When we talk about electric pickup trucks, we think about Rivian R1T, GMC Hummer EV, Tesla Cybertruck, and the Ford F-150 EV. Other players, such as Lordstown Motors, are only remembered by those who follow the future products in this segment very closely. Another example is Atlis and its XT electric pickup truck. We knew very little about it until the company gave us more details: power, torque, pricing, and battery pack options.

We have already mentioned some of these aspects in our “Everything We Know” article about it. You already know, for example, that the XT will have 300, 400, and 500 range options, but we did not know the capacity of the smallest battery pack.


Atlis told InsideEVs the cheapest option would offer 125 kWh and cost $45,000 for the short-wheelbase truck. The company did not disclose the intermediate battery pack size, which delivers 400 miles, but we would bet on something between 175 kWh and 200 kWh. The price was also not disclosed, but a $65,000 price tag seems almost logical.

The Atlis XT with gooseneck or fifth-wheel can have 500 miles of range with its 250 kWh battery pack. With a 35,000 pounds towing capacity and a payload of 5,000 lb, that option will cost $85,000. It is worth reminding that the Atlis XT will be a full-size truck, with bed options ranging from 6.5 feet to 8 feet. With the latter, the electric pickup truck would also be available as a dually.

Atlis Reveals XT Pickup Truck Pricing, Battery Pack Options, And More
Atlis Reveals XT Pickup Truck Pricing, Battery Pack Options, And More

Apparently, all XT versions will deliver 600 hp – measured as continuous power – and 12,000 pound-feet of torque at the wheels. With one motor for each wheel, we did not know if Atlis would install them as in-wheel motors, like Lordstown.

The video below clarifies that. It shows that the Buck – the development platform the company is using for its XP platform – has its motors placed in the chassis. That avoids unsprung mass issues.

In this video, we can also see that Atlis will have steer-by-wire, something that will demand robust, redundant systems for drivers to be absolutely safe when driving it. Having no physical connection with the front wheels will also make driving feel a real challenge about this new pickup truck. Not that full-size pickup trucks and their recirculating-ball steering boxes are fantastic about that, but this may be tricky to address.

Atlis mentions brake-by-wire systems as well. If that is correct, that is something else that will require really reliable and redundant systems to reassure prospective buyers. When Daimler presented the SBC brake-by-wire system on the 2001 SL (the R230), a savvy journalist asked one of the company’s engineers if he trusted the system.

When the engineer said he did, this journalist insisted and asked him if he would put his family in a car and accelerate up to 200 km/h before hitting the brakes not to crash into a concrete barrier. That engineer said he would never do it. In December 2005, Daimler decided not to use SBC brakes in any of its cars anymore.

Things may have evolved a lot in these 15 years – as the Audi E-Tron is trying to prove – but will Atlis present a trustworthy solution nobody else has dared to adopt? In a full-size electric pickup truck? 

Atlis Reveals XT Pickup Truck Pricing, Battery Pack Options, And More

To get there, the company plans to build 100 pre-production prototypes in 2021. It intends to start selling the XT in 2022. From what we have seen so far, it may take a lot more time than that: we’re yet to see a working prototype of the new electric pickup truck. Hopefully, Atlis will have one to present anytime soon.

Source: Atlis Motor Vehicles 

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