One of our greatest strengths is our massive international audience. Readers all over the world help us get the most accurate information. When we published about possible European sales of the UX 300e, we did not manage to talk to Lexus. Despite that, after it was online, our reader Birger Kollstrand told us it is already up for reservations in Norway – with prices.

The first fully-electric Lexus will have three trim levels in that country: Comfort, Premium, and Luxury. The entry-level UX 300e – the Comfort – costs NOK 410,120 (Norwegian kroner), which is equivalent to a little more than $44,800 at the current exchange rate.

2020 Lexus UX 300e

Lexus charges NOK 449,800 (almost $49,150) for the UX 300e Premium and NOK 495,800 (almost $54,200) for the Luxury. Deliveries would begin at Q4 2020, according to our Norwegian reader. This article from is even more specific: it says reservation holders will get their cars in October 2020 and that Lexus plans to sell at least a thousand of them until the end of the year.

The Japanese carmaker got in touch shortly before we published this new article and said it had already confirmed sales in Europe, but that press release did not disclose the countries in which the UX 300e would be sold in 2020. We have asked it which countries apart from Norway will get it this year and Lexus told us it will also reach Portugal and The Netherlands. Its first electric car will be available all over Europe in 2021.

2020 Lexus UX 300e

It is inevitable to compare these prices to Tesla’s. Although the Model Y is still not available in Norway, it already has prices for that market: the Long Range will cost NOK 534,900, and the Performance has a NOK 589,900 price tag. Anyway, it is much larger than the UX 300e. What about the Model 3?

The Standard Range Plus starts at NOK 430,900, but it is also bigger and offers a 409 km WLTP range, while the UX 300e gets a 300 km WLTP range with its air-cooled battery pack. On the other hand, you do not hear about quality control issues with Lexus as often as you do with Tesla vehicles.

2020 Lexus UX 300e charging

Concerning the 10-year warranty Chinese customers have, this article from says it is the same for Norway: at least 70 percent of battery capacity until the end of this period or 1 million km (621,371 mi). With some bad news: the EV tested had a CHAdeMO charging port and a 50 kW charging limit. Curiously, the image above shows a CCS Type 2 charging port.

Tesla currently offers a warranty of 150,000 mi (240,000 km) for the Model S and Model X, while Model 3 and the Model Y have different limits depending on the battery packs they have. Standard Range units have a 100,000 mi (160,000 km) limit, while Long Range vehicles will get a little more than that: 120,000 mi (192,000 km) – at least while Tesla does not decide to change the warranty terms again.

Will Lexus manage to sell a thousand UX 300e in the country that has the most significant electric car market share in the world? We’ll keep an eye on that and will always welcome the help of our readers to keep the others posted. Thank you, Birger Kollstrand!

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