Every new electric car in the market was considered as the killer of a certain EV competitor. Usually all from the same brand, that one that starts with a T. In a new video about the Polestar 2, the guys from Electroheads decided they would not mention that brand. Their efforts to achieve that made us laugh out loud until Jack – the presenter – explained why he had set that mission for his review. 

Before we get there, the video presents some aspects of this Polestar creation we were not aware of so far – how low or how high its seats can get, for example. Jack said he is 6’5” and could wear a top hat in the EV if he wanted. In its lowest position, the Polestar 2 driver seat makes Jack look a rather short guy.

First Polestar 2 delivered in Germany

He continues to present the Polestar 2 and is successful in avoiding to mention the T brand most of the time. When he fails – such as while presenting a very similar central screen – he seems to do that on purpose. That’s funny anyway.

As usual, the video is entertaining, even if you already know quite a bit about the Polestar 2. Jack highlights the interior as the best thing this EV offers while stating the exterior design is also spot-on. The youtuber stresses how fast and capable the car is despite being a heavy machine. He promises to mention some negative aspects of the car, but we have only seen some criticism of its small frunk.

Polestar 2

The main point in this Electroheads video is the reason why it decided not to mention the brand that starts with a T. Jack names it as an apparently “silly gag” that is more properly defined as common sense advice – a welcome one.

When that brand proved EVs could be fun, others followed. That gives us a much broader universe for comparison than we used to have. There is no point in comparing every EV to the cars the T brand produces.

As Jack properly puts it, the real competition is combustion-engined vehicles. Electric cars now have different audiences that do not necessarily intersect with each other. A car that is not so good in one aspect as one made by that other brand is not a failure because of that. For EV customers, the good news is that the electric car sea is plenty of fish.

Ultimately, what determines success is sales volume. Considering how much the youtuber praised the Polestar 2, it will sell well – perhaps even more than some of the vehicles produced by the brand that starts with a T.

Source: Electroheads

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