blames Tesla For Hiding Structural Issues In Used Model S

Lynk & Co Zero EV Hits The Track To Undergo First Dynamic Testing

BYD Shows UL-Certified 150 kW Charger And Tesla-Like 'Megapack' ESS

Green Number Plates Arrive On UK Roads To Raise Electric Car Awareness

Sandy Munro Dives Back Into His Tesla 4680 Cell Battery Pack

China’s Great Wall Motor Reportedly Looking To Set Up Luxury EV Brand

Bollinger Reveals The Design Of The Production-Spec B1 SUV And B2 Pickup

Britishvolt Selects Site For Its First Battery Gigaplant

How Does Tesla FSD Fare Around One Of Michigan’s Most Dangerous Roundabouts?

Check Out This Excellent Gallery Of The BMW iX Cold Weather Testing

This Citroën Ami Review Shows What A €20 Drag Race Looks Like

This Is Not Cheese: It Is A Single-Crystal Ni-Rich Cathode In Action

Will Volkswagen Phase Out ICE Cars By 2040? This Slide Suggests So

Watch Tesla Sentry Mode Footage Of Owner Attacked Over Dispute About Blocking Charger

See How The Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated Is Made

Euro NCAP: Renault & Peugeot PHEVs Get Same Safety Ratings As Pure ICE Versions

Mercedes-Benz Vans Announces Next-Generation eSprinter

Check Out The New Jaguar I-Pace Facelift In This Accurate Rendering

VW ID.6 Sedan Will Arrive In 2023 To Rival Mercedes-Benz EQC, BMW i4

Solid Power Is Now Producing a Multi-Layer 20 Ah Solid-State Battery

Aptera Is Getting Sandy Munro's Help To Spread Efficiency's Gospel

Monarch Driverless Electric Tractor: You Can Drive It If You Want

Optimal-EV To Deliver 200 E1 Chassis Based on Ford’s E450 Cutaway

Canoo Will Apply Circular Economy Principles To Electric Pickup Trucks

Audi e-tron GT Enters Production

2021 RAV4 Prime Takes The 'Will It Bacon?' Test

Tesla Supplier Points To Large Model 3 Parts Orders In Q4

Hybrid Sales Are Rising Much Faster Than EV Sales, But There's A Catch

Chevrolet Electric Pickup Truck Rendered Based On Teasers

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Developer Mode Hack Is Super Revealing

Rivian’s Upcoming Adventure Charging Network: Here’s What We Know

Audi e-tron Towing: Bet You Can't Guess How Much Range We Lost

Audi Adds Plug-In Hybrid Power To Q3 SUV Range In UK

Atlis Reveals XT Pickup Truck Pricing, Battery Pack Options And More

Recurrent Aims To Offer Battery Health Reports To Energize Used EV Sales

Dutch Taxi Company Sues Tesla For €1.3 Million Due To Defective Cars

QuantumScape Creates Foundation For Reliable Solid-State Batteries

GMC Won't Follow Cadillac: No Buyouts For Reluctant Hummer EV Dealers

GM Teases GMC Hummer EV Prototype: Electric Truck Heads Out For Testing

How Does The Honda E Compare To Tesla Model 3 In Various Drag Races?

GM Is Not Benchmarking The Hummer EV Against A Rival Pickup

Tesla Moves Forward With $5 Billion Capital Raise With High Stock Prices

Is The Tesla Model Y Selling As Well As Elon Musk Projected?

China: Tesla MIC Model 3 Sales Surprisingly Exceed 21,000 In November

Why Offer The Dacia Spring Just For Ride-Sharing In COVID-19 Times?

Toyota RAV4 Prime Surpasses Expectations In One Lap

Xpeng Motors: First Batch Of G3 Arrives Norway

Gridserve Launches UK's First 'Electric Forecourt' (w/Videos)

Volkswagen Says The ID.3 Software Is Now Fixed And Fully Functioning

If Tesla Moves Forward With A Partnership, Daimler Could Be A Top Choice

Tesla Model 3 FSD Beta 'Learning': See Improvement On 180-Degree Turn

Watch Porsche Taycan Take On McLaren Senna: Epitome Of ICE Vs EV Drag Races

Watch A Tesla Model 3 With FSD Beta 5 Pass A Garbage Truck On Its Own

Thieves Steal $45,000 Worth Of Tesla Powerwall Batteries

Elon Musk Reportedly Moving To Texas, But Will He Take Tesla Too?

