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August 2020 News Archive

This New BTS Single Aims To Make IONIQ All-Electric Brand Iconic

Old 85 kWh Tesla Model S Battery Packs Suffer From Reduced Charging Speed

Hyperion CEO Tells Tom Voelk Hydrogen Is The Future Of Transportation

Honda e Owner Says It's Tail Happy: Did That Cause The Austrian Crash?

Tesla Model 3 Takes Top Two Exhibition Class Spots In Pikes Peak Climb

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales July 2020: The Market Takes Off

Tesla Model 3 Performance Vs Porsche Taycan 4S Lapping Nürburgring

Lucid Releases Video Foreshadowing Air's Crazy 1/4-Mile Acceleration

VW ID.4 SUV Exterior: "As If Shaped By The Wind Itself"

Watch How Tesla's Bizarre Love Affair With Water Leaks Soaks A Model Y

Futurist Points To Tesla CEO Elon Musk For Lessons In Failing Fast

Electrify America Unveils 'Hello, Freedom' Marketing Campaign

All-Electric Audi e-tron Sportback Priced From £79,900 In UK

Tesla Model Y Test Vehicles Reportedly On The Way To South Korea

What To Expect At Tesla's Upcoming Battery Day: Let's Explore

Tesla Shows MIC Model 3 Production At Giga Shanghai

Watch Tesla Model Y Performance Vs Model 3 Performance In Sibling Drag Race

This MAN eTGE Was Turned Into An Electric Armored Money Transporter

Electric Car Sales Rise In Italy In July 2020 As New Incentives Loom

Kids Redesign ‘Ugly’ Charge Points To Help UK Embrace EVs

Proterra Introduces New Customizable Battery Pack For OEMs

Tesla Giga Shanghai Construction Progress August 27, 2020: Video

New Images Of Tesla Model 3 Reveal Before And After Of Pikes Peak Crash

Tesla On Autopilot Slams Into Two Police Cars While Driver Watches Movie

Forecast 2030: LFP Chemistry To Be #1 In ESS, Remain Important In EVs

Bill Gates Is Betting On Solid-State Batteries With QuantumScape

Volkswagen Confirms U.S. ID.4 Reservation/Ordering Scheme

Remember The Insane Flying Tesla Model 3? It's Being Rebuilt For Pikes Peak

Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Was The Target Of Russian Hacker Attack

Bollinger Reveals Deliver-E Van: Diversify Offerings Before Delivering

Los Angeles Police Department Is Selling Its Fleet Of BMW i3 Vehicles

GM Electric Vehicles Will Have Corvette-Level Engineering

Aptera Wants Anyone To Be Able To Repair Its EVs – Even Under Warranty

Discover The Evolution Of EV Architecture

Did A Russian Try To Bribe An Employee To Hijack Tesla's Data With Malware?

Tesla Model 3 Pikes Peak Crash Pics Are Crazy Intense

Sandy Munro Refutes Insinuation That He Works For Tesla In Amazing Way

Details Emerge On Tesla Model 3 That Crashed Into A Chinese Parking

Exclusive Coverage: Tesla V3 Supercharger Station Opens In Hong Kong

Lucid Air’s 'Space-Concept' Design Offers Class-Leading Interior Space

Tesla Reportedly Building Model 3-Based Hatchback To Rival VW ID.3

What New Tesla Vehicle Will Elon Musk Announce Next?

Chevrolet Bolt EUV Teased: Production To Start In Summer 2021

Kia Reveals Sorento PHEV: 5 Or 7-Seat SUV With Decent Electric Range

Tesla App Allows Chinese Owner To Control Five European Tesla Cars

Study: Plug-In Hybrids Are Important Step In Transition To All-Electric

Tesla Model 3 Making Noise, Feeling Out Of Whack? Perhaps A Design Flaw

Tesla Is Hiring, And Many Top Engineers Aim To Work For Elon Musk

Elon Musk: 400 Wh/kg Battery Cells Likely In Just 3-4 Years

U.S. EV Adoption Needs 319-Mile Range, $36,000 Price, 30-Minute Charging

Tesla Vs. Toyota: U.S. Automaker Didn't Win Yet, So Toyota Still Has A Chance

This Fast Charging Test Proves Polestar 2 Is No Match For Tesla Model 3

Performance Boost Upgrade Company Is Now Working On Tesla Model 3 SR+

Next VW Passat For Europe Will Gain Full Electric Variant, Arrive in 2023

Consumer Reports Study Ranks Tesla Model 3 No. 1 Across All Generations

VW Is Remodeling Hannover Plant To Handle New Multivan & ID. BUZZ

Will Tesla Threaten Other Battery Manufacturers When It Becomes One?

