This video captures the moment when a speeding car slams right into a stopped Tesla Model X. The Model X gets hit so hard it goes airborne, yet everyone seems to be okay.

***UPDATE: We've come across a new video of this crash and now it can be clearly seen that the white car smashes a curb before going airborne and slamming into the Model X. Additionally, it's clear that the driver of the white car was traveling a far too high of a rate of speed for the conditions. See the new video below:

It's hard to tell exactly what happened here, but it seems as though the driver of the white car is trying to perhaps beat the Subaru to merge from one roadway onto another. The white car seemingly runs out of room and the Subaru merges properly, though perhaps at too high a rate of speed.

With no room left the merge, the driver of the white car attempts to avoid the collision but in doing so its wheel lift off the ground and control of the car is lost. It then slams directly into the driver's side rear area of the stopped blue Tesla Model X. At this point, the Tesla goes a bit airborne, while the white car proceeds to roll over before coming to a stop.

From the report, the driver of the white car exited the vehicle through the broken windshield and suffered several cuts to his head, while the female occupant in the Model X waited within the car for paramedics to arrive. Her injuries are unknown, but we do see her sitting on the curb getting some medical attention and she appears okay.

The Model X seems to hold together surprisingly well, despite the severity of the crash.All Teslas thus far are among the safest vehicles on the road and this video shows that the Model X withstands impact very well.

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