Tesla Customer Support in China has officially confirmed via Weibo that it's launching an in-house car wrap service beginning in five major cities in China. A customer service web post on Weibo, translated from Chinese, refers to the new Tesla product as a 'Color Changed Car Jacket.'

According to Weibo Tesla Customer Support, the car wrapping product and services will first launch in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Suzhou. Apparently, other locations plan to launch in mid-August.

Tesla also announced that there will be many different colors available. However, it didn't specify exact colors, though an image of a bright yellow Tesla was included in the published materials. Also included was a statement that due to certain requirements in China, Tesla owners must report to their local vehicle management office within 10 days of having their car color changed via the wrap.

Tesla Yellow Wrap

There are many specific details that we aren't yet apprised of. There's a chance a customer could order the wrap when they order their car. If so, the car could proceed from the factory to the delivery center where the wrap is installed before the new owner takes delivery. However, it's more likely that the customer will take delivery of the car without the wrap and then have the wrap installed at a later date. We also don't have any idea how much it will cost to have Tesla wrap your car.

This is big news for Tesla since it doesn't offer its vehicles in many colors, plus its color choices are traditional. In addition, Tesla charges for most paint colors, and it's not cheap. Tesla owners have gravitated toward wrapping, not only to make their cars unique but also to protect them from the elements.

Not to mention, there's little doubt many people are planning to wrap their upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, since it only comes in stainless steel that's not painted. We can only hope Tesla launches its wrapping service on our shores soon.

We've included the news report in the form of a video from Torque News below:

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