Tesla Changed The Model 3 Frunk, Probably To Add A Heat Pump To The EV

Rich Rebuilds Finishes The Cyberquad And It Is Insanely Fast

According To Tesla CEO Elon Musk, This Metal Is The New Gold

Let's Take A Look At The Luqiao Factory Where Polestar 2 Is Made

Watch Jeep Trackhawk Race Tesla Model Y Performance And Model X Performance

Tesla Model Y Range & Efficiency Test: Aero Wheel Covers On And Off

Fiat Announces Specs And Prices Of E-Ducato

Akasol Notes Dynamic Growth Of Demand For EV Batteries In U.S.

Sandy Munro Thinks Tesla Fremont Paint Shop Is A Piece Of Rubbish

Enel X Smart EV Charging Helps Battle California’s Rolling Blackouts

Volkswagen Introduces Two Plug-In Hybrid Golfs: eHybrid And New GTE

Porsche Taycan 4S (93 kWh) Range Test Surprises With Strong Results

Crossovers Like Tesla Model Y: Critical Role In Zero Emissions Future

Watch Tesla Model S Raven With Cheetah Race Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Germany: A5 Autobahn Gets Catenary Overhead Lines For xEV Trucks

Polestar 2 Range Test At 56 And 75 MPH: No Match For Tesla Model 3

Neither Direct Nor Dealership Sales: VW Presents The Agency Sales Model

The U.S. Could Save $17 Billion A Year If 25 Percent Of Fleet Was Electric

This Is The EV That Volkswagen Sells In China Ahead Of The ID.4

Kandi May Open A Manufacturing Factory In North America

Is the VW ID.3 An Evolution Of The 1989 IRVW Futura?

Volta Zero: Electric Commercial Vehicle Will Debut On September 3, 2020

Watch Lucid Air Race Tesla Model S: A Glimpse Of A Major Rivalry To Come

NASCAR Launches Dedicated Channel On

EVmatch Uses Prize Money To Bring Charging To Neglected Areas In Chicago

How A Tesla Model X That Tows Could Potentially Beat Lucid Air's Range

Kandi Receives Hundreds Of Pre-Order Reservations For K27 And K23

Fully Charged Checks Out The Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor

Watch Tesla Model 3 Smash Into Gated Parking Lot: Unintended Acceleration?

Chasing Top Speed: Tesla Model 3 Performance On Bonneville Salt Flats

Lucid Air Will Be Fastest Charging EV: Adds 300 Miles Of Range In 20 Minutes

Will The Revolutionary Tesla Windshield Wiper Debut On The Cybertruck?

Renault Introduces ZOE In South Korea

BMW Stops PHEV Deliveries Due To Short Circuit (And Fire) Risk

1,000 HP EV And 750 HP PHEV Possible For Next-Gen BMW M5 Super Sedan

A Quarter Of NdFeB Magnet Production Will Be Used In EVs By 2030

Will Tesla Cybertruck And Model S Plaid Bring 350kW+ V4 Supercharging?

Water-Holding Tesla Model Y Owner Tells Us How Bad Ownership Has Been

Electrify America Partners with Love's Travel Stops To Further Expand Network

Elon Musk Says Tesla's Full Self-Driving Rewrite Will Be 'Quantum Leap'

Tesla, World Leader In Electric Cars, Quietly Dominates Energy Storage

Electric Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Starts At Almost £52,000 In UK... Plus VAT

Unlike Tesla, Porsche Taycan Owners Must Visit Dealer For Big Updates

Tesla Model S Software Updates: Performance Improves By Leaps & Bounds

Federal Tax Credit Is Ford Mustang Mach-E’s Main Sales Argument Over Teslas

First Pile Drivers Arrive At Tesla Giga Austin: See Huge Progress

Check Out All Three Telling Elon Musk Interviews With Automotive News

This Has To Be The Tiniest Electric Car Conversion In The World

Tesla Model Y Doesn’t Take A Leak, Holds Water In Rear Doors

Tesla Model Y Full Self-Driving Package Vs Terrible Rush-Hour Traffic

UK Electric Car Charging Network Has Grown Fivefold Since 2015

Can Tesla Model Y Beat A Ford Mustang GT350 From A Roll?

