EV West is offering bolt-on solutions for converting various classic cars to run on electricity like this kit for the classic Porsche 911. It is centered around a Tesla motor and it dramatically changes the driving experience compared to the gas-burning original.

The company has developed a bespoke rear subframe that houses the motor and also bolts in to where the factory subframe used to be. For the electric 911’s battery pack, EV West chose to split it into two 200v packs that are series linked to bring the total voltage up to 400v.

We presume that all the LG Chem cells could have been placed in the rear of the car, yet EV West probably decided against this in order to keep the weight balance between the two axles right. Older 911s are known to have a light front end, so putting extra weight over the rear end would have probably compromised the safety of the handling.

Probably the best thing about this kit is that unless you heard it running (and spotted the lack of exhaust pipes in the back), you really wouldn’t know it’s not a stock, period correct 911. The same goes for the interior where the only major change is the installation of an EV Controls display that allows the driver to check and set various parameters.

Driving it sounds like a fun and unique experience too. The car still retains the slightly rear-biased weight distribution of the original, but has several times the power and torque. What’s especially interesting is feeling all the oomph of a Tesla motor in a very light and nimble car that’s not weighed down by all the heavy, modern safety systems.

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