Membraneless Fuel Cell May Allow EVs To Use Ethanol To Recharge

Zero Labs Reveals Skateboard Platform Designed For EV Conversions

Lexus And Toyota Tease Future E-TNGA Electric Cars

Tesla Model X Vs Ford Explorer: ICE Vs Electric Towing Efficiency Test

'Nine Hour' Journey Highlights UK Charging Network Problems

150 Cadillac Dealers Accept GM's Buyout Offer Instead Of $200K EV Investment

Is Aptera Using Tesla's Charging Tech: 1,000-Mile, Supercharge-Capable EV?

UPDATE: Tesla Quicky Closes Access To Repair Manuals, Service Info, Tools

Watch Tesla Model S Race Porsche Taycan Turbo S: New EV Record Set

There's Now More Than One Million CHAdeMO Vehicles In The World

China: Xpeng More Than Quadrupled EV Sales In November 2020

Is The Physical Motor Disconnector The Future Of AWD Electric Cars?

Study Against EVs Backed By Legacy Automakers Is Debunked In Epic Way

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid Gets A $200 Price Bump

Rimac Founder Joins Tesla's Elon Musk To Warn About SPAC Funding

Volvo CEO Says Banning ICE Cars Is More Effective Than Credits For EVs

GMC Hummer EV Won’t Share Components With ICE Trucks From GM

Aptera Reveals $25,900, 1,000-Mile EV And Opens Pre-Orders

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Detects & Avoids Deer After Dark

Audi Will Increase EV Investment To €12 Billion By 2025

LG Chem's Home Battery Energy Storage Recalled After A Few Fires

BloombergNEF: Biden's Infrastructure Plan Could Sell 25 Million EVs

Tesla Reportedly Skipped Battery Testing For LFP-Powered Model 3 Made In China

What Is A Gigafactory?

PSA Group Announces BEV Version Of All Its Compact Vans In 2021

Tesla May, Once Again, Be Banned From Having Service Centers In Michigan

Hyundai Canada Increasing Kona EV Imports To Satisfy Demand

Nissan Is Celebrating 10th Anniversary Of The LEAF

Karma Takes Revero GT Name Upmarket, Makes Way For Cheaper GS-6 Vehicles

EVs Will Speed Up Automotive Consolidation, According To VW Exec

Tesla Design Boss Explains Inspiration Behind Cybertruck’s Unusual Design

Italy’s EV Market Surge Continues In October: BEVs Triple Year Over Year

Battery Cost Has Reached $110/kWh But Prices Are Taking Longer To Fall

Electric Car Of The Decade? It's The VW ID.4, Not The ID.3, Says Eilis

Elon Musk Tells Tesla Employees Profit Is Paramount: Cost-Cutting Is Key

Hyundai's E-GMP Can Use 400/800V DC Chargers But What Is The Efficiency?

Is This Electric-Swapped Mazda Miata/MX-5 Better Than The Original?

Mercedes Upgrades Electric eVito Van For 2021

Daimler Builds First Public Megawatt-Level EV Truck Charging Site

Bloomberg Opinion Editor Thinks Mary Barra Owes Explanations On Nikola

Would Tesla Consider Buying Volkswagen Or Any Other Legacy Automaker?

Hyundai Introduces Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales October 2020: Near Record Level

Volkswagen ID.6 Spied With Minimal Camo - Looks Like A Long Wheelbase ID.4

LG Chem Officially Launches LG Energy Solution

Cybertruck Delay? Tesla Hopes Pre-Order Holders Will Lease Another Model

Volkswagen Group CEO Chooses Audi To Lead Its Tesla Assault

China: LG Chem To Double Battery Cell Output To Meet Tesla Demand

Ford Reveals Even Hotter Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition

Lucid Motors Completes AMP-1 Plant: Production Capacity Is 30,000

Europe: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Tripled In October 2020

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