Rivian does not make a big fuss about its numbers as Tesla does. We have no idea how many R1T or R1S have been reserved so far, for example. That may change soon with the help of Sean, from the Detached Garage YouTube channel. He found a way to discover his reservation number. With a more recent reservation, we can probably find out how many units of this electric pickup truck already have owners.

The method is not complicated: after you preorder the R1T (or the R1S), you receive a confirmation email message. Click on the “View Details” button. It will open a page. Just right-click it and select “View Page Source.” Search for “order #” and voilà: there’s your reservation number.

Rivian R1T Truck Off Road

Sean’s number is 6,031, but bear in mind he made his reservation back on February 4, 2019. One year and a half later, how many more customers have joined him in the wait? Sean believes the reservation number probably points to his place in line and, therefore, how many reservations have been made.

The issue is getting someone with a recent reservation to help. If you know anyone that has reserved the R1T or the R1S recently, follow this method whenever you can. Rivian may soon prevent people from finding their reservation numbers on that page if it wants that not to be disclosed, so we would better hurry.

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Both the R1T and the R1S require a refundable deposit of $1,000. Considering it is fully refundable, you could even do it just to discover the number of reservations the electric pickup truck and the electric SUV have, but that would probably damage the accuracy. This is why we have not done it ourselves.

That said, if you have made a reservation recently, follow Sean’s tips and tell us which vehicle you have selected and your reservation number. For a matter of justice, also post it in the Detached Garage’s video comments section. Sean will probably like to make a new video about how many clients want the R1T. We will also write about that when we have the numbers.

In our case, please take a screenshot of your reservation page and of the source where the number appears. We have to make sure it is for real and will crosscheck the numbers from all messages we receive. The fastest way to reach us is through our by email contact@insideevs.com or our Facebook page.

Source: Detached Garage

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