The Polestar 2 did not have an easy start. The first units had just started to be delivered in Europe in October, and a recall already had all 2,200 units back to Polestar Spaces for software repair. A while later, a second recall involved 4,586 Polestar 2 with inverter and HVCH issues. This is probably why the company only started delivering its EV in the US on December 18. ProfessorCook is the first US buyer to get the car, apparently.

He shared his delivery experience with other Polestar Forum members, and it was a real adventure. Although we do not have ProfessorCook’s real name, we know he lives “north of Boston.” Digging a little deeper, we discovered that he lives in West Newbury, still in Massachusetts, and that he spent three hours and a half to reach the Pittsfield RMV to pick up the plates for his Polestar 2. The RMV did not have Polestar as a make.

Polestar 2

Why he had to go there to get the plates if he lives closer to Boston is something we would love to understand. Anyway, the important part here is that he and his daughter had to travel to New York to pick up his EV, a 241-mile trip from West Newbury in its shortest path.

Polestar promised to deliver its cars to customers who live within 150 miles of the closest Polestar Spaces for a $1,300 transportation fee. ProfessorCook lives further than that from the New York Polestar Space.

Polestar 2


Our guess is that he preferred to avoid the $1,300 transportation fee (if that is possible) and to pick the car himself. That would be a nice way to try his car driving back home, but ProfessorCook faced some charging issues in the way.

According to his report, he had to stop at four charging stations. In the first one, from Electrify America, his Polestar 2 would not charge. In the second one, from EVGO, they had the same problem. He drove to another station and managed to charge there. Before getting home, he had to stop one more time for a charge.

ProfessorCook seems to be pretty happy with his car and did not face any issues so far. He created a thread to learn who else already has a Polestar 2 in the US, and 20 have been delivered so far: 3 in Los Angeles, 3 in Corte Madera, California, 9 in New York, and 5 in San Jose, California. According to the same thread, 9 deliveries are now imminent.

In another thread, the user StarPole said the New York Polestar Space received 60 cars. If each of these centers that already made deliveries got a similar number of cars, we are talking about 240 vehicles on American soil already. Curiously, Polestar has not released any official statement about US deliveries so far. When it does, you’ll already know about it.

Sources: Polestar Forum via The Breaking News Team

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