Hugely popular YouTube video blogger Louis Cole (FunForLouis) says he's ready for the "van life." We pretty sure traveling around in an all-electric vintage Volkswagen bus is sure to turn heads and provide plenty of excellent material for vlogging. Louis shares all the "fun" he had while converting the classic bus himself using Tesla parts.

He says he's never been so proud of a project or achievement in his life. He also says this is going to become a new series on his YouTube channel. However, sadly, Louis converted this electric bus prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, so he's probably not going to be able to be out and about in it nearly as much as he'd hoped, at least for now.

Louis walks us through the amateur conversion process of a 50-year-old Volkswagen bus. He admits he has zero experience doing anything like this, so it's really a learning process, as well as a lesson in trial and error. He's a big fan of fun, classic, unique vehicles and road trips, though he especially likes buses and vans. In fact, Louis has owned similar vans before (not electric), and he's also owned two double-decker buses and a school bus.

Louis finally bought his dream van in 2015. It was an orange VW bus that he used to travel and vlog. However, as expected, the van was riddled with problems. Louis dealt with engine and mechanical issues constantly, and he even spent $5,000 for an engine overhaul, but the van just broke down again anyhow. It was time to go all-electric.

While he could have dropped the big bucks on a vintage VW bus that had already been professionally converted to an electric vehicle, he decided to take things into his own hands. After doing plenty of research, Louis took the project on.

Check out the video above, which is the first part in a series about this epic DIY conversion. Once you've watched, scroll down and leave us your thoughts in the comment section.

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