After a year of real-world tests of eActros electric trucks by selected ten customers in Germany and Switzerland, Mercedes-Benz is moving to second test phase.

Eight vehicles to be now used by a new set of customers in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium to get as much feedback from the fleet as possible, ahead of market launch in 2021. Two trucks will stay with customers from the first phase.

The first phase already shown that the 240 kWh battery is enough to achieve the 200 km (124 miles) of range in any application "regardless of load, route or topography". That's after "hundreds of thousands of kilometers" of real-world service.

It should bring peace of mind as some of the test fleets needs to do exactly about 200 km daily, seven days a week. The second phase to be also about a year.

There are multiple positive results from the tests, but hardly any surprising ones to us, as we know that EVs are superior:

  • The eActros is in no way inferior to a conventional diesel truck in terms of availability and performance in urban traffic, on highways or on overland routes
  • The cooling system for the cargo and the air-conditioning system – both electrically operated – functioned without any limitations in both extreme heat and winter conditions
  • Drivers are very pleased with the continuous availability of torque across the entire speed range.
  • They also particularly mentioned the truck’s quietness in operation and the pleasant, smooth driving experience.
  • Furthermore, if the truck is driven with foresight, electrical energy can be recovered through recuperation, i.e. motor braking. It is then rarely necessary to use the brake pedal. 

Mercedes-Benz eActros spec:

  • two versions – 18 or 25 tonnes
  • up to 200 km (125 miles) of range
  • 240 kWh battery pack
  • ZF AVE 130 twin-motor drive axle – the system output stands at 250 kW and 970 Nm
  • fast charging at 150 kW takes less than two hours, at 80 kW it takes three hours (at least 11 hours at 20 kW)

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