Autocar's 'What Car?' Chooses Its 2020 Electric Car Award Winners

How Is Electric Car Range Calculated?

Will Tesla Influence The Road Signs Of The Future?

Tesla Model Y Transformed From 'Stormtrooper' To 'Emperor's Royal Guard'

Porsche Plans To Have Battery Factory In Partnership With Custom Cells

Hyundai Kona Electric Achieves 637 Miles On One Charge

We Got It All Wrong: Ioniqs Will Still Be Sold As Hyundais

Volkswagen Expands Chattanooga Site, Adds EV Lab

Tesla Collision Avoidance System Allegedly Swerves To Avoid Massive Crash

Will Lucid Ever Build A Pickup Truck? CEO Does Not Discard Possibility

Lexus Wants A Piece Of Toyota's Future EVs, Trademarks RZ 450e Nameplate

How A Bent Model Y Seat Reveals A Huge Hole In US Safety Standards

Study Finds U.S. Electric Truck Sales Will Rise Exponentially By 2025

Lucid Motors Has Working Prototype Of Electric SUV

Tesla Battery Partner Jeff Dahn Approaches Incredible New Battery Cell

Morgan Stanley Realizes The End Of The 'ICE Age' Is Really Coming

CATL Hints At Cell-To-Chassis EV Batteries For 500+ Miles Of Range

CCS2 Retrofit For Older Tesla Model S/X In Europe Now Cheaper

Polestar 2 Can Reportedly Be Ordered With A Factory Tow Hitch

First BMW eDrive Zone Launches In The UK

Tesla Model Y LR AWD EPA Range/Efficiency Ratings Emerge

Rivian Closes Website Loophole That Revealed Its Reservation Numbers

Ford Mustang Mach-E Range Figures Rumored To Increase Following EPA Testing

California: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Down 17% In H1 2020

Tesla Cybertruck Vs Apple iPhone: Battle Of The Breakthrough Products

BMW Unveils New 545e xDrive PHEV Sedan With 394 horsepower

Bentley’s New EV Powertrain Project Ditches Rare-Earth Magnets For Recyclables

Solid Power Thinks It Can Start Selling All-Solid-State Batteries In 2021

Rivian Retaliates, Files Motion Saying Its Reputation Was Affected

Off-Road Tesla Model Y With Lift Kit: 0-60 MPH And Range Testing

Is The Tesla Cybertruck Actually Bullet Proof? Let's Shoot Its Metal To Find Out

Utilities Support And Promote EVs While Oil Interests Push Back

Sandy Munro Talks Tesla Build Quality Issues

Lucid Makes Tesla Eat Dust With Air's Estimated 517-Mile EPA Range

Ignitis On: The EV Rally Won By A Tesla Model 3 And A Peugeot e-208

Watch Tesla Model Y Drag Race This Wickedly Fast Electric Bike

Nikola Scores Landmark Order For 2,500 Battery-Electric Garbage Trucks

Tesla Earned $428 Million With Carbon Credits In Q2 2020: Why That's Bad

Tesla Update Foreshadows Musk's Hinted Cybertruck Suspension Features

Watch Porsche Taycan Turbo S Battle Mighty McLaren P1 At The Drag Strip

Tesla Model Y Initial Quality Continues To Disappoint

Hyundai Answers Our Doubts About The New Ioniq EV Brand

BMW Will Soon Introduce Its 545e xDrive PHEV

Elon Musk To Legacy Automakers: You Can Still License Tesla's Tech

Ioniq Ceases To Be Only A Car, Becomes Hyundai's New EV Brand

SEEIT Emerges With Investment Plan For UK's Charging Infrastructure

Mercedes-Benz Starts Second-Phase Of eActros Tests

Watch This Ram Cummins Diesel Truck Purposely Roll Coal On Tesla Model 3

Xpeng Motors Files For IPO On NYSE

E.ON And Nissan Are Launching New V2G Trial Project In The UK

Watch Tesla Model 3 Drag Race Ford Mustang GT500

Does This Guy Really Use Gas To Extend Range Of Tesla Model S ?

