We told you Hyundai would have an EV-only brand, remember? Well, forget that. We had the chance to talk more to JunHyung Kim, Hyundai’s Deputy General Manager for New Business Development. He was kind enough to clarify even more stuff than before. Among these explanations, he told us Ioniqs would be sold at Hyundai dealerships, with the Hyundai badge. Simply put, it is not precisely a brand but rather a sub-brand under the company’s portfolio.

EMBARGOED - Ioniq Becomes Hyundai's New EV Brand

That makes a lot more sense. Although an EV division could be an option, such as Polestar for Volvo, Hyundai was going to use iconic vehicles for Ioniq, such as the 45 and Prophecy concepts as the foundation of its future Ioniq products.

The 45 is based on the Pony, Hyundai’s very first vehicle, presented 45 years before the concept. The Prophecy would anticipate a new design guideline for future cars of the South Korean carmaker.

EMBARGOED - Ioniq Becomes Hyundai's New EV Brand

That said, there will be no need for a new badge. Before learning Ioniq is a sub-brand, we thought Ioniq’s identification would be a Q, such as the one the company presented with the help of the London Eye.

Regarding that story that the brand would “offer customer-centric EV experiences centered on connected lifestyle solutions,” Kim clarified that as well. 

Customers will be able to change the interior space thanks to the flat floor these cars will present. That will be useful for the plans of turning the cabin into a living space with the help of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). Hyundai also promises they will be V2G (vehicle-to-grid) compatible, working as electric power sources.

Kim promised to reveal more features when the first new Ioniq premieres at the beginning of 2021. That car will be the Ioniq 5, based on the 45 concept. We already have more than enough to wait for it with high expectations, as well as for the other members of this new Hyundai sub-brand.

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