What will Sandy Claus give you for Christmas? Yes, you read that right: Sandy Munro dressed as Santa Claus to deliver gifts to his YouTube fans. Not only for them, actually: the engineer will also give us all a new Tesla teardown, and we will let you try to guess which it is before ruining the surprise in the next paragraphs.

Think about it: which Tesla vehicle would you like to see Munro analyze? Apart from the Model Y, there is only one other car in which he is interested. The Model X and the Model S are excluded from the list because he does not think they offer any interest from a manufacturing point of view. That said, it is clear which Tesla vehicle Munro & Associates will tear down in 2021: the revised Model 3.

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According to Munro, people are saying it is very different from the car that he took apart in February 2018. When that happened, the engineer did not have a lot of good things to share about the car, which had major engineering flaws. The new teardown is an attempt to see if these issues were fixed and what the car has to offer apart from chrome delete.

If the gift for his whole audience is not enough, Munro will also ship Model Y parts to his YouTube subscribers. The people that received the parts are in a list at the end of the video. You would better check it not only to eventually celebrate this unexpected Sandy Claus gift but also for practical reasons.

The problem is that Munro does not even have a full name in most cases. To send the parts to the people that won them, he needs these guys to contact him at the email address that is on the video. Be a nice guy and contact him only if you really are on that list, ok?

While we wait for the Christmas gift that will reveal how the Model 3 improved, let’s wave 2020 goodbye and wish that 2021 is a much better year for people and companies. May the vaccines help us all leave COVID-19 and its nasty effects behind us for good as soon as possible.

Source: Munro Live

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