Tesla Giga Shanghai New Manufacturing Buildings Are Almost Complete

Watch Angry Motorcyclist Purposely Smack Tesla Model 3 Mirror

Lucid Air Looks To Rock Tesla's World With Teased Range Of 442 Miles

Tesla Model 3 Chronic Defect: Add Upper Control Arm To The List

Tesla Model X Flatbed Trailer Towing: How Does It Compare To A Camper?

Does The Tesla Model 3 Still Have Quality Defects In 2020? Let's Take A Look

Ford Mustang Mach-E To Use BorgWarner's Integrated Drive Module

See The All-New Cadillac LYRIQ In Tons Of Different Colors

Is Tesla's Obsession With Manufacturing Really Starting To Pay Off?

Quick Look At Cadillac LYRIQ Specs And Battery

Sandy Munro Says Tesla Lies To Surprise Its Competitors

Cadillac LYRIQ Electric SUV Revealed: 300-Plus Miles Of Range, 33-Inch Screen

Tesla Is Limiting Supercharging To 120 kW In Europe, But Why?

VW ID.4 Testing With Arizona License Plates Shows It's Getting Close To Launch

Nikola's Only Q2 Revenue Came From CEO Trevor Milton's Solar Installation

Freightliner Demo Fleet Logs 300,000 Miles Of Real-World Use

Tesla's Own Car Wrap Service Debuts In Chinese Service Centers

Could The Tesla Windshield Wiper Issue Be Solved With TanvasTouch?

Audi Significantly Lowers Price And Increases Range Of e-tron

UPDATE: Canada: Edmonton Receives Long-Range Proterra Catalyst E2 Max Buses

ABB To Supply More Than 250 DC Fast Chargers In Japan

CATL Will Power Mercedes-Benz EQS For 435 Miles With Its Cells

Three Tesla Vehicles Are The Top 10 Fastest-Selling Used Cars Right Now

Which Electric Pickup Trucks Are Creating The Most Buzz In Each U.S. State?

This Tesla Model 3, Like All Teslas, Can Become A Boat For A Bit

Porsche Taycan 4S Is The Car Tom Voelk Would Buy New: Here's Why

Watch This Model Y Performance Leave Heavily Modified Race Cars In Its Dust

Can A Tiny Electric Car Tow Three Pickup Trucks At The Same Time?

UPDATE: Watch Stopped Tesla Model X Go Airborne After Getting Smashed By Speeding Car

Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Vs Modified Toyota Supra At The Strip

Elon Musk Says It's 'Highly Likely' Tesla Will Make Smaller Cybertruck

Reservation Numbers Reveal Rivian R1T Has 30,000 Buyers Waiting

Watch Tesla Model Y Take On Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye In Four Drag Races

Xpeng Motors Raises Another $300 Million Ahead Of NY Stock Exchange IPO

Did Rich Rebuilds Bid Farewell To Electric Cars? His New Audi RS7 Answers That

Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Blow Away This Yamaha R6 Motorcycle

MG-Badged Roewe Ei5 To Become Europe’s First All-Electric Wagon

Lordstown Motors To Enter NASDAQ Through Merger With DiamondPeak

Rivian R1T Electric Pickup: Help Us Reveal The Number Of Reservations

Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD Reportedly In Trial Production

Off-Road Tesla Model Y: Apparently, This Was The World's First

Lexus UX 300e Reservations Now Open In Norway: Check Prices Here

Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck Created With Zero Market Research, Could Flop

Buy The Tesla Model Y Sample Report For Only $5 From Munro And Associates

Elon Musk Vs Warren Buffet: Some Friendly Rivalry Between Billionaires

Mercedes-Benz EQV Electric Van Priced Over £70,000 In UK

Europe's Growing EV Demand Presents Challenges: Tesla Poised To Lead

SK Innovation To Develop Next-Gen Batteries With Professor John Goodenough

Britishvolt Battery Gigafactory To Be Located In South Wales

BMW Group's Position In The Plug-In EV Market: June 